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3:19am 04-19-2014
Jill Christman
Please stay strong and determined. Sending prayers to your family  and for Jenn that she returns home. I truly hope the identity of the person that has been captured by the surveillance camera is discovered and leads to some answers.
11:56pm 04-18-2014
Tragic & heartbreaking story...little mention was made of interrogation of workers at her complex. Was a thorough investigation done of all workers? How could she/ her car moved without someone seeing something??? So much does not make sense to me. I am so saddened for her family and all who knew and loved this beautiful woman.
11:06pm 04-18-2014
Jerry McDaniel
My heart aches...prayers are constantly with you...and Jennifer
9:47pm 04-18-2014
Prayers go out to the Kesse family that someone who knows will step forward with information to provide them some closure.  They deserve it.
8:29pm 04-18-2014
JP Fereday
Followup........did the FBI determine the approximate height/weight of the individual walking past the fence in the video?...the individual doesn't appear to be latino.  Therefore the diversion about illegal-undocumenred workers at the condo was likely not worth persuing. Find the connection To that apartment and you'll find the criminal(s)
8:15pm 04-18-2014
JP fereday
After viewing the program on Fox with Greta about Jennifer Kesse and the fact that new construction was ongoing near her condo, and additionL painting touch up work had occured in her condo - it's very clear that the individual in the surveillance video was  painter appearing in his work clothes. Hence, the investigation should have determined what workers (maintenance or new construction), at the condo, were connected in any way with that apartment complex address where the car was found. It is amazing that the Olando Police and/or FBI didn't place laser focus on this fact.
8:06pm 04-18-2014
S. Walker
I just heard the story tonight on Greta Van Susteren. This just breaks my heart. I know the investigators have probably done everything they could think of, but did they use a scent dog in the seat of her car and take the dog back to where the person of interest left the scene when he/she parked the car? Just a thought. Also, was every license plate on the property where the car was left run for owner's names, and every resident on the property and every worker there investigated on that day. All we can do at this point is really pray for your family that someone will come forward with some information. Please just know I'm one person out there who will pray and who will still hope that she can be found.
8:05pm 04-18-2014
mike camp
Just saw the fox report, dont know what to say, cant even imagine the pain for the family.
Has anyone tried google earth for the year of disappearance?  did it record anything in the areas you are searching? I heard it does snap shots, etc. I wish with all my heart she is found.
7:58pm 04-18-2014
Ellen Tant
I want to tell the Kesse family I know exactly what they are going through as MY daughter has been missing since August 2006. She was 23, 4"11 and weighed 120. Although there is a thousand miles between us I have walked every mile that you have. There is talk about my daughter may be a victim of human trafficking also. They have reopened her case last year but I have yet to heard from anyone on any progress they may or may not be having. I am watching the Gretta Van Susteren special on Fox and felt compelled to contact you. I also appeared on Gretta's show soon after Brandi's disappearance. I was blessed to be approached by Investion Discovery channel and was able to get her story out. I know how frustrating it can be to wait for someone to grow a conscious and come forward with what they know. Wye both know that our daughters would have just walked off and be never I contact us again. My prayers are with you and know that ZGod is with you. When I look behind me I know those are not my footprints in the sand.  My daughters name is a Brandi Ellen Wells and a she disappeared outside of Longview, Tx

2:04pm 04-18-2014
cynthia Greenleaf
I cant begin to imagine what you are going through. I will pass this on to everyone I know. I pray for her safe return and that they identify this person of interest.Bless you all and I hope all this effort pays off for you in the return of Jennifer and the person responsible be brought to justice.
Cobb, Georgia
11:22pm 04-17-2014
Twitter & Facebook
Jennifer is on Facebook in two ways- one is through a Group at www.facebook.com/groups/FindJenniferKesse and the other is a Page at www.facebook.com/FindJenniferKesse. Twitter is @FindJennKesse
7:56pm 04-17-2014
Mr. Kesse,
As a Dad I can't imagine the daily pain you must endure. I wish I could do more than pray for Jen's safe return. May God bless you and your family.
7:51am 04-17-2014
Drew Kesse
You may also follow Jennifer on Facebook, group name Help find missing jennifer kesse, like the page and pass it along, awareness has worked for 8+ years for Jennifer in this manner and it will ultimately be the resource that will bring light to her whereabouts. We thank you all for caring and sharing this site and today is more important than ever to do so. Jennifer also is on Twitter.
7:48am 04-17-2014
drew kesse

Please tune into FOX News Channel Friday 7pm est for a Special on Jennifer's Abduction with Greta Van Susuteren. trailer above. It will be re-aired Friday night at 2 am est as well Saturday at 9pm and again at 1:00am est. please check your cable listings for proper channel for those without cable or that are international to us you may watch live on www.foxnews.com online! thank you and if you know something make the call!!! Crimeline 1-800-423-8477, Orlando police direct at 1-407-246-3982. Thank you
The kesses
6:55am 04-17-2014
Candace KY
Dearest loved ones and friends of Jennifer......I stop by when I can and always hope for good news. <3 Jennifer has remained in my prayers for years now and so have all of you. <3 I just wanted to leave a note to say that I truly hope some answers are finally going to come soon, it has been too long. And I want to see Jen return home safely as well. Lots of love, CDC
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