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8:09pm 10-17-2009
Jessica if anyone named accused, the truth, get to the truth, the truth you hide show up tonight don't read what this person says this is one of the names this person who posted late last night and early this morning. this person said some bad things about me, bill m and others. don't let it get to you.
8:04pm 10-17-2009
If POI was traveling on bike I think he would of been captured somewhere on video. Either a gas station, fast food, grocery store, near the mall.
7:56pm 10-17-2009
Jessica - I didn't read that there was DNA, only a partial fingerprint from her car. Also I read that the police did not treat her condo as a crime scene, so it wasn't tested? Don't know if that is true or not. The only reason people seem to be coming up with is that the suspect lived, was visiting, or worked in Jennifer's condo. Coming back there was a risk for sure, but for any of these reasons, he may have had to. The lace on his pants could definitely been used in Jennifer's abduction.
7:55pm 10-17-2009
Sandy- I agree that POI did not have his own vehicle that is what leads me to believe this is not as planned out as Bill says. Why would POI risk getting pulled over by a Police Officer in Jennifer's car if he came to Mosaic with his own car???
7:53pm 10-17-2009
I think that if POI's scent made it to the stairwell then he somehow got into her appt. through opportunity. Some scenoarious could be Jennifer went to throw out the trash, check the mail, or even remove the bags she took to St. Scroix from her car. Is there any DNA or fingerprints that match POI in car and in apartment. One thought could be the lace around his pants he could of used to subdue Jennifer. The scent of POI at the stairwells seems Pre-abduction? I think it would be highly unlikely for POI to return to her apt. after dropping off the car at noon.
7:48pm 10-17-2009
Jessica - you mentioned the pants being tied as possibly being a bicycle rider. A lot of people who ride bikes wear bicycle ''clips', or they could tie their pant leg. That could also explain why Jennifer's car was taken, because the suspect doesn't have a car, only a bike. Does anyone know if there are any bike paths around Jennifer's condo complex?
7:44pm 10-17-2009
Welcome back Jessica. I see you have been looking up some stuff on the internet. I wonder that too Jessica. I think it had to be at lease two people involed to carry Jennifer. Jennifer when she went missing stood 5/8.
7:42pm 10-17-2009
Jessica - the trail of the dog to the stairwell only means that the dog could not distinguish his scent beyond the stairs. This happens if there are alot of scent trails of that person say, on the stairs or in the hall way. If the dog can't figure it out beyond a certain point, it just stops. That is what I read anyhow!
7:38pm 10-17-2009
OK let get back to the case and not mind the insensitivity posted on here in such a blasphemous way. Quoting Biblical references while trying to tear apart the Kesse family is absolutely disgusting and work of evil. Bill- I know that your theory is that he concealed his pants for DNA purposes but the fact he wore a short sleeve shirt would negate this becuase he still has arm hairs?? SO we need to try to brainstorm as to why someone would tie that string around their ankle? If this individual is military there is no way he is in the US military bc they go through extensive security clearances that involve blood and finger prints. I thought he could possibly be JROTC from the local high school bc of the beret style hat and boots. I dd some research about Human Traffiking in FL and it involves young girls brought over from Mexico. Honestly I cannot grasp the idea that Jennifer was confronted at the stair well. Unless POI was working with another individual. What was POI going to do hoist her over his shoulder and carry her to her own car??? She is a lot taller than him and even appears more built than him.
7:14pm 10-17-2009
Fay you remember you say something about aSt Croix where you use to live how long ago did you leave there. of corse you know that is where Jennifer and her boyfriend Robert went too on there vaction. and where they had got back from on Jan 22 06.
7:10pm 10-17-2009
wb, I also saw that, but these posts are LATER than 1:02 today, so they have not yet been removed. I just checked, and they all are there. They were posted after that time this afternoon. Thank you so much for your concern.
7:09pm 10-17-2009
Thats ok Fay. don't worry about that.
7:05pm 10-17-2009
Fay the family replied at 102 pm today and said they had it removed.
7:04pm 10-17-2009
Dear wb,
I am sorry about that. The awful previous posts were done very early in the morning on a previous day, but I just looked back, and you are so right, these were posted only THIS AFTERNOON, rather hard to believe. Thank you for drawing this to my attention. I am sorry. Now you will know, however, how to look back, just keep looking back, if you want to see more history, etc.
7:02pm 10-17-2009
If you back to this morning the first post you will see is a post by Bill M. At 710am go back and look yourself.
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