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3:11am 04-22-2014
Sharon M.
Have you ever thought of hiring Mark Fuhrman (the police detective in the O.J. Simpson and Martha Moxley cases)?  I don't know how expensive he would be, but funds could easily be raised for this.  People will give to this cause; the world is full of mostly good people and want this solved.  He needs to look at this case from the very beginning...go back over everything.  He's very knowledgeable.  Just a suggestion.
1:44pm 04-21-2014
I watched Greta's investigation on Jennifer, and I am so hoping for a break in the case. I know how  her family must have been worried all of these months, its always comforting to know other people are praying for you. I am  praying for Jenn and her family god bless.
12:56am 04-21-2014
Sharon M.
I watched the Greta investigation on this.  Thanks to Greta for doing this.  I'm a Texan and had not heard of this case.  My heart breaks for Jennifer and her family.  Being a parent, I cannot imagine how Jen's family deals with this.  I have prayed for all of you and will continue to do so.  I saw on this site where her friend, Lauren, said Jen was always afraid of being abducted.  Sounds like she had a premonition.  THAT'S IMPORTANT!  To make a long story short I had a very significant premonition which took 30 years to play out---but, it did.  IF JEN GAVE ANY DETAILS ABOUT HER PREMONITION (if she had one) IT IS IMPORTANT CLUES.  Please check this out.  I know for certain that they can come true...All family and friends should be asked about anything she may have EVER said about it.  God bless all of you.  Wish I could help somehow.
Replied on: 8:13am 04-21-2014

Thank you for coming to Jennifer's site after seeing Greta's Special. Thank you for your thoughts on Jennifer's feelings. They are of interest and if any connections to anything can be made it will be. You can help, please pass on this website to all you know and ask them to do the same. Especially since you had not heard of Jennifer before the Greta Special.
The Kesses

8:36am 04-20-2014
mark leech
has anyone ever tried a psychic there great at giving answers when no one else can!
Replied on: 8:15am 04-21-2014

We have dealt with many, not of our own choosing but many. Thank you for the idea.
The Kesses

5:01am 04-20-2014
John C.
My heart goes out to your entire family, and to Jennifer\'s friends. I watched Greta's show tonight and it brought back tears of devastation, that I have been bottling up, since 12/29/2005. My 16 year old son was run off the road and died in an accident, at the end of my street.  The person responsible was never apprehended.  I guess I finally realized that it doesn't matter that the police never caught the other driver, because it wouldn't bring my son back. I also have two cousins that each lost a son in a car crash. Even though the drivers were punished in those cases, my cousins are still dealing with the same feelings I have.Losing a child, in any way and at any age, is the worst thing that can ever happen to a parent! Your situation has been compounded by the fact that nobody can give you the answers you need, for some type of closure. I sincerely hope that you achieve that peace some day. I, myself, will never be at peace until I see my son again. As far as theory's go, I'm sure you've heard them all.  I don't want to sound like one of those people that watch too many CSI shows but, I do want to share my observations. The person that parked the car, more than once, has little driving experience. I gave driving tests for 17 years, and I say he parked the car like a foreign male. It was also a male because he was wearing the black low cost shoes you can buy at any Walmart for $20. The fact that he was wearing all white clothes and parked her car within walking distance, leads me to believe that he was a worker at Jennifer's complex. Painters and men that work with drywall wear white clothes with cheap black shoes. He also appeared to be wearing a hat or bandana to protect his hair from paint and/or drywall dust. Many of the crews that work on big jobs like that are foreign males, because their good and they work for less pay. I sincerely hope you get peace in the near future.  God Bless You All. John C.            
Replied on: 8:19am 04-21-2014

Most sorry for your loss, it does run deep as you know and We do hope to find Jennifer and peace in the future. Thank you for your thoughts on the POI too they make sense.
The Kesses

1:29am 04-20-2014
Ashley Good
I watched the special on Jennifer last night and was so moved by the show.  I'm going to definitely keep my eyes peeled for this gorgeous young woman. My heart breaks for all of you and I'm praying for somehow someway that your faith provides you with the peace and comfort to carry on. I truly can not begin to imagine how hard this must be to cope with every day.
Praying for a miracle that she is found whether she is still in this work for not so that your precious family will have some closure. Godspeed to all of you. Ashley
Replied on: 8:21am 04-21-2014

