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2:16pm 04-24-2015
peace maker
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1:38pm 04-24-2015
peace maker
What you're next move . on your right or left. Don't for get your lamte. You will you that to me or your hand full height I know or your shoulders. In mist of the dark in back your truck. Stand in the orangeGrove. Don't slip an fall god an I seeyou.think it joke. It not .remembered what do in the dark come in the light. know need for fansty word faithful. Come by prayin. we are gone pin you .remembered the name peacemaker.
.word .you
12:29am 04-14-2015
Patricia, curious about what you meant - the POI was 'constrained from this'. You have important thoughts on the matter & good questions asked, but I don't follow everything you said. You are right that the POI seems in a hurry to leave her car, and i agree that if he had the phone since 10:00 pm approx the night before (when the battery was taken out), why not drop the car somewhere remote/abandoned & he had time the next day b/c the police were not out there searching the second she didn't show up for work...but why return it? You mentioned him slipping into an invisible underground? I hope not...because if so, he was protected by whatever that offered & what about her? I'm especially interested in what you think about the outside of the car not being wiped down & about how he was 'untrained' at the end of the day.
8:23am 04-13-2015
I have seen a woman that looks like Jennifer Jesse at the Wymore grove apts.I still wonder if that was really Jennifer kesse.if I knew it was her for sure I would of called 911.I also believe there is sex trafficking and human trafficking going on at the Wymore grove apts on Wymore rd.there is also drug activity going on at the Wymore grove apts.my boyfriend found a bag of drugs in the parking lot at the Wymore grove apts and he turned it in to the cops.see this is proof there is illegal activity going on at the Wymore grove apts.also I have heard screams from women across the street at the house across the street. You can see the house from where I live across the street.
11:38pm 04-12-2015
I was thinking about the person of interest who dropped off the car at around noon after the abduction either the evening before or that morning. He was in a hurry to get rid of Jennifer's car but he did have it for a couple hours that day on January 24, 2006 or longer if it was the night before after the last person who spoke to jennifer at 9:57 pm was her boyfriend. Why did he take a while to get rid of her car? He could of got rid of the car the moment he got control of jennifer. Why risk a moment more, just driving it around? And if he was acting like a security guy on a bicycle, maybe he needed the car. Maybe to abduct Jennifer her car was involved in the abduction and that is why the police found dirt on her car. Also if she was abducted they could of just put her in another vehicle and then just dropped her car off earlier. Jennifer's car is a peice of the puzzle. Either 15 hours or 6 hrs the p.o. had her car and it could be of significance. He also could have had her car longer but the he knew the police were out searching for her when Jennifer did not show up for work, so the abductor then knew they would be searching for the car for any trace of Jennifer. Did the p.o.i. take her car for a joy ride? What was he using the car for that amount of time? To abduct Jennifer it took that amount of time, and then he could drop it off and slip into the invisible underground. Either Jennifer was in her condo or on her way to her car or in her car when this horrible inhumane act happened. Her car was wiped clean on the inside but not on the outside. He walked away as cameras pictured that, so then he was on foot. Either he did not have a car or did have a car, had a bicycle or took bus, taxi, or train. Why did he not have a vehicle right where he dropped off her car, or right when he abducted her had his get away vehicle. Seems like he was contrainef from this and had to use Jennifer's vehicle in her abduction, and maybe that is why he left it so close by her condo. So it could have been a hasty or unplanned or unequipped or sloppy or unthought out or untrained or sleazy abduction. It was unprofessional. If he had the car the night before he had to have shown miles on her car or just parked it till the next morning before he dropped it off and if in the morning he only had that slot of time to do his business.
