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2:22am 07-04-2015
Continued from last post...
There is something that I wanted to include that was not in my last post.

At 8 AM on Sunday June 4th, 2000 - I was awakened out of my sleep by a knock at the front door. It was the police. They were answering a 911 call. (This took place a year and a half after my vision with Stacy McCall). I opened the door and let them in. I explained that I didn't dial 911. They searched my place and took down my name and number and they left. Later on in the afternoon, there was a knock at my front door. It was the police. They were answering another 911 call. I explained what happened earlier in the morning, that I didn't call 911. They told me to call the phone company to fix the issue.
I called the phone company. They tested my line and said my line is fine, the issue is with my phone. After that, I disconnected my phone from the wall and disconnected my AOL dial up. I knew it would happen again. And it did. The following day on June 5th, late in the afternoon, there was a knock at my front door. It was the police. They were answering yet another 911 call. I asked the officer how long ago did the call come in. He said: "It was a one-second hang up call and it came from your phone line". I showed them that my phone was disconnected from the wall and that my AOL dial up was also disconnected. They were mad and told me to call the phone company. I called them and they shut off my phone off for 2 or 3 days. They sent a technician out to my place and he fixed the issue. It didn't happen again.
That sequence of events really made me think. A couple of months later in August 2000, I was going over the vision with Stacy McCall for what seemed to be the millionth time and then I realized something...
During the beginning of the vision, she was kneeling, facing away from me as if she were in prayer. She was to my right and I could clearly see her from behind. This gives the phrase: "Right Behind". When I combined it with the hospital reference from my television switching channels, the phrase becomes: "Right Behind Cox Hospital South".
In April 2002, I was able to narrow it down even further once I realized the meaning of her hair falling from her left shoulder. In April 2002, I pulled up a map of Cox Hospital South and noticed there were 2 buildings right behind it. One was to the right and the other was to the left. The building to the left was the Hulston Cancer Center.
There is much much much more to this story and for me it's been a journey of a lifetime. IF the authorities dig and IF the three women are really there, the implications are stupendous.
I recently read when researching Jennifer's Case that she had a diamond, I believe that stood for "Past Present Future".
If the three women are buried at the Hulston Cancer Center Parking Garage, there is a woman by the name of Michelle Bowman who will make history. She was a senior in high school when she died in 1983. When I read about Jennifer's diamond standing for "Past Present Future" it blew me away. The story about Michelle Bowman and how she relates to the three missing women case is one for the ages and a story for another time...
12:53am 07-04-2015
Dear The Kesses,

Don't give up on the medium angle. Although you haven't had success with them, all it takes is one (the right one) to be right. The Springfield Case had quite a few psychics working on it with nothing to show for it.
On November 15th, 1998 I experienced a vision with Stacy McCall and it lasted for about a minute. After I experienced it, I didn't have any idea what to make of it. Eleven days later on Thanksgiving Day, November 26th 1998, I was watching the football game on t.v. My television switched channels and I was watching an episode of General Hospital. For the next year and a half, my television would change channels by itself to a show with a hospital theme. Sometimes it was MASH and other times General Hospital.
My experience is that you can experience a vision and not understand what it means until it is revealed to you. When I experienced my vision with Stacy McCall, there was a pile of her hair sitting on her left shoulder and I watched it fall down one strand a time. I could see each strand of hair perfectly. That was a very important part of the vision because it told me where to look. In April 2002 and August 2004 I wrote the Springfield Police Department and wrote that I believed the three women were buried in the area of the Hulston Cancer Center next to Cox Hospital South in Springfield. It's a long story, but in April 2006, an anomaly was discovered at the Hulston Cancer Center Parking Garage. We had another GPR expert scan the section and he stated it was consistent with 3 graves. An official from the City of Springfield reviewed the data and said it's three organic objects. However, the police refuse to dig and will not take a core sample to rule in or rule out the spot. IF the authorities were to dig and IF the three women are at that location, it makes my vision with Stacy McCall authentic and it turns everything upside down.
Also, in March 2014, Stacy's cousin experienced a vision with her and a family member told me it was consistent with what I had experienced.
1:02am 07-02-2015
I forgot to mention, when it comes to illegals...I read about a case in Florida a few years ago where twenty-plus Hispanic men were living in a small house, approx. 1000 sq feet. Every morning before dawn, a truck arrived to carry them to a jobsite & it brought them back after dark to living conditions that were less than ideal. Point being, men are trafficked too, albeit in a different way than young women. I say that to say this, IF the workers saw/heard something about Jennifer & they happened to 'work' for someone, it's possible they were warned not to talk....
12:29am 07-02-2015
Someone took Jennifer from HER life & HER family, the people she loved. Someone did that. To her. That was bad enough, and then the first responders handled ( or didn't handle ) the investigation & the lack of empathy they displayed is troubling, as were the 'lost' case files, later on. Separately, I think that the workers would have come forward -if for no other reason than money/a reward they could send home to their families. There were reports of illegals working there. If they knew and/or suspected something, they would have volunteered info for a potential reward. I don't buy it. This feels different. Planned. The timing is not logical. The cellphones being disabled the night doesn't feel ( to me) like a random act by some whimsical painter with a spare set of keys & luck by his side (luck that carried into the next afternoon) . I'm wondering if Jennifer's home & mobile phone were checked for incoming calls after she spoke with her boyfriend..? It occurred to me that someone could have called with a (made-up) story that caused her to leave her apartment-in a hurry to help someone. ( i. e. an emergency of a friend or family member or a fire alarm ). Either way...the simple truth is that she must come home. When people are missing, we think about their families- especially at the Holidays & birthdays & anniversaries. I think her family is amazing for many reasons but especially for reminding us to remember the victims. It was Jennifer was taken from HER family and the people that she loved. She was taken from HER life & I would imagine that those everyday things that she did are what people remember the most because that's what makes us who we are...Unfortunately, people continue to go missing & their families are left behind to battle the devastation in their hearts. The Kesses get out of bed every day & fight the fight...so Hopefully people will continue to stand up to do what's right & help her come home..
2:49am 06-29-2015
I read about Jennifer and I would like to offer my opinion.
First I think the incident happened at night . Around 10 pm someone took the battery of the phone but the main reason I believe it happened at night is because nobody saw or heard anything.
In the morning Jennifer used to leave for work , there is light and people are outside at this time so someone would see or hear something , yet no one saw her car leaving the complex.
I dont believe it was a construction worker, there were other workers there so how he
would he kill her and buried her like other readers suggested
Someone would see something.
In my opinion because there was no struggle in Jennifer apts
I believe it was someone who had a key to the apt.
Someone who had access to the keys worked
in the office made an extra keys for himself .ww
someone who worked in the company who sold Jennifer her condominium.when Jennifer bought it he worked there knew she would live there alone by herself
This person weather he followed her and knew the time she left for work and returned from work or weather could see her car leaving and returning from the office building. He could have been one of tv managers
Replied on: 2:36pm 06-30-2015

