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1:03pm 08-22-2016
In Christianity Jesus is the path to God.
In this world there are many paths to God.
some sins are more severe than others and carry heavy punishment and affects. Some sins affects not only the person alsoit's family. The consequancs up to 4 generations.
Sons pay for Fathers sins.
Sometimes when we can't understand how such a bad thing can happen to a good person, in some beliefs ot is the Repair that need to be done.
Murder the worst of all sins-as only God give life and only God take life - is in it's own sphere.
Underneath are sins according to the categories ,in different spheres.
A person who murdered someone will come back in another life and he will be murdered by another person.
That is how the repair is made.
If Jennifer Kesse killer think he can ask forgiveness and go on with life,it's not gonna happen not in Christiany and not in any religion. He will pay for his actions
3:03am 08-17-2016
I watched your story on tv tonight,so sad !
I hope you can found peace in the process,my love to all your family!

Bs. As
12:41am 08-15-2016
Drew and Family,

You are always in my prayers as the search continues. Your friend in Nj.
1:07pm 08-13-2016
"Parabon Nanolabs, with funding from the Department of Defense, has debuted a breakthrough type of analysis called DNA phenotyping which the company says can predict a person's physical appearance from the tiniest DNA samples, like a speck of blood or strand of hair.

The DNA phenotyping service, known as "Snapshot," could put a face on millions of unsolved cases, including international ones, and generate investigative leads when the trail has gone cold.

"This is particularly useful when there are no witnesses, no hits in the DNA database and nothing to go on," Dr. Ellen McRae Greytak, Parabon's director of bioinformatics, told"

I thought I read somewhere that tiny amounts of DNA can be enlarged/replicated so as to allow testing without destroying the entire DNA sample.

I hope and pray these new advances in forensic technology will allow the DNA from Jenn's car to be further tested and ultimately lead to the identity of the POI.

God Bless You All.
11:46am 08-13-2016
Has anyone ever Checked the attics of those condos? Take those search dogs back to her condo.
7:30pm 08-11-2016
Jennifer and your family will be in prayers. I do hope you find her one day so peace can come to your family. This is so very sad. Please never give up hope.
7:09pm 08-11-2016
Has the video been checked by NASA's enhanced video technology to see if a useful image can be seen in the reflection of the car windows near the fence?
5:59pm 08-11-2016
I know that when she was living there that there wasn't any cameras correct? But what about street cameras? Don't they have any footage of the man driving on the streets? And did they ever investigate the people living in the apartments with her? Did they Ask questions to those that were living there at the time if they saw or heard anything suspicious around that timeframe?
5:39pm 08-11-2016
Patti salvato
I just saw your story on heart breaks for you. I will keep all of you in my prayers...God bless all of you with courage and strength
5:06pm 08-11-2016
Sonia Cepeda
I just saw your families story on the Disappeared TV show and it touched me so, so much! I love for her is amazing!! I'm going to pray for her and you as the family and loved ones. May she be reunited with those that have been missing her so dearly! I wish I could offer help but know my support and desperation of her return is sincere. Stay strong, stay together.
10:47pm 08-08-2016
I have been following Jennifer's case ever since it happened. I pray your family one day will get answers and bring her home. My heart goes out to you.
6:09pm 08-01-2016
Amy Olson

Hi Kesse family,

Prayers and thoughts continuously to you to find your daughter. I know you all have heartbreakingly consulted psychics to no avail. I'm sure you are already familiar with If not, however, they do not charge families any money at all. It is a FREE service. Again.. not saying anything might come from it but if you have not previously contacted them, you might wish to do so. Anything is worth pursuing. You never know when the right person or the right lead will produce the results you hope for. Couldn't help but suggest this. Heart continues to ache for your family and hope you find peace/closure/reunion soon. God Bless.
9:15am 07-20-2016
@Steg it is a common misconception regarding the cc tv video regarding color of poi clothing . No color can be determined due to the type of video camera. In fact law enforcement found that their dark uniforms looked white on the same camera.
3:37pm 07-17-2016
After looking at the cctv i would say the poi is wearing white painter overalls tied around his waste, could have worn them as to not leave dna but when i first heard of this case i instantly thought the poi would have worked around the comlplex and seen jennifers movements many times, i would say possibly a self employed construction worker possibly painter who workes alone.
3:41pm 06-28-2016
Kimberly Railla
I have been keeping updated with Facebook and get notifications almost daily. I watched the story about three years ago and I also feel certain it was one of the illegal workers. The style of the hair and clothing immediately struck me as a look many Latinos like - the stature seems telling as well - short - many Mexicans and Cental American men are short. This story infuriates me and is so tragic....there just are no words to express how sad it is. The person who did this is EVIL incarnate. They will burn in hell and get their judgement when they die for sure, but it sure would be great for them to receive a judgement while they are still here on earth.
God bless you Kesse Family.
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