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1:46am 12-27-2016
Dear Kesse Family,
In March 2016 I made & posted a Spanish-language video about the Jennifer Kesse case on Youtube. I wanted to report it has gotten 811 views. Youtube analytics shows the majority of views are from Mexico, followed by Colombia, Argentina & Venezeula.
It has been seen by viewers in 18 Spanish speaking countries around the world.
I sincerely hope that it continues to spread awareness on Jennifer's case.
I'm very sorry for your loss and hope that this is the year you will get answers on Jennifer's case!
4:51pm 12-23-2016
To the Kesse family,

Jennifer and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers always. May this Christmas season that is so full of God's grace and love bring that bit of information that allows you to bring your daughter home. Peace and love.
12:48pm 12-20-2016
Richard Chilton
Such a horrendous ordeal for you all to experience as a family . I hope that your daughter is still living and will escape her captors one day. So many questions. I got angry when someone dented my car the other day and I couldn't prove who it was. So trivial. I can't imagine your pain. The people responsible need a slow and painful death. The motive behind it doesn't seem to be for money so as your daughter was attractive then it must be sexual in nature. I expect they had been watching her movement's and planned it. I am frustrated for you. God bless. Best wishes. Rot in hell to the pig who did this. Rich. Scotland x
12:02am 12-15-2016
André Tabarelli
I saw Jennifer's story on TV. I was sad about what happened. From her smile on the photographs it can be seen that she is a fantastic woman. I just wanted to say that she's in my prayers.
8:19pm 11-28-2016
Just saw Dissapeared about Jennifer. I will pray for her and your family. Keeping you in my heart.
5:13pm 11-28-2016
Macey T
Kesse family,
I am so sorry for your pain. I hope and pray that you find your daughter. I was 10 years old when Jennifer went missing, now I'm almost 21. The case has really stuck with me since I first heard about it because it really touched my heart. I have searched for updates on the case from time to time. God bless your family, I sencirely hope for you to get closure and have a happy life.
5:02pm 11-28-2016
Aly C
I am from Charlotte, NC and deeply effected by Jennifer's disappearance. I am 20 years old and literally cannot imagine your pain and suffering. I pray to God that you get answers and closure. "Evil will not steal our memory".
4:10pm 11-28-2016
Peter Loftin
Watching this program. Spreading the message and word about Jennifer.
4:08pm 11-28-2016
Peter Loftin
I just happened to have Jennifer's "Missing" program on TV.
I AM passing this along to people who live in S.W. GA, AND Middle GA.
I Wasn't able to find the email address?
9:34pm 11-12-2016
Andrea h
Dear kesse family, my name is Andrea I have been following Jennifer's case since 2006. It has made me so frustrated. Since then I have received a degree in forensic science. Last year I was supposed to go into the police academy but was hit by a car and had gotten 2 broken feet so had to wait to go into the academy. Anyways I have thought about opening a nonprofit for human trafficking but unsure how to do not. Anyways I want to help in anyway I can as I think she's about my age and it breaks my heart. I pray she's safe and pray for her return everyday. God bless if there's any fliers or anything I can pass out in michigan please contact me.
5:09am 10-23-2016
Hi,i am from southafrica, since I watched the show on dissapeared I just been so distubed im a 26 year old and I feel jen had everything good going for her she deserves to have justice but I think closure and peace above all is important,i watched a show on idx a few weeks ago where a young lady went to a new state to find a job and study but she had suddenly went missing and her family.tried to find her for years, until she had started appearing into a psychic womans dreams and with the help of the medium they found her body and she could finally be in peace,i have seen many cold cases where mediums have helped the investigators please consider I think it will lead you to her
2:45pm 10-22-2016
Anthony Crookes
Hi Drew.

Check out: Noreen Renier

She is a lady detective ( psychic ) that I have seen many times on the crime channel.
She works with the police and is incredible with how she solves stagnant cases.

I'm not one for consulting mediums but if my little girl was missing , I would call her right away.

Kindest Regards

3:25am 10-16-2016
Pedro Rosario
I saw a tv program of Jennifer's case and it touched my heart.
4:37pm 10-15-2016
Hello, my friends and I came across Jennifer's case in a project about missing persons at our university. We were struck by Jennifer's story and the courage of your family. It was motivated us to consider our personal safety, at college and in general, very carefully. We also wanted to do something to honor Jennifer's memory and your search for her. So we made this video for her:

Hope you like it. God bless.
2:34am 10-13-2016
Dear Family Kesse: I learned today of the disappearance of Jennifer. I live in Brazil. I was extremely saddened by the disappearance of this beautiful young and with a promising future. The chance of it being in Brazil is almost zero, but I will be careful in the search for Jennifer. May God bless you all and give a lot of strength to continue in the search. Do not lose hope. A warm and fraternal embrace direct from Brazil.
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