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4:18pm 10-10-2016
Andru (Dru) Doran
Hello to the Kesses. I met both of you back in, I think, 2011. You and your many friends, family, and people from the community of Orlando came our to remember Jennifer at the local Mall. (Can't remember the name). I met both of you and I told Mrs. Kesse that I would always keep an eye out for Jennifer down here in south Florida. I'm sure you guys are already aware of this, but just in case you are not, there was a strange video found this past September, and I just wanted to leave you the link to watch the extremely strange video. If this helped in any way, please contact me at the above listed email. God bless, and I too pray we find Jennifer someday very soon! Link is below.
11:13am 10-08-2016
Praying for you
I saw something a few days ago outside a mall while I was driving by. I saw a chef worker wearing an outfit that looked very similar to poi outfit. There were two men walking one pushing some type of rolling food cart going into a garage like enterance. The outfit was the closest thing I have ever seen to poi outfit on the street. I was in a car so I couldn't follow but the two restaurants on street level were PF Changs and Fire and Ice. My gut told me it would be some type of PF Chang's uniform. The poi was very small in height could he have been Asian? Praying for your family this weekend.
6:31pm 10-06-2016
I suggest you guys visit a psychic. Maybe things will be clearer since a psycich can clear up something investigations can't. It has been too long... Someone can't hide in the US for so long especially after so many years. She's either somewhere indoors or she's gone. So please, Consider my suggestion. I pray for her everyday since I heard about her case... It's awful. I can only imagine what you are going through.
2:31am 10-06-2016
Terribly sorry
12:35am 10-05-2016
I am so sorry that you have to go through this. i am so baffled hat here are absolutely no promising leads??
4:17pm 10-03-2016
Good Afternoon,

I'd like to give my respect for this relentless search you are on. I was introduced to Jennifer's story through the ID Channel's show Disappeared which aired just last night. I am so intrigued by it and keep thinking on the fact that there have been no promising leads? I think of how indescribably unfortunate this is and wish there to be a resolution soon. My thoughts are with Jennifer and you all.

I will do my best to share her story/link through social media.

12:57am 10-03-2016
I Live in New York and saw jennifer's case on disappeared, I have shared this story with many of my friends and my social media. I really pray some kind of clue appears so your family can have some kind of closure. Stay Strong !!
9:14pm 10-02-2016
I live in California. I just watched the ID channel and saw Jennifer's story. I too am so sorry for the disappearance of your daughter, sister, aunt...etc... I will be praying for her safe return. God bless you.
6:36pm 10-02-2016
I just saw show on ID channel, i am soo sorry for your loss. I am so intrigued with Jennifers story and cant stop thinking of that survellance footage of suspect in white. I mean waant Jen 5'8? I am a little taller and that suspect was 5'3 and skinny i mean she couldve fought someone that mich smaller than her, it makes me think must have been 2 people and in all white? I mean that stands out nobody recalls someone in the area who wore that like those workers etc.??? Lastly the way when suspect walks past that fence and ironically each frame they are right in front of a post to block their face, i mean that is too lucky maybe they lived at that complex and knew about the cameras etc...and they felt comfortable leaving car there and knew how to avoid the cameras every 3 seconds...i just feel i had to share these thoughts maybe relook at people living in that complex etc...i do think 5'3 male is pretty rare...i cant imagine a woman being involved but i dont gut thinks those workers too i mean all white like painter or something...i feel had to be more than 1 because again she couldve fought back someone that small...i will continue to keep track of her case i wish you all the best again i am so sorry....
6:16pm 10-02-2016
Don O'Neill
To Joyce, Drew, and family,
I am so very sorry for your loss. More sorry than words can show.
I do wish I could help! I would do anything. All I can do is pray.
And Pray I have....and will continue to Pray for you.
I have much respect for you, the diligence you all have shown is remarkable..
I want you to know that my prayers are with you.
May God bless you and your family now and forever.
Seattle WA.
6:15pm 10-02-2016
I've shared this site in Lexington SC, I saw the story on ID channel this evening and it hurt my heart. My prayers go out to your family
6:04pm 10-02-2016
Janice Redwine
So terribly sorry for what you are going thru. Jennifer is a beautiful young lady. Have you considered hiring a psychic?
A lot of police have used a psychic. I pray for Jens return. God bless your family.
3:59pm 09-20-2016
Never give up!

I just hear the case this morning but looking the POI pictures it seems a woman with earrings. But who wears black shoes in FL? Looking arround the place I only saw very few persons who wears them 28.492178, -81.409173. Also, how old is this 28.478756, -81.396764 ???
7:25pm 09-17-2016
Dear Joyce & Drew,
It was 27 yrs. ago today that Hurricane Hugo, a Class 5 Hurricane, destroyed St. Croix. The island never recovered.
That's a lot of the reason for the horrific crime rate now. St. Croix is now among the top 10 most dangerous cruise ports in the world. But the locals my friends never ever mention it. It does not affect them at all. Only the tourists.
I am sure, however that is had nothing at all to do with Jenn.
It's a date I will never forget.
Lost everything but losing my job was the worst thing I lost.
Think of you all the time.
With love,
10:51pm 09-11-2016
Think of Jenn
Stop using a missing girls family guestbook diary to advertise your hacking message. It is self centered reprehensible behavior and you should be truly ashamed. God forbid this should happen to your family. Try thinking of someone other than yourself!! Truly disgusting!
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