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11:06pm 09-18-2014
Just wanted to let you all know that my heart goes out to you- and there IS hope still- I really believe that...was pumping gas at a Shell station after work today in Bradenton -Florida and saw a sticker on the pump with her beautiful-smiling face & the information - a great idea..a LOT of people see that! I never go to that gas station and for some reason I did today- maybe i was meant to see that so i could help in some small way..you never know....I will email some links to my relatives in Chiefland & Port St Lucie-Florida  will pray that is found safe.
6:47am 09-08-2014
Patricia F
Greetings.  Somehow Jennifer K. crossed paths with someone or some people where this would happen to her, be it home, work, leisure, travel, hobbie, etc.  Jennifer felt something with the workers, but that could have been an intuition of danger for anyone, being it neighbor, stranger, family, friend, lover, co worker, employer, etc.  She felt something but she could have misinterpreted this feeling and attributed to the closest human around like the painters in her building.  But walking down the street women get whistles and cat calls from people working at construction sites, but since it is away from home you don't take it so seriously, but if it is on your property, it is too close to home.  What you focus on the energy will follow.  So she had this bad karma just right when she moved to her new home, and she did not feel comfortable living there or a sense of peace, so it was affecting her somehow, maybe less sleep, on guard, like a animal feeling trapped, that if you do not feel safe where you live the dominoes will fall to other aspects of yor life like your home, your relationships, etc.  But she was doing so well at work with promotions and being busy, she did not have the time to question this uneasiness.  She just knew it did not feel right and told her family, but she should have called the police.  She could have gone farther with this information, but it happened so quickly right after, that she was already caught in the plot on her life ready to unfold.  If she had done more, how would that have affected the outcome.  But maybe something else in her life was not right either, and this insecurity was a mirror for something deeper.  She  had just moved, she had been promoted 3 times, her boyfriend and her were getting closer in a long distant relationship, she had just gone on vacation, but at the same time she felt like she was being watched. Was this fear or paranoia?  Was it real? Something was not right.  Her home, her  boyfriend, her work were a juggle, and maybe something had dropped, but she was unaware, but still aware of her surroundings.  Maybe it was weighing on her and that is why she sensed something amiss right near her, being alone and feeling scared.  But she had to work, travel, and stay at her newly owned condo.  So that evening after she left work, and came home home and talked to her family, friends and boyfriend, she went to bed by 10 pm.  Did she still feel unsettled in her second floor condo/ apt, was she tossing and turning in her bed, was she upset about her life, did she hear something, or was she so tired and wiped out, that she fell right asleep?  This is unknown, but how was the home found after she left it?  But the police did not search her home like her car.  But some where there is the key to how she was before her abduction.  Because Jennifer felt something and told people even though it could have been a disguise for something that was masked in everyday life.  When the incident was happening, did she finally realize what the reality of situation was.  Jennifer knows this now, even if it is a mystery to the world , because we can't be in her shoes.
10:49pm 09-01-2014
Judy Allen
Joyce...Jennifer is in my thoughts and prayers daily...as are you and your family
5:42am 08-29-2014
I still feel that it was one of the construction workers at the place Jennifer lived.  That the focus of the investigation should of been interviewing each person that worked or had worked there in last 30 days.  That hair style of the suspect is very unique, something anyone would notice.  Most of these workers were illegals so they would lean toward lying or just not getting involved.  So you will need good investigators for interviewing. They would need to go to each person's house and pass photos of the hair style and Jennifer's around where each of the construction worker lived. There phones should of been checked.  I think there were a least a few of the construction workers who knew the person that had that hair cut.  
  Was a really evolved investigation done on these workers. The detectives should have a list of every construction worker and every tenant of that period.   Do they have this list? If they did couldn't a good private eye go after each of these names in PT and see if something doesn't come up.  I would really like to know if these things occurred.
6:37pm 08-27-2014
Prayers from Jacksonville, FL.
3:26pm 08-27-2014
We pray that you find jennifer soon.we cant imagine how you must feel. we are sorry for your loss and that she is still safe and unharmed.
11:09pm 08-15-2014
Jahi Asad
One of the most horrifying stories I remember hearing when I moved to Florida. I never gave up on hoping that she's ok and that she comes back to you. Please, don't give up. I'm praying that your family finds peace and she's still here with us. I wish I had something more promising to say, but I'm broken. Jennifer and your family are in my prayers daily.  I wish you all the best.
Replied on: 9:37am 08-17-2014

