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2:03pm 09-12-2009
Does this have anything to do with work related?
12:18pm 09-12-2009
Does that mean that the boyfriend was going to move in with Jennifer and that's why he didn't call her the morning she disappeared because she told him she needed to go talk to the people she worked for.
11:41am 09-12-2009
If there was one he gave her. was it a promise ring?
11:34am 09-12-2009
Dear Kesse family. This is why I asked you about the ring. If the boyfriend had given her one. she would have had it on her finger when she left and the person who took her would have taken it and maybe have sold it ata parn shop.
12:35am 09-12-2009
finger print and dna will solve this case,you should ask the red cross for help,if you understand what i mean
8:27am 09-11-2009
This may be the key to everything. Did the boyfriend ever give Jennifer A ring while they were on the boat and is this why he called her at 945pm to talk to her. to ask when do we tell your mom and dad.
Replied on: 8:36am 09-11-2009

Never took a boat which has circulated for 3+ yrs now, they flew both ways to St Croix and back. To my knowledge no ring, they spoke every night and morning having a long distance relationship, 3 hrs apart.

9:33pm 09-10-2009
I am praying for your family and that Jennifer is safely returned. Never give up hope. I will definately download the flyers and take them everywhere I can and ask they be posted. I live in the Tampa, fl area but will definately take flyers with me as I travel from the West to East Coast. Your daughter seems to be strong willed and where there is will there is a way! Keep Faith
Replied on: 8:41am 09-11-2009

Thank you awareness is still everything and because of that awareness we still get tips every week. We will find Jennifer

10:33am 09-10-2009
One day it might just come that you might have to do like the Natalee Holloway family did. go write a book about the daughter you knew. people need to know she was a person. and only put the good memories in it.
10:03am 09-10-2009
Makes me wonder too. Did someone call in sick to work the day Jennifer disappered. They said they were sick and were in bed with a fever. and couldn't come to work, they only came back after the car was found that day. and they came back to work all rested and feeling better.
9:50am 09-10-2009
Dear Kesse family. I got a question for you. Did Jennifer ever stoped at the same parking lot that her car was at when found day later. You need to find out from the boyfriend if he was with her when did this one time. And do you know if she had to go by this place to go to work. sinceit wasnt far from where your daughter lived? Hope this helps solve this case.
Replied on: 8:52am 09-11-2009

No not that lot, way too dangerous of a place for any lone female to go. No did NOT have to go that way to work. Thank you for the thoughts, please keep them coming.

5:33pm 09-09-2009
That is what is called being in DT's. When a person is conviced that everyone is out to get them and won't take a drink from you when they think you are trying to poisen you. or they see things that are not there. they will say look did you see that rabit. I dout that has anything to do with this case at all.
5:12pm 09-09-2009
Hum not sure. I know it can happen. someone can go two or more days in a blackout and they will show up in a strange city with no memory how they got there.
4:58pm 09-09-2009
Could it be that this was the work of two people and only one of them remember taking Jennifer. and the other one doesn't. This person could have blocked it out. intime itwill all come back to them. this person would be acting normal if you were around them
6:21pm 09-08-2009
I meant to write HOPE you get some feed back on this.
6:14pm 09-08-2009
Just MISSED something on WFTV news tonight, and can't find it.
I just saw very tail end of it, don't have a clue what it was about. How you get some feed back on this.
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