3:41pm 04-11-2015
I hope I don't offend or hurt you with this question: do you still feel Jennifer is on this earth or safe with God? For instance the Cleveland house of horrors case, One of the girls mothers never ever stopped saying she felt her daughter was alive and nearby . And as it turns out she was right on both counts.Do you get those feelings or vibes about your daughter as well? Oh dear Kesse's I wish nothing more than to one day see this site shut down for good because all your prayers n questions about your incredible jennifer were answered
12:58pm 03-31-2015
Bryon, contact the authorities don't send an email to an individual person. The numbers are on the website
12:29pm 03-31-2015
Is there any email address to send information to? I have followed this case and a few others for quite some time and have always thought the human trafficking possibility was highly likely. I check ad sites looking for those who look like the individuals from the cases I follow and I found one that looks like it could be Jennifer; just older with black hair and tattoos. It's hard to tell because all of Jennifer's pics available she has a big smile, but this woman I found is not smiling. If anyone has an email address where I can send the pic that I think could be a grown up Jennifer please let me know. Thank you and God Bless.
4:24am 03-31-2015
Have you thought of hiring agents from Black water. They are ex military contractors such as Navy Seals and Delta forces operatives. Anybody can hire them but they are pricey. But they may have contacts in Mexico who could help track down your daughter. These guys are paid ex special forces they they are pricey but their worth a shot or at least talking too.
10:33am 03-30-2015
peace maker
I see you in the tent in wood and your black truck remerber I'm watch you da m
An what you pull out
.your truck I'm watch cross that long bridge remembered you monster it time .
3:25pm 03-27-2015
peace maker
Thus said the lord she will come
home this year pray chance bless do. Come true have faith. in our heaven father in pray.Peaemaker
10:29pm 03-21-2015
APRIL D: Call the phone numbers on the website and report it to law enforcement!
2:59pm 03-20-2015
I have seen a guy that looks like the person of interest in the Jennifer kesse case. I saw him at the Wymore grove apts on Wymore rd. I also saw him at the front of the albertsons store.the albertsons store that is not far from Wymore rd. He goes there between 11 pm and 2 am.the apt I saw him at is in the same parking lot that the dumpster is at.he looks alot like the person of interest! I hope this info helps you. I would take a picture of him and send it to you but I feel that would put my life in danger.
9:37pm 03-08-2015
Connie and Billy
Jennifer and all who love and miss her remain in our thoughts and prayers.
12:05am 02-25-2015
Dear The Kesses,
I feel the P.O.I., person of interest, has led you on a wild goose chase. Being secretive and cunning and sly and anonymous, he got what he wanted. But at what price? Why was it so important to have another person, who is Jennifer Kesse, he would risk everything in his own life. His morals, his liberty, his values, his life, his dignity, just to have control over another human being, a woman, a young adult, to get his kicks. To abduct or rape or traffic or kill for that split second of rush like a drug. But what happens after he has to live with the fact all his life or pay for it being in the shadows of the law, society. Somewhere he became lost to get to this point of no return. He made mistakes in this abduction and you see it in the clues such as having to repark the car, walking by cameras, and parking so close to Jennifer's place of residence, and also some DNA. Obviously I do not think he was the only one involved in the missing of Jennifer or it would not been so careless. So you have to think it was seedy business where he dropped the car off at Huntington Apts and also having to walk away from the scene of the crime. Also if he was a bicycle messenger or fake security guard, he had to walk to where his bicyclist was parked. He was sneaky. To get away with this, he was almost close to being caught. But the luck got him to get away free because it was at noon and no one really around to figure out what he was doing. If he had something to do with Jennifer, when and where and how did it start?? At her work at her home at her leisure at her vacation in her past or in the moment of passion? These clues have to bring up that it was sloppy but quick and over and done with. And then on his way and out of there, but to where and why? Now it is 9 years later and we are pondering this act of madness. The interested party is older more crooked lost regretful doing more of the same from having taken Jennifer's car and then leaving it. Obviously he was not interested in her car. But what did Jennifer have that he wanted? Wealth beauty sex youth profession innocence naivety delicacy? It seems he got away with what he wanted. Se la vie. Spelling?
Replied on: 8:10am 02-27-2015

Trish, as long as I am alive, no one got away with anything as yet. Interesting recap and views. Never thought of Jennifer as a "delicacy", strange choice of a word and in this Family just saying "Se La Vie" isn't in our makeup or plans for Jennifer. We will find her and we will bring her home.
Drew Kesse, Jennifer's Dad

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