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5:46pm 10-22-2014
I have been thinking of Jenn since this happened, having gone to UCF myself and grown up in Central Florida. I'm so very sorry for your loss and hope that some day soon we all learn the truth. You have inspired me and my husband to try to daily exhibit to our children the kind of love you have for yours. I've wanted to tell you that all these years...God bless your family.
*A special note to those amateur sleuths out there--please save your very detailed descriptions of your theories for the tips lines. A guest book does not seem like the appropriate place for such 'vivid' remarks.
10:03pm 10-18-2014
gloria amaro
i keep her card in my wallet since 2006. i never loose faith to help find her .
2:13pm 10-18-2014
Someone gave me a business card with Jennifer's info on it years ago in Tampa. I got on the computer today to pray that she was found safe and sound. I do think that girls are abducted from many countries and are most likely in the Middle East. Ireland has had many girls show up missing and one friend of mine flew into Logan Airport to go back to school at Harvard and landed but never made it to her home. Her belongings were found strewn along the roadway. Another friend of a friend disappeared from a medina in Morocco when she and her husband went there on their honeymoon. Her hand slipped away from his and she was never found. I was in Harrod's department store in London and was about 24 years old at the time and an Arab man and his entourage entered the store. He snapped his fingers and they all left him and he proceeded to follow me through every department. I was afraid in one of the largest department stores in the world. I have been stalked in Milan and Lisbon by locals but this was the scariest experience ever. I moved to the Ladies room and found another way out of the store.
8:38pm 10-10-2014
Connie & Billy
We are just 2 weeks away from the 9 year anniversary of Tara's disappearance. We read your Oct family letter and share so many of the same thoughts and feelings. We still think about Jennifer often and pray that she will be found, just as we pray that someone will finally find the courage to come forward with information about Tara. Our girls deserve to be brought home!! In both cases somebody has to know the truth but has chosen to remain silent. We will continue to believe that one day they will do the right thing and tell what they know. We will remember your family and Jennifer's friends during the holidays. May your special memories of happier times bring you some measure of peace.
3:22pm 10-06-2014
Cecilia Orrell-Ball
Jennifer is always on my mind. I have placed business cards around area here in Loveland, Colorado. She is my second cousin tho I never met her I wished I did. I have not seen you Joyce since we were little.I remember Halloween at your house and Uncle Bill came out of coffin. That was scary. Our prayers are always with you,and family. How is Aunt Margie? Stay strong and have faith. I know you will, love your cous, Ceil
10:47pm 10-01-2014
The whole world wants Hannah Graham back just like we want Jennifer home with her family! This case has brought the community together to fight crime. It is amazing what the power of the internet and people working together can accomplish. Questions that have been unanswered for years are being answered as all of the missing pieces are fitting together. I pray that Jennifer's case gets that break. In my heart I feel it will happen. We are all praying for you as you relive this nightmare watching the Graham's experience the things that you have been through. It is time for justice and peace for all of you. I pray that someone who has been holding information has the courage to come forward. It takes one break to bring justice. Someone has that missing piece for the Kesse's. SPEAK UP. Save the next girl!!!
Replied on: 10:56am 10-03-2014

Powerful True statement Elizabeth. For so many we too hope that their loved ones make it home, soon. The power is held in the peoples hands, they have the power by knowledge to end so many missing persons cases. May one step forward to day to end someones personal Hell, May it be Jennifer.
The Kesses

7:48pm 09-30-2014
News of the connection between Hannah Graham and Morgan Harrington...and probably countless others, brings my mind straight to Jenn. All we need is one break, one slip up and we will have justice. I can't say I'm "happy", but relieved some families will have closure. God bless the Kesses; you are thought of and prayed for every day by so many. Stay strong.
Replied on: 5:46pm 10-01-2014