There is no give up in us. Thank you for caring.
The Kesses

7:56pm 08-15-2014
I remember the news about your daughter and over the years, I have thought about her and wondered if she would ever be found.  Oh my heavens the pain your family must endure. I am not certain as you probably get a lot of info both good and far fetched regarding your daughter but I may have something to offer.  I hope so, because for some reason I think of her here and there and have always hoped she would be found.  I am a professional so this is a sincere contact.  Best to your Family
Replied on: 9:38am 08-17-2014

Thank you
The Kesses

10:07pm 08-06-2014
you are the kind of parents every child ought to have. i have bottomless respect and love for you all + think of you guys and jennifer often. your eternal love for jennifer + pursuit of truth is a reminder of all that is good in the world. it is quite a moving force.
Replied on: 9:43am 08-17-2014

Thank you, unconditional love is the most powerful of all. Truth will prevail, it may take a very long time but the truth about Jennifer will come to light.
The Kesses

7:00pm 07-23-2014
Dear Kesse family my condolences again.  Has there been any information on Jennifer's cell phone pings?  There is someone stating that the phone stopped pinging around 1040pm  the night before her car was found due to the phone battery being removed.
Replied on: 7:23am 07-24-2014

We really don't want to start answering questions here on guestbook otherwise we will end up with 100's of them. However there are 2 cell phones still missing and never found. Jennifer's and an additional one left in her condo by a family friend staying at her condo while she was away. Jennifer was going to mail the second phone presumably whenever she was able upon her return to Orlando 1/23/2006. Those phones we were told were pinging a little after 10pm on 1/23/2006 and went silent at approx. 10:40p by manual shut down and presumed removal of cell batteries. The ping study was not an exact science then and gave us little the investigators can use, i.e. one can't be in 2 places on the same phone miles away a few seconds apart. Just another heartbreaking reality of Jennifer's case. Technology isn't always cut and dry which is another thorn in our side. So what you heard is true and to this day those cell phone, Jennifer's pocketbook, Ipod and her work attache are still not located nor anything of hers used that is trackable.
The Kesses

2:01am 07-23-2014
Drew and Kesse Family,
Always thinking of you guys and Jennifer as the search continues.  Always know you have a friend in New Jersey who continues to search.
Kenny G
Replied on: 7:24am 07-24-2014

Kenny G
So nice to hear from you, hope all is well thank you for your continued support.
The Kesses

2:41pm 07-19-2014

I have been following Jen's case for awhile now. I think about her every day and hope that she will be found one day very soon. I have a question, and I posted this on the "Help Find Missing Jennifer Kesse" Facebook page, but, has the Secret Service been contacted to possibly enhance the quality of the POI surveillance video and images from Jen's case? I know that other agencies such as the FBI and NASA have done some work on the photos and videos, and have possibly exhausted all information that they were given, but the Secret Service has done some work in criminal investigations and I think that they could be of help in Jennifer's case if contacted. Thank you so much for your time and I see that you reply to almost every single comment that you receive on here. I can't imagine the pain that you all have gone through over the years waiting for your daughter to come home and waiting patiently for any news to break about her disappearance. I wish only the best for you and your family and I pray that you continue to stay strong and hopeful during this difficult time.

Replied on: 7:25am 07-24-2014

Thank you for that suggestion, well taken and passed along.
The Kesses

10:33pm 07-18-2014
Kevin G
Disregard my question, I think I found out.

My condolences to you and your family. I hope one day the truth finds you.
Replied on: 7:35am 07-19-2014

Kevin G
the fuel did check out to be approx. what Jennifer would have used in her trip from S. fl to work and home on a full tank, 1/23/2006. thank you for thinking and caring
The Kesses

9:29pm 07-18-2014
Kevin G
Probably a question long since answered but do you know how much fuel was in the car when it was found? Was this back-checked with any recent fuel purchase on Jennifer's bank account?
10:54am 07-18-2014
David S
I don't know if it's me or for 8 years has nobody ever notice picture D that there was another camera at the pool angled directly at Jennifer's car....?
Replied on: 11:46am 07-18-2014

We are aware of the picture "D". Believe it was taken by LE helicopter. The picture is not new to anyone within the investigation. There are only 3 cameras in the vacinity of the area Jennifer's car was dropped off. There are many pictures of this angle on the web.

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