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11:13pm 10-16-2009
Bill M
Will have to pack it in for tonight..will read and think about what everybody has shared. I think someone is starting to feel the heat. With prayers of truth and rescue for Jennifer..à bientôt
11:09pm 10-16-2009
Bill the only reason I think he may have went back was because he was working there? Or living there? But you are right, there was probably alot of activity at the time he went back. I didn't see anything about the dog checking out any other cars at HOG. The opposite could also be true. He lived at HOG, or was staying at HOG, went over the fence to Jennifer's condo, abducted her, parked the car at HOG, and LEFT! But, like you, I still think they guy looks military!
11:01pm 10-16-2009
Bill M
If the dog took the POI's scent from her car back to Mosaic we have two choices: He did it pre or post abduction. Why would he go back to Mosaic after abducting her? He would have run into the Kesse's and the police who were there about the time her car was being parked at HOG. What I am saying is that the dogs could have picked up his scent from his path to abducting Jennifer, meaning his car may well have been right next to Jennifer's in the lot. Whether the scent trail came from Jennifer's car or his car makes no difference. Did the officers have the dogs sniff all the cars in the HOG when they got there or were they so super focused on the scent trail that they may have missed sniffing out the POIs actual CAR? I have a hard time believing POI went back to Mosiac post abduction. If he did, he just missed getting arrested. I guess there are no cameras at Mosiac to have recorded any of this. That's the real shame. I do not believe it was a crime of opportunity. It was done by somebody's book. Thank you for sharing your thoughts
10:45pm 10-16-2009
Bill - from what I have been reading, the dog took the scent of the suspect from the parked car at HOG over to a fence around Mosaic (Jennifer's complex). I just read today that the scent went past the fence to the stairs of her condo. Whether those were inside or outside stairs, I don't know. I agree that if this were a crime of opportunity, there would be more holes in the process. This guy was either extremely lucky, or extremely versed in how to commit this crime! I always thought the suspect worked at the condo, or lived there, or stayed overnight there with a relative, or came into the complex as a delivery. Took Jennifer in her car. Dumped the car at HOG. Walked back to Jennifer's complex.
10:38pm 10-16-2009
Bill M
I believe the string around his pants leg could simply be his shoelace, making do with what he brought with him to the site. I know it sounds highly unlikely, but the POI seems to me to be highly trained, in an evil McGyver sort of way. Preventing DNA loss, disguising his shoe size, keeping his head tilted slightly down, walking very fast, long strides (couldn't run or he would have lost a shoe) What ever was in his right hand was part of his abduction or he would have left it in the car, and throwing away Jennifer's belongings, especially her cell phone.) This was an operation of some kind, timed and rehearsed with no room for a false move. Just had a thought: If there is a scent trail from Jennifer's car from where it was returned back to her condo, whose scent is it? Jennifer's, the POI's or both? It could mean that the POI parked his vehicle in the discovery lot while the light was dusky, walked by foot to Jennifer's condo, abducted her and took her car, passed Jennifer on to the next level of this operation, brought her car back to where we see it and then came back to get his car after dark, knowing there were cameras rolling. If the "scent" whose ever it is ended at the top of the stairs, the scent's owner had an access key. We have no idea just how devious these folks really are. And it is hard to think this criminally. But if the POI was not military or special ops trained, there is something else out there which resembles it closely. (What kind of undercover work to get her key copied? a maid at a hotel in St Croix who takes the impression or the electronic image and sells it to the highest bidder?) Who knows? POI may also have altered his face with a mission impossible type of face mold just for the camera. But the beret and any insignias or logos are part of his uniform, of this I am sure.
8:44pm 10-16-2009
Jessica - I didn't see the FM. I was on a website where someone else said they saw that the suspect was carrying something that had FM on it. If you have some picture software, like Picasa, which is free to download from Google, you can take the pictures and blow them up. It helps to see things. I laugh as I say that because sometimes it makes me see things that are probably not there! So take the pictures on this website, or go to my blog and pull some enhanced ones from there
I'm counting on you to find the FM, because I don't see it!
8:29pm 10-16-2009
Sandy- What image are you referring to so I can try to take a better look as well. On the second still image of him it appears that his left hand could be holding a bag bc in the section between his legs there appears to be a white "something" Where is it that you see the FM??
8:17pm 10-16-2009
Another good point, the suspect was probably in Jennifer's car right away, as she never texted or phoned anyone on the way to work. Was it typical of her to do so? The comment is on that website by
UK Sleuth02-20-2007, 04:05 AM
7:58pm 10-16-2009
On the same website I found this. I recall reading somewhere that Jennifer's mother said that she always had a gym bag in her trunk? And it looks to me like the suspect is carrying something in his hand, when I enlarge the picture. I never saw the FM on what he was carrying, but I am going to take another look! Honestly, to me it looks like a grill of some sort. Something metal, with an even design of rectangles on it? Kind of like a window shutter, but I'm sure that's not what it is. Read this...
Beyond Belief02-11-2007, 08:32 AM
I am also curious about the gym bag that they found. The POI is definitely carrying something. They supposedly found a gym bag in a dumpster. Why wasn't this shown to the public to help identify this guy.

I spent some time looking at the poi this morning. its possible that the back hand is carrying something that has FM on it. I have always thought he was carrying something with wires. I have found a FM automotive at 1119 S Orange Blossom Trail. Very close. It might pay to check with this place and see what type of sales happened that day. And if her engine was tampered with, her car may have been used to "jump" a broken down car.
6:41pm 10-16-2009
wb - yes, Jennifer's brother condo sat for her over the weekend while she was on vacation. He was with a few friends. From what I read, they all check out!
6:27pm 10-16-2009
Didn't someone say a party was helded while Jennifer was gone.
6:23pm 10-16-2009
Jessica wasnt it you who said something about the trash in Jennifer apartment.
6:19pm 10-16-2009
Could this person have come over any fence in back of Jennifer's apt. and climbed over near where people put the trash from these apts.
6:15pm 10-16-2009
wb - on the same website below, they mentioned something you had a question about
"Her epass transponder was not used, so we can surmise that the car was not driven on a toll road".
6:14pm 10-16-2009
I've been reading some old stuff on Jennifer's case.
One interesting thing it said, did anyone know this?
-- The scent trail from her car at HOTG led back to the staircase that Jennifer would have used to come down from her condo.
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