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8:22am 10-28-2016
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10:00pm 10-26-2016
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3:54pm 10-25-2016
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11:08am 10-24-2016
nicole kniffen
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10:16am 10-23-2016
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5:09am 10-23-2016
Hi,i am from southafrica, since I watched the show on dissapeared I just been so distubed im a 26 year old and I feel jen had everything good going for her she deserves to have justice but I think closure and peace above all is important,i watched a show on idx a few weeks ago where a young lady went to a new state to find a job and study but she had suddenly went missing and her family.tried to find her for years, until she had started appearing into a psychic womans dreams and with the help of the medium they found her body and she could finally be in peace,i have seen many cold cases where mediums have helped the investigators please consider I think it will lead you to her
2:45pm 10-22-2016
Anthony Crookes
Hi Drew.

Check out: Noreen Renier

She is a lady detective ( psychic ) that I have seen many times on the crime channel.
She works with the police and is incredible with how she solves stagnant cases.

I'm not one for consulting mediums but if my little girl was missing , I would call her right away.

Kindest Regards

5:32pm 10-19-2016
I have used quite a number of times and they have never disappointed me. they do all types of mobile hacks and computer hacks; get
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3:25am 10-16-2016
Pedro Rosario
I saw a tv program of Jennifer's case and it touched my heart.
4:37pm 10-15-2016
Hello, my friends and I came across Jennifer's case in a project about missing persons at our university. We were struck by Jennifer's story and the courage of your family. It was motivated us to consider our personal safety, at college and in general, very carefully. We also wanted to do something to honor Jennifer's memory and your search for her. So we made this video for her:

Hope you like it. God bless.
2:34am 10-13-2016
Dear Family Kesse: I learned today of the disappearance of Jennifer. I live in Brazil. I was extremely saddened by the disappearance of this beautiful young and with a promising future. The chance of it being in Brazil is almost zero, but I will be careful in the search for Jennifer. May God bless you all and give a lot of strength to continue in the search. Do not lose hope. A warm and fraternal embrace direct from Brazil.
4:18pm 10-10-2016
Andru (Dru) Doran
Hello to the Kesses. I met both of you back in, I think, 2011. You and your many friends, family, and people from the community of Orlando came our to remember Jennifer at the local Mall. (Can't remember the name). I met both of you and I told Mrs. Kesse that I would always keep an eye out for Jennifer down here in south Florida. I'm sure you guys are already aware of this, but just in case you are not, there was a strange video found this past September, and I just wanted to leave you the link to watch the extremely strange video. If this helped in any way, please contact me at the above listed email. God bless, and I too pray we find Jennifer someday very soon! Link is below.
11:13am 10-08-2016
Praying for you
I saw something a few days ago outside a mall while I was driving by. I saw a chef worker wearing an outfit that looked very similar to poi outfit. There were two men walking one pushing some type of rolling food cart going into a garage like enterance. The outfit was the closest thing I have ever seen to poi outfit on the street. I was in a car so I couldn't follow but the two restaurants on street level were PF Changs and Fire and Ice. My gut told me it would be some type of PF Chang's uniform. The poi was very small in height could he have been Asian? Praying for your family this weekend.
6:31pm 10-06-2016
I suggest you guys visit a psychic. Maybe things will be clearer since a psycich can clear up something investigations can't. It has been too long... Someone can't hide in the US for so long especially after so many years. She's either somewhere indoors or she's gone. So please, Consider my suggestion. I pray for her everyday since I heard about her case... It's awful. I can only imagine what you are going through.
2:31am 10-06-2016
Terribly sorry
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