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7:06pm 06-12-2016
So sorry this happened to your family.
7:01pm 06-12-2016
I just watched your daughter's story on Dissapeared on ID. I am thinking about y'all and your whole family.. I cannot imagine what that would be like. I hope one day y'all find her and find answers.
10:35pm 06-11-2016
I just watched your daughters horrible nightmare on disappeared. I really hope you bring her home I couldn't imagine what you are going thru for 10 plus years. My heart goes out to you and your family praying that this generates new leads to bring her home!! Sending love to you and your family!!
9:53pm 06-11-2016
Sending love and light to you all from New Zealand x
5:47am 06-11-2016
Sorry to use the guestbook to ask a question but the discussion forum won't allow new posters (which is unfortunate). But I have a question ... According to Girl Interrupted June 6 on the ID Channel, JC received the speeding ticket on Jan 24 I believe they said. But I have in front of me as we speak, his mug shot and citation dated Jan 16. WHICH is it? If the ID Channel got the date wrong, that is sad. The info given out on these shows should be ABSOLUTELY accurate! If he was late to work the morning of the 24th, it is important to know if the ticket was indeed issued that morning or not!
7:19pm 06-09-2016
Dan Hergenrader
Jennifer, I hope you make it home soon. Your case has touched and broken the hearts of many. Best wishes to you and your family.
6:31pm 06-09-2016
Pamela Smith
My heart hurts with you. I will do all I can to get Jennifer's story out to as many people as possible. I am praying daily for Jennifer and all of you.
12:33pm 06-09-2016
Dear Kesse Family,

I just watched the show on ID and when I moved to New Tampa and visited Orlando in 2010, I saw fliers posted of Jennifer. I always wondered if she was found. I pray that God brings her back to you. The unknown is what seem unbearable. As a mother of 4, I can't imagine. I'm hoping that the new exposure brings about new leads. Someone, somewhere has to know something! These bad people always talk eventually. I'm keeping your family in my prayers.
12:01am 06-09-2016
I saw Jennifer's story on ID here in Indiana. Awareness is key, after so much time you never know who knows something and where in the world they are. I cannot begin to imagine the pain of just not knowing. I pray that even though it has been 10 years and time has passed, you find answers and find Jennifer. I pray you all have the strength to find joy, happiness, and peace in your daily lives without her, without knowing. Whoever took her, don't let them win by ruining your mentality, which from the show, your strength is obvious. Keep fighting and enjoy your precious grandbaby!
9:39pm 06-08-2016
Were local gangs interviewed? Maybe they know something. Maybe the investigators should get warrants to bring search dogs to look again in the condos that were occupied by the workers. Do any of the current occupants notice any odors? Sorry that I have to ask these kinds of things. Did anything seem odd or strange to the new owners when they moved in years ago? Was there a condo that was occupied in length longer than any other. He parked her car to defer attention to that area instead of her condo area. He did not know he was going to be on camera. Even though he is unidentifiable. He obviously was trying to keep people from looking at the condo area. Making everyone think she was either gone in her car or ran away, he didn't count on her having such a close knit family that would notice right away. When the family went to her condo, did they stay for a few days? If so were there any workers looking at them longer than normal? Are the investigators coming up with any new ways of searching? They should be giving this case more attention now than ever. Put together once a month a jennifer kesse search task force. I know people would come together once a month to help at least. Still thinking on it.
8:29pm 06-08-2016
I just watched your daughters case on Disappeared, my heart goes out to all of your family, it touched me deeply, ( had me in tears) my heart breaks for you all. I hope & pray she is found... God bless you all
9:11am 06-08-2016
They were painters. They very easily could of put her and all the evidence inside a wall and painted over it. I really think she is inside the property somewhere. That's y there is no evidence no witness nothing. I don't think the police looked well enough into that theory quick enough for it to b found or noticed. I don't ever think she left that area. I'm so glad u said that autum cause I thought the same thing when I watched the show. Bless you loving parents.
Replied on: 9:28am 06-08-2016

Thanks for the input. The police didn't do a very good job when it counted most day 1. They admit that but we can't get it back.And that is what we and Jennifer have to live with, Incompetent people.
The Kesses

4:51am 06-08-2016
Dear Kesse family
My heart goes out to you for all you have suffered. I am so sorry that your precious daughter was taken from you. Wishing for a miracle to happen and that you get Jennifer back. It's happened before; I pray that she is returned to you and that your family can be whole again. Sending love from Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Replied on: 8:27am 06-08-2016

Thank you Kate and I'm glad to see the show made it to Canada
The Kesses

2:31am 06-08-2016
I just saw the Disappeared episode. I'm so sorry for what your family has gone thru. When the mention of human trafficking came up, it was sad, but yet hopeful that she is alive and unable to contact you, but can be reunited with her loving family one day. I will share and share the hell out of her info. I hope you get answers. You are wonderful people. My prayers are with you.
Replied on: 8:28am 06-08-2016

Thank you for sharing!!!
The Kesses

8:29pm 06-07-2016
Another Person
Your message is reaching new people every day. I watch the television series Disappeared and learned of Jennifer. May your family find peace. Matthew 11:28.
Replied on: 8:29am 06-08-2016

That is what we hope fr "Another Person"
The Kesses

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