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3:20pm 04-19-2016
Monica Serrano
I was a young single mother, in my 20's, with a female roommate/best friend living very close, off Hiawassee in some apts, during the time of Jennifer's disappearance. I remember pics of her posted at our mailboxes. I think this story forever changed us, as a horror we see on t.v. became so close and real. I wonder if you've ever tried hiring Ken Brennan, who also lives in FL. This guy is amazing at solving seemingly impossible to solve mysteries and crimes.
9:55am 04-03-2016
i wish police can find u jen we all miss u plz come home be with ur family that loves u so much we all want you back. MOM DAD OF JEN I HOPE U FIND UR DAUGHTER I KNOW IT IS HARD TO BE WITHOUT HER. JEN COME HOME!! =( I WISH U GUYS GOOD LUCK TO FIND HER. COME HOME WE MISS U SO MUCH. LOVE
9:03am 03-25-2016
Dear Kesse Family,
I am very sorry for what your family has gone through - 10 years without answers. Your love, determination, and tireless effort to bring Jennifer home is heartbreaking and moving. Please know that there are people all over the world praying for you and also doing what they can to spread awareness on this case. May this be the year that you bring Jennifer home!
My question to you is about creating more of a presence in Spanish-Language social media. I speak Spanish, tho not natively or fluently (perfectly) and out of curiosity, did some research on the case in Spanish. I found very little compared to English articles, videos, etc.
I experimented and created a very simple, no sound, informational short video on the case in Spanish on Youtube:

Please feel free to share or correct my Spanish! It made me think that maybe your family can create a Facebook page and a simple website, twitter, etc. in Spanish. Se Busca Jennifer Kesse Desaparecida. That type of thing.
I truly believe that the workers at Jennifer's complex at the very least may have been aware or seen something that day... if not were involved. With the transient aspect of their work, they could be anywhere in the country or world. With some census statistics showing Orlando's population is at least 25% Hispanic who knows what kind of reach the Spanish social media can have... Perhaps an outreach in Spanish social media can touch the family of the suspect and they may report him to authorities. I sincerely hope!
6:38pm 03-24-2016
I read that an airline pilot from a major airline was arrested today for running prostitution rings in Texas. The more I learn about human trafficking the more I feel certain that this may have something to do with Jennifer's abduction. I think society is beginning to understand the magnitude of this problem. Could people connected to her business have been involved in trafficking? Could they have been using timeshares for this purpose? I have read the multitude of complaints of people who thought they were getting a particular timeshare unit and were given another (bait and switch). Who used the real unit? I have often wondered if the uniformed man behind the gate could have been a pilot or airline professional? I think that Jennifer will be found. Praying for Jennifer and all her family and friends. May you come home soon.
7:59pm 03-22-2016
I've closely followed this case and spent more time researching Jenn's disapppearance than anything else I can remember. I saw you on crime watch daily today and it just reminded how much admiration I have for the both of you. Your strength is amazing and I pray for you both Every day. You are an inspiration to me. If I had one wish, it would be to help you. God is proud of the two of you and will continue to bless you. Warmest regards.
5:24am 03-21-2016
The fact that Jennifer was kidnapped less than 24 hours after returning from her vacation means someone may have seen her and become enamored with her and tracked her home from wherever she was. The investigators should have looked at the flight list to see if any rapists or molesters where on the flight or cruise. Weird she was grabbed so soon after coming home.
12:38pm 03-20-2016
Here is hoping that someone suggests to LE that they look through employment records relating to any/all construction workers, grounds keepers, maintenance workers who worked in and around the condos during the time Miss Kesse lived there and who might have left abruptly after her disappearance. I just think her abduction was committed by a worker who saw her and then saw an opportunity as, according to news stories, there were workers in the area and she was like one of just a few occupied condos in the back part of the development. If I remember correctly. I keep this young lady in my prayers every night and will continue to do so until the say she is found.
1:51pm 03-14-2016
I've followed this case and read pages and pages of theories and blogs. My one question is as a younger person myself, everything I do goes through my phone either text message, emails, or calls. I'm sure her phone records were checked, but those would be a big help in determining if she had a planned meeting the night of her abduction. Were there any unreconizable numbers or messages on her phone history? If there wasn't then she either made plans with someone in person (work) or somebody came to her door at night unannounced going by the cell phone ping? I believe it happened wherever she was the night before. I pray and think of the Keese family all the time.
3:39pm 03-11-2016
I've followed this story since the beginning, can't believe it's been 10 years already. I hope someone feels enough guilt to come forward and provide information on her whereabouts. It's been long enough, the family deserves to know.
11:12am 02-28-2016
i think jennifer wasabducted at night. the predator was inside her apt. how else the two phones are missing?
i don't think she went out that monday night, but let's say she did she would only take her phone she will not take travis phone. she was going to mail it from work. even id
f she just went that night to her car she would just take her phone for safety . no reason to take travis phone. he was inside her apt and took things including two phones ,eiher at the time of abduction or after if he came back by himself.
the battery of jennifer's phone didn't went dead but it was removed, that's why i think the abduction hapanned at night.
9:52pm 02-27-2016
Thinking and praying for Jennifer as I just read her story. May her family and friends remain strong and hopeful always! God bless.
10:48pm 02-16-2016
Kesse family, can you verify the story of a key fob/pepper spray found that is linked to Jennifer? I see people reference this but not sure I believe it. Thank you and prayers to Jennifer and your family.
7:56pm 02-10-2016
Just put up another poster of Jennifer today .
2:07am 02-08-2016
THe timing of Jennifer's abduction is simple to deduce. Wet shower, wet towel, clothes on the bed. Jennifer never left the shower conscious. She was chloroformed while showering! Or ethered! Jennifer was too strong at 5'8" 135 pounds to be overpowered without being clocked with some kind of drug. Look at her thick neck. Her broad shoulders. Jennifer was drugged!
3:43pm 01-29-2016
Hello from Reno. I have followed Jennifer's case from the beginning.I think of her every few days. I also think of you, her parents, from Greta's first interview to the last one I saw you do.

I don't know much more to say, other than my thoughts are with all of you. I hope someday she's returned or you know what happened to her.`

Take care and remain strong.
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