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9:54am 10-08-2009
Dan-About airport security-after 9/11 airpost security is pretty tight all flights are recorded whether commercial or private. If this was some well planned out sex trade abduction why is POI entering Jennifer's car in the 1st place and driving it up the block? The POI would of secured there own transportation and not enter he car and leave his/her fingerprints and DNA in it.
9:47am 10-08-2009
Dan-If the POI adbucted Jennifer in his own vehicle or van why would this individual return to the crimescene to retrieve her car and drive it a block up the street. This would be extremely careless if he had this whole abduction out. For all POI knew her friends or family could of been standing at that parking lot when he came back to retrieve the car.
wb-The dream I had w/ Jennifer a month or so back, in the dream, she said she doesn't know why the toll booth person did not recognize her as POI drove her through tolls. In reading some articles "Orange County sheriff's bloodhound Bo took a sniff of the driver's seat and pulled handler Sgt. Jeff Brown at a loping pace for a mile.
The scent led straight to the front door of Kesse's home in Mosaic at Millenia, an upscale, gated and fenced condominium complex with 24-hour security on Americana Boulevard.
The trail bypassed the complex's only entrance and led to a stretch of fence separating the public sidewalk from its private grounds. Once the 6-year-old bloodhound entered the grounds, the dog picked up the scent inside the fence and went directly to a staircase leading to Kesse's second-floor condominium."
So the scent was tracked to a side fence that could probably be jumped by the POI .
8:00am 10-08-2009
However there is good news for those of us who are christians he will forgive us for what we have done. every sin is going to be forgoten and the lord when he looks at you. you will be found incent. because of what our lord did. he took our place, he took our Judgement.
7:56am 10-08-2009
or truck. I wonder if anyone else also was what that day is going to be like. was I the only one who he let see that. this is not meat to scare people at all all I am doing is agreeing with what Dan said.
7:50am 10-08-2009
You are so right Dan. this person thinks they got away with it. but they havn't. here is something I have never told anyone before. I had a dream and the lord let me see what the day of Judgement would be like. and trust me even OJ simpson doesn't know that people are going to see what I saw on tnat great and powerful day. the gloves of the killer driving that car. Now I didn't see the person's face. I did see someone undressing