Thank you for your kind words Ashley. We do pray for that Miracle everyday and maybe someday it will be answered.
The Kesses

10:38pm 04-19-2014
Donna Scirgova
I just watched the special about Jennifer on Greta Vansustrenn. Even though I live in New Jersey I  will definitely spread the word around. I will pray for your family and especially that God will give you some sign , info or anything that will give you some closure. Have you tried a spiritual psychic or median?  I myself have a daughter Jennifers age and I cant possibly begin to even imagine going through something like this. God love you and be with you always as well as guardian angels.  Sincerely, Donna Scirgova   May you find some peace of mind very very soon
Replied on: 8:25am 04-21-2014

Thank you, please do spread the word. Jennifer was born in New Jersey, we have our roots there as well as family and many many friends.
The Kesses

10:25pm 04-19-2014
I just watched the fox show on this. Terrible tragedy. Have considerations been given to her perhaps being trafficked to overseas? Latin countries, Mexico, Western Europe. With overwhelming exposure and effort exerted nationally to no avail, it may be a good idea. May god bless, guide, give continued strength and resolve in finding and bringing Jennifer home.
Replied on: 8:31am 04-21-2014

Yes it has for 8+ yrs now. At times it is difficult for LE to address Trafficking. Trafficking is a real challenge to our LE system and takes a special kind of LE person to work it right. Trafficking will always be looked at because we keep it in the forefront with our investigators. We do have a yellow sheet out in the world through Interpol, which is a Missing American Abroad Informational page that goes all around the world. We also contact all the UN consulates in the world a few times a year with Jennifer's information since it is not pursued on a regular basis by LE. ALL possibilities must be worked until we have found our way to Jennifer.
Thank you
The kesses

9:41pm 04-19-2014
Erin Vargas
I just watched the special about Jennifer. I did not know about her disappearance prior to now and I am baffled. She is a beautiful young lady. I pray that she is found.
Replied on: 8:32am 04-21-2014

Thank you Erin for coming to this site. Please pass it on to all you know!
Thank you
The Kesses

9:37pm 04-19-2014
My heart goes out to you and your family, and friends of JK.  Good luck with all the tips that may come in so y'all can finally get answers and closure.  I will pray for you and for all who continue to search for your daughter.
Replied on: 8:34am 04-21-2014

Thank you and we only need 1 tip, just 1 tip to move this investigation in a direction that matters, makes sense and will lead us to Jennifer. may that lead come in today and we urge anyone with any information no matter how small you may think it is to make the call to Crimeline or police.
Thank you
The Kesses

6:47pm 04-19-2014
will the greta special on jennifer's missing case be put up on youtube? i'd like to share it with floridian friends
Replied on: 9:15am 04-21-2014

here you go

We have asked that that be done, please check there from time to time until it is posted.If not I believe we will receive a link to the entire Special and we will post it here in the website. It has been requested by us to do so though.
The Kesses

3:19am 04-19-2014
Jill Christman
Please stay strong and determined. Sending prayers to your family  and for Jenn that she returns home. I truly hope the identity of the person that has been captured by the surveillance camera is discovered and leads to some answers.
Replied on: 8:36am 04-21-2014

Will do and we hope so!
The kesses

11:56pm 04-18-2014
Tragic & heartbreaking story...little mention was made of interrogation of workers at her complex. Was a thorough investigation done of all workers? How could she/ her car moved without someone seeing something??? So much does not make sense to me. I am so saddened for her family and all who knew and loved this beautiful woman.
Replied on: 8:39am 04-21-2014

No it could not possibly have been complete. There were many illegal workers who that day took off for the unknown never to be traced. I don't think the car could be moved without someone seeing something. We know someone knows something, which is why we beg for the call to be made!
The Kesses

11:06pm 04-18-2014
Jerry McDaniel
My heart aches...prayers are constantly with you...and Jennifer
Replied on: 8:39am 04-21-2014

The kesses

9:47pm 04-18-2014
Prayers go out to the Kesse family that someone who knows will step forward with information to provide them some closure.  They deserve it.
Replied on: 8:41am 04-21-2014

Jennifer deserves it please someone step up for Jennifer and Jennifer alone,
The Kesses

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