Could not have said it better and thank you for caring.
The Kesses

11:33pm 09-27-2014
just letting you guys know that im still waiting for the time i come to this site and find some new information,hopefully good info and you will finally have some kind of closure on this nightmare.i know ive been following this since day one and it is constantly on my mind,sometimes i take a break and stay away hoping there will be good news when i return.i can only imagine what you must be going through.my heart goes out to you and just remember we will find the truth one day,and the people or person responsible will pay dearly.take care and just because i dont post anything,doesnt mean ive given up and like you will never.hang in there.MPEA
Replied on: 5:49pm 10-01-2014

Most aware you are out there. sometimes it's good to step back or away from a case like Jennifer's. It sometimes makes the eyes become wide open once again. Thank you for always trying to find a piece of this puzzle. One day it will all come together, it has too.
The Kesses

12:11am 09-23-2014
Patricia Furness
I was reading the old guest book when Jennifer Kesse first went missing, and I came across a post from someone who posted with a familiar name, Jenni Williams from Washington state, and I think I went to high school with her almost 30 years ago, if it is the same person who graduated from St. Andrews School in Bethesda, MD. If you read this, I say hi. It is a small world. Maybe because Jenni has the same name as Jennifer Kesse, and I have a older sister named Jenny, then that is our connection. If a weatherman can do Happy Birthdays to 100 year olds, then I can volunteer my time to post for the missing, endangered, and abducted, who have yet to reach that old age. I wish for Jennifer Kesse to be freed and be with her family again.
Replied on: 5:52pm 10-01-2014

Glad we could be a facilitator then Patricia. Thank you for your wishes.
The Kesses

4:10pm 09-21-2014
shane sia
I Have a few questions-
i noticed Jennifer's purse hanging on a chair. Is that normal for her to leave her purse? Did the scent dogs track her from her apartment-to where her car would've been? Would she have left her purse at home-if she had made it as far as to her car that morning she disappeared? Did she turn off her cell phones as a habit at night? Take out batteries? Did it appear she had dressed in an outfit-some were left out you stated. Was she a tea or coffee drinker in the morning before she left? Were there signs she had eaten breakfast?
Just trying to establish i f someone might have accosted her right as she left the apartment, still getting dressed,or at the car? He stuff was in the car though,was it stuff she left anyway in her car? Did she lock her car always?
Many times those workers at condo buildings have a key to all aprtments/condos. May have had a key, and surpprised her.
Being the inside and outside of her car were wiped clean of prints, someone had some time to do that-likely the POI.
This is why it seems SOMEONE would've seen this POI driving her car from Jennifer's condo, even seen someone get into the car.! At that time in morning-people usually are awake and around. Unless of course, there was a back entrance where someone could've taken Jennifer out of condo unseen.
Replied on: 8:11am 09-22-2014

Shane sia
I think you will find most these answers right on the homepage of this site. One point though, Jennifer's purse/pocketbook has not been recovered as yet. We thought the one shown was with her and it was but was within her baggage from her trip. She was utilizing one we are unaware of since Jennifer had many many pocketbooks and purses, too many.
The Keses

1:27pm 09-21-2014
shane sia
Praying every day you will know what happened to Jennifer! Someone knows-or more than one "someone"-we pray they will come forward!
God Bless and comfort you and bring justice for Jennifer!
Replied on: 8:12am 09-22-2014

Thank you for the kind thought

11:06pm 09-18-2014
Just wanted to let you all know that my heart goes out to you- and there IS hope still- I really believe that...was pumping gas at a Shell station after work today in Bradenton -Florida and saw a sticker on the pump with her beautiful-smiling face & the information - a great idea..a LOT of people see that! I never go to that gas station and for some reason I did today- maybe i was meant to see that so i could help in some small way..you never know....I will email some links to my relatives in Chiefland & Port St Lucie-Florida will pray that is found safe.
Replied on: 8:14am 09-22-2014

We too hold great Hope that Jennifer will be found, we hope it is soon too. Yes we her parents live in Bradenton and yes we do put out her posters and business cards there and everywhere we go. Thanks you for sharing her link, it helps and it works for awareness which is still needed and will be a great factor in recovering Jennifer.
The Kesses