Thank you Shelly. not out of the realm of possibilities.
The Kesses

5:03am 06-28-2015
With permission, I may just share my story on the discussion forum. I wrote guestbook in my previous post. I meant discussion forum.
4:52am 06-28-2015
I do strongly believe that all options should be on table. This includes using a medium. For example, my story is related to a different case. It's the Three Missing Women case of Springfield, MO. To make a very very very long story short, I experienced a vision with Stacy McCall in 1998. The vision lasted for about a minute and it was life changing for me. One thing lead to another and in 2006 an anomaly was discovered at the Hulston Cancer Center Parking Garage in Springfield. A GPR expert did a scan and he said it was consistent with 3 graves. The police have refused to dig and have stonewalled it for the past 9 years.
At the beginning of this year, I was told that Stacy's relative experienced a vision with her in 2014 and she reported that it was consistent with what I had experienced. I was screaming for joy. With permission, I may just share my story on the guestbook because I believe it could bring a lot of energy to Jennifer's story.
Replied on: 2:39pm 06-30-2015

many have tried. They all fall short including well known people in the field.
The Kesses

7:54pm 06-25-2015
Dear Joyce and Drew,
After all these years, still want you to know that every single day I am thinking of you. I have a very sick husband so last Thanksgiving was not able to invite you for dinner, in case Jenn came home, like I did the previous year.
With all my love,
Fay, your St. Croix girl
Replied on: 2:40pm 06-30-2015

Nice to hear from you. Take care of your husband. We know you are still out there for the cause.
The Kesses

2:19am 06-25-2015
T Ray
Thank you, I happened to find it after I posted on here. Too impatient I guess. lol
7:54pm 06-24-2015
Correct me if I am wrong but I believe you can send an Email for help to mods@jenniferkesse.com
2:25pm 06-24-2015
T Ray
I've been attempting to register on the discussion board and make my observations there. However, it won't allow me to register. Does anyone have any ideas?
9:07pm 06-22-2015
I was looking at the surveillance video and it appears the he is wearing a walking hat. I googled walking hats and there are a couple of ones that look like they match. One of them is a Sterkowski Men's Fisherman Style Maciejowka Fiddler Cap. The other is a breton cap.
Also, Jennifer's case is quite similar to The Three Missing Women Case in Springfield, Missouri in 1992. My understanding is that Jennifer purchased her condo 2 months before she disappeared. In the Springfield Case, Sherrill Levitt purchased her house 2 months before she disappeared.

Just some observations and some brainstorming. All it takes is just one idea and anything can happen.


Replied on: 2:42pm 06-30-2015

Thank You Ken
The Kesses

12:19am 06-22-2015
Joyce Kesse
Thank You for your ongoing interest in Jennifer's journey. We Will Not Give Up. Jennifer must be found, as All the Missing must be found. ANSWERS. Your thoughts, prayers, words of kindness are Greatly Appreciated.....Peace
11:58am 06-21-2015
Gina Hayes
I watch vanished with Beth Halloway all the time. Today it featured Jennifer. I've since went searching the internet to see
If they had any new leads. I found nothing new.
I was wondering if her mother and father had considered
Looking into psychic investigation. I couldn't find anything about if they had or not. I think it would be worth a try if they haven't already. There's a lady by the name of Noreen Reiner (I think that's the spelling) that has worked on over 500 cases with law enforcement with great success. Don't think I'm a quack ha ha but anything is worth a try.
Replied on: 2:43pm 06-30-2015

Yes Gina, they have made themselves known and nothing of importance has been gained by anyone in the field.
The Kesses

4:48am 06-21-2015
t ray
If Jennifer walked out of her condo and down the stairs and outside, would it be daylight or dark? To me, the fact that this was the first night in a few that her car was in its parking space, kinda makes it less of a chance that that whole thing was planned. It appears more opportunistic. Unless, of course, again, it was a worker at the complex. Then all that was needed was the perfect day and the perfect circumstances.
Replied on: 2:47pm 06-30-2015

light enough to see and be seen. Hard to say it was a crime of opportunity not planned when we have not one lead to even go in a direction. Most the time unplanned crimes like these are easier to get leads that are real and lead somewhere.Usually a person or something of theirs is found with unplanned however not always with planned.almost 10 years and nothing? Better than average chance it was planned.But we have been mistaken before
The Kesses

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