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1:14pm 04-23-2018
Just watched her story on disappeared, I really hope this program helps bring awareness and whoever knows something encourages them to come forward. One day someone will talk and end this awful wait, this family needs answers. If you know anything come forward and do the right thing.
1:34am 04-23-2018
I just saw Jennifer’s story on Disappeard- no story or family has EVER drawn me in like hers. I’m not sure if it was the fact that she and I are the same age or bc we have similar features- it just hit close to home. God tells us that whatever we ask for in prayer to BELIEVE that we have already received it and it WILL be ours. So I’m prayin for you guys and i promise to keep praying every single day- every prayer until Jennifer is home. You guys are such a strong, incredible family and she’s so so blessed to have such amazing parents. Don’t give up! Ever everrrr! God is going to bring her home.
11:07pm 04-21-2018
I just watched her story on Disappeared. What I'm confused about is why didn't the investigators look more into her co-worker? On the episode, it said that he had an alibi because he got arrested that day for speeding, so it made it seem like they just disregarded him. Could it be that he had something to do with her disappearance that morning, and was speeding to get to work because it would have looked really suspicious if he showed up late and she didn't show up at all? I just discovered her story so I don't know that much about the case other than what was in the episode.
12:55am 04-21-2018
Hi I’ve been following the disappearance of Jennifer since day one. I’ve watched Jennifer’s story featured on the ID channel numerous times and again tonight. I hope she comes home soon. Sending you positive thoughts from Canada.
5:52pm 04-19-2018
Hi I have been following your daughters disapearance for many years and feel awful that she has not been found yet.I pray someday you will find her
6:01am 04-19-2018
Leah Hannaford
My prayers to the family. I hope that Jennifer comes home soon.
5:15pm 03-29-2018
Laura Hufford
I saw Jennifer's story on Hulu on a news show and I tossed and turned last night. I lost my son to a horrible tragedy last year and I am bordering on suicide most of the time. I can't imagine what you are all going through. My family was very tight just like yours. I pray that she makes it home safe to you someday soon. Lots of love - Laura Hufford
8:59pm 03-14-2018
Chris Hambrick
I lost My Sister February 2006 She Was 23 Her Name Was Talisa Ann Reynolds I know How You Guys Feel Don't Ever Give Up Hope She Could Still be Out There I hope She Comes Home. I am Praying For You Guys Much Love Chris.
12:05am 03-12-2018
Mr. Kesse: was there a knock in Jennifer's door the night before she went missing while she was in the phone? I've been this mentioned. Thank you and God Bless you and your family.
3:25pm 03-11-2018
Michelle Wilder
Dear Kesse family,
The first time I became aware of your daughter missing was on a trip to Long Boat Key Fl back a few years ago. I believe Drew was at a Beach Side Market with an information booth set up. My husband is the one that brought you to my attention. Our whole vacation we thought about Jennifer and your family. We looked everything up we could about the case online. Still years later we are still thinking of her!! I'm so mystified about her disappearance and saddened by it. I live in Indiana and realize how helpless one feels and wishes so much for a resolution to your missing Jennifer!! All I can do is pray for your family and Jennifer and vow that everyday forward I will begin to pray for Jennifer and your family to have answers. I will not give up hope that my daily prayers will be answered. God bless the Kesse Family!!
3:46pm 02-12-2018
Alison A King
I just spent a week in Orlando and saw Jennifer's face on a passing bus and immediately googled her and read about her disappearance. I was deeply moved by this story! My thoughts and prayers go out to the family. I cannot even imagine what you are going through! Jennifer knows that you love her! "Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope." Maya Angelou - Alison
7:28am 02-02-2018
Dear Kesse Family,

First I want to say how sorry I am for all the years of pain, I can't imagine what you are going through. I work cold cases with our sheriff dept in my county. I am not L.E., but I help out there. May I suggest the ViDocq Society as a resource. Please google them and send them a message. They just recently took five case from the FL. I know Jennifer's case is not considered cold, but if you are trying to get information released, talking to them first, may help your case, if they agree on it. They are the best of the best, please google the site. I have followed her case from the first day, and I send you all the love and support I can each day.

11:07am 01-31-2018
Im Sid, from India. Just watching Discovery channel ID and Jennifer's serial is on. Really shocked to see what happened to such a talent, lively and beautiful girl.
But what i feel is that its all in the hands of GOD and he is not that much cruel for sure.
My heart ia saying that she is still alive and in some of trouble or may be having the memory loss due to some incident. Someone took her somewhere else with her memory loss and is not allowed to meet outside world.
I suggest u to continue her search and you might get her back.
Im also praying for her safety and home coming.
12:58am 01-29-2018
You have my full support in pursuing Jennifer's case files through court action. It is beyond time and I am hopeful you will win. It really doesn't matter who took Jennifer anymore - they have had 12 years of freedom on the streets already doing God knows what. What is important is bringing Jennifer home for better or worse. Is there a place where we can make donations to support your efforts in this process?

You are not alone. My good thoughts and well wishes being sent your way always and every day.
10:08pm 01-26-2018
What missing pieces are coming together?
Nothing has changed since the bungled first week.

When do LE ever divulge information publicly about an investigation?
There is a need to hold back information only the perpetrator could know.
Stops false confessions.

Mind you I doubt LE have much at all and that's why this case is stone cold.
So just what are they holding back?
Whatever it is it hasn't advanced this investigation one inch in twelve years.
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