6:47am 09-08-2014
Patricia F
Greetings. Somehow Jennifer K. crossed paths with someone or some people where this would happen to her, be it home, work, leisure, travel, hobbie, etc. Jennifer felt something with the workers, but that could have been an intuition of danger for anyone, being it neighbor, stranger, family, friend, lover, co worker, employer, etc. She felt something but she could have misinterpreted this feeling and attributed to the closest human around like the painters in her building. But walking down the street women get whistles and cat calls from people working at construction sites, but since it is away from home you don't take it so seriously, but if it is on your property, it is too close to home. What you focus on the energy will follow. So she had this bad karma just right when she moved to her new home, and she did not feel comfortable living there or a sense of peace, so it was affecting her somehow, maybe less sleep, on guard, like a animal feeling trapped, that if you do not feel safe where you live the dominoes will fall to other aspects of yor life like your home, your relationships, etc. But she was doing so well at work with promotions and being busy, she did not have the time to question this uneasiness. She just knew it did not feel right and told her family, but she should have called the police. She could have gone farther with this information, but it happened so quickly right after, that she was already caught in the plot on her life ready to unfold. If she had done more, how would that have affected the outcome. But maybe something else in her life was not right either, and this insecurity was a mirror for something deeper. She had just moved, she had been promoted 3 times, her boyfriend and her were getting closer in a long distant relationship, she had just gone on vacation, but at the same time she felt like she was being watched. Was this fear or paranoia? Was it real? Something was not right. Her home, her boyfriend, her work were a juggle, and maybe something had dropped, but she was unaware, but still aware of her surroundings. Maybe it was weighing on her and that is why she sensed something amiss right near her, being alone and feeling scared. But she had to work, travel, and stay at her newly owned condo. So that evening after she left work, and came home home and talked to her family, friends and boyfriend, she went to bed by 10 pm. Did she still feel unsettled in her second floor condo/ apt, was she tossing and turning in her bed, was she upset about her life, did she hear something, or was she so tired and wiped out, that she fell right asleep? This is unknown, but how was the home found after she left it? But the police did not search her home like her car. But some where there is the key to how she was before her abduction. Because Jennifer felt something and told people even though it could have been a disguise for something that was masked in everyday life. When the incident was happening, did she finally realize what the reality of situation was. Jennifer knows this now, even if it is a mystery to the world , because we can't be in her shoes.
Replied on: 8:14am 09-22-2014

Thank you patricia
The Kesses

10:49pm 09-01-2014
Judy Allen
Joyce...Jennifer is in my thoughts and prayers daily...as are you and your family
Replied on: 8:15am 09-22-2014

Thank you Judy and so nice to hear from you. Hope all is well with you and yours!

5:42am 08-29-2014
I still feel that it was one of the construction workers at the place Jennifer lived. That the focus of the investigation should of been interviewing each person that worked or had worked there in last 30 days. That hair style of the suspect is very unique, something anyone would notice. Most of these workers were illegals so they would lean toward lying or just not getting involved. So you will need good investigators for interviewing. They would need to go to each person's house and pass photos of the hair style and Jennifer's around where each of the construction worker lived. There phones should of been checked. I think there were a least a few of the construction workers who knew the person that had that hair cut.
Was a really evolved investigation done on these workers. The detectives should have a list of every construction worker and every tenant of that period. Do they have this list? If they did couldn't a good private eye go after each of these names in PT and see if something doesn't come up. I would really like to know if these things occurred.
Replied on: 8:19am 09-22-2014

much easier said than done when illegals are involved and scattered immediately. we have 11,000,000 of them in our country let's go talk to them all. I would but I don;t think the FBI would since they told us to go away 4 years ago. Yes someone knows who took Jennifer more than one person does, that is the ultimately shame in this whole horrible situation, how could one know and not tell a soul, answer one has no soul.
The Kesses

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