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10:08pm 03-29-2017
It's either one of the workers on the comex,oggice worker or painter,maintenance or pool man ,electrician or lanfscaper. Another possibility, adjust to modaic complex,on malenia blvd there is another complex and the person could be living there at the time he spotted jennifer . He walked to her complex and followed her
4:04pm 03-28-2017
Claire Parker
I just saw the story about the disappearance of Jennifer on the show "Disappeared". I'm wondering if the police questioned the people who lived in the apartment complex where Jennifer's vehicle was found to determine if anyone could identify the individual captured in the security cameras. From what you can see in the video, he/she had a distinctive hair style and manner of dress. If he/she lived in that complex, it seems that someone there might at least have an idea who it was.
2:00pm 03-28-2017
Charles Cecil
Drew, Joyce, Logan. I still think about Jennifer several times a year and I go through all of her websites and blogs to see where things stand. I have always thought that she is not deceased but is caught up in the underworld sex slave trade. God bless your family and keep up the faith that she will be found alive.
3:33am 03-28-2017
Amanda Barco
I'm so mad and upset by this case. I followed it now 11 years ago when Nancy Grace and everyone had it on and I was just consumed by it. Today I saw the episode of disappeared and realized it's actually been 11 years. My heart is broken for the family. I'm wondering did the police at the time check business Security cameras all over the area to catch someone dressed like him? I saw a case solved like that but I'm sure buy now all the video is gone. I'm just sick over this and that she's still missing. God Bless the family and cover them and Jennifer with the blood of Jesus. Please Jesus let her be found!
3:02am 03-28-2017
Jake B.
I'm an deeply sorry for the loss your family and friends are facing from this terrible tragedy. Jennifer will be in my prayers, and I will post this every where I am able too. There is always hope, never lose hope! I know it's been over 10 years since the disappearance of Jennifer, but that does not mean that she isn't out there somewhere or that someone isn't out there that knows something about what happened to her. I pray you all get some form of closure. I just wish someone who knows something would just come forward and tell what they know or tell where Jennifer is. Like many others this case has really stuck out to me in particular, and once again I am so sorry for what your family and friends have went through.. Prayers from Tennessee.
9:14pm 03-27-2017
Hello from Reno, NV. Did you try psychics? It sounds looney, but they have helped in so many cases on TV, and it wouldn't hurt to try for the sake of Jennifer. My prayers are with you, it is too hard for you to bear without them.
9:13pm 03-27-2017
jeff kaufmann
I just saw the show on tv about Jennifer Kesse. When i saw the person of interest walking by the fence the first thing that came into my mind was he was a painter or drywall worker. I pray for her case to be solved and her family and friends.
9:10pm 03-27-2017
I saw Jennifer's story on disappeared. I hope she is brought home soon.
5:13pm 03-19-2017
I saw Jennifer's story on "Disappeared" - thoughts and prayers to her family, former boyfriend, and for all those still missing.
7:38pm 03-16-2017
Dear Kesse Family,
I learned about Jennifer today after I downloaded the investigation discovery app. I'm so very sorry to learn of what has happened. I watch so many crime shows on the ID channel and I'm not sure why, but this one stuck out. Maybe because of how much work you her family has put into getting her story out there. My daughter is turning 6 this fall and I cannot even begin to imagine what you're going through and have gone through. Please accept my prayers that Jennifer will return home safely one day. Or that you will have a piece of mind as to what happened that awful day. Mrs Kesse what you said stuck with me "No one is invincible " Evil can find all of us. Mr Kesse what you said also stuck with me "If everyone in the world hears her story, we'll know where she is" you are both absolutely correct. I promise to always be as safe as Jennifer was, and teach my daughter to be even safer. I promise to share Jennifer's story in hopes of finding whom ever is responsible. God bless you and your family and Jennifer. You will all be in my prayers!
5:14pm 03-14-2017
Hello from Armenia.
I learned the story of Jenn from TV. Please accept the prayers from me and my family. May the justice prevail for her. My thoughts are with your family.
2:17pm 03-13-2017
Plz plz look in the condos plz where the workers were allowed to live ,,there must be some hidden room inside some closet or basement
I 100 and 1 % believe she NEVER left the condo they workers made it look like she left by driving her car a mile away,so that investigaters should search outside the condo she is still there ,,she wasnt kidnapped for trafficking ,,she was away on vaccation for four days and this period was enough for workers to plan jow to kidnap her ,plz look into the condos
11:40pm 03-08-2017
My heart goes out to the Kesse Family.
8:15pm 03-05-2017
I understand that folks who delved into Tara's case will soon be looking into Jennifer's case. Very glad to hear and I hope it brings here home.
10:53am 02-27-2017
Hello from Morocco.
Jennifer is in my thoughts. I keep praying Allah for her, and for all her beloved ones. Never give up, truth can't be hidden for ever.
Don't lose hope!
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