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6:41pm 06-21-2018
I want to help find her. I live in Orlando. I would love to help. My heart goes out to you, the Kesse Family. Please let me know how I can help. Much much love
2:40am 06-10-2018
Praying for her poor family, praying for their strength, praying for grace and praying that 'hope" will continue to fill their hearts with every breath they take.
May God grant them the peace they deserve and answers to all of their questions.
Be strong.......AND NEVER GIVE UP.......
Faith overcomes all.......Your faith will overcome even this
12:18am 06-08-2018
So much love sent your way. I will never forget Jennifer... I am so inspired by your strength... ❤️
11:46pm 06-01-2018
L Cummings
Dear Kesse Family, I saw the Disappeared episode tonight and I am so hopeful that someday Jennifer will come home to you. I also want to thank you for your discussion about safety and how safe she was - a reminder to keep myself safe and to talk to my child about safety. Thank you for your work on changing laws. Asking God to watch over your daughter wherever she is and to be with you through all of your difficult days.
7:37am 05-24-2018
I just saw the show on ID. My heart goes out to your beautiful family. I pray that you get answers and peace. You are all amazing in your love and efforts to do everything you can for your child.
11:40pm 05-22-2018
Hello. I just recently heard about Jennifer a few weeks ago from the Dissappeard show. I can’t not believe that there was no Forensic evidence in the car what so ever. It’s such a tragic case:( I feel great sympathy for the family. I been wondering, was the entire Condominium complex searched inside and out? If the construction workers had acces to empty condos that were not finished and still under construction, did it even cross anyone’s mind to search all of those condos , inside and outside walls, ceilings, floors, and just everywhere? This such so tragic. It truly makes me sad. As a 24 yr female my self, I can’t imagine what she might have gone through... I’ll be praying for answers for this strong family.

Vianey from: Colorado USA
2:10am 05-20-2018
I'm so sorry !!! The guy who drove the car has so something for do with the apartment complex, need to go back and find all the tenants who lived there at the time and all the company's who was working. My guess it was a worker with a bowl cut hair !! Probably a white American, the guy doesn't look spanish. It would be nice to know how many miles the car was driven by him that morning. So we could set up a search area. I personally believe she's close to the apartment were she lived. Abandon houses , wildlife refuges, water body's, also the guy had painter clothes on..white shirt and kackys are typical painter clothes. Please investigate were she lived more !! It has something to do with her apartment.. Godspeed and I will help in anyway I can as I'm a father to 2 beautiful girls!!!
12:54pm 05-19-2018
Phil Baker
Soon after Jennifer's disappearance, I was handed a flyer at an intersection perhaps near John Young and Millenia..Anyway I have followed the tragedy, on and off, for years but recently realized we share a birthday..May 20 (different years)

Peace and love to JK and her family....
4:50pm 05-15-2018
Alex Beard
I also heard of this case from Kendall Rae's youtube video. My heart goes out to your family and I hope Jennifer is found soon. I have family in Tampa & I will send them the flyers. I will be aware and alert as I travel, too. She seems like a wonderful, smart woman & she is so clearly loved and missed. I was in a sorority in college and I knew a lot of ADPi sisters. They are an incredible organization. Maybe reach out to Alpha Delta Pi's headquarters and see how they can help spread awareness. Here is their website.
Good vibes & Prayers <3
7:02pm 05-14-2018
Jennifer Stumpf
Was just made aware of this case via Kendall Rae's youtube channel. My parents live south of Tampa and we are here visiting. Have read all the information, looked at all the photos and will be vigilant in looking for Jennifer as I travel in and around this area. Never give up.
10:55am 05-11-2018
Everyday when i go to work i pass by the missing person sign, and Kendall Rae recently just put a video up about it and from the thumbnail i immediately recognized her picture. every time i passed it all i would see is her picture and never really anything but now that she covered it, i decided to search it up and came here, i will continue to read up on the case and keep up with updates in hopes that you find her.
8:31pm 05-07-2018
Aaron Bajorek
They didn’t investigate the the illegal workers very well. Even in that terrible photo he’s wearing a white painter suit. Also what kind of renovation was going on? Any concrete or new walls? Doesn’t seem as though the investigation was very thorough. Also the company should be held responsible for hiring unknown illegals.
3:25pm 05-03-2018
The man shown in the video casually walking away has done this before was the man who abducted and disposed of Jennifer she never left the Complex area I read that the car was parked a mile or two away from her home that’s because he worked there and was on foot had no car of his own so need to get rid of her car To throw the investigators off to make it look like she had left the complex,but she didn’t also read that the construction workers at that time were able to live in the empty apartments and that’s how they 1st set eye on Jennifer watching her and that’s how they new she lived alone and her routine,I believe that that unknown person that knocked on her door that night was that man trying to put his plan in play but she didn’t open the door who new beside her family that she was home she just came back from vacation? So the construction worker that resigned with in that building Would have known she was back because he know is a resident at this time stocking her she was very cautious of her whereabouts and as a women The unsettling vives you get from others that eye u uncomfortable are known she left her home that morning and as she walked to her car she was abducted and tooken to one of these empty homes and dispose of as well at that location the killer had only a few hours 3/4 before he dumps her car off and returning back to work they need to go back to the complex and from we’re her car was parked and find out which condos were empty at the time and Closest and go from there it’s been a few years but with all the Technology they have now that they didn’t have then is a plus the man in the video looks some kind of Spanish he walks with his arm swinging backwards mushroom hair cut and looks to have a white band on his rist maybe like a hospital band Something of a kind,and has done this before
5:07pm 05-02-2018
I my name is jourdan schmidt. I live in Minnesota. I first heard about your daughter on the unconcluded podcast and recently just watched the disappeared episode. My heart breaks for your family. I hope that you get answers soon...
11:48am 04-29-2018
Crystal F
To the Kesse family,

I had just watched Jennifer's story on a TV show called "Disappeared". My heart breaks for your family, and to see its been 10 years plus now that Jennifer has been gone, always remember she's with you in your heart and mind and with that she's never truly forever gone. I live in AZ and I'm not sure what much help I can give you, except my prayers that one day you and your family will gain closure. Jennifer's story brought me to tears, I cannot imagine your pain. But I am a mother myself and I worry every day, and I applaud you for holding strong and keeping up the fight to find her. My hope is that one day Justice comes and peace finds you.

- A saddend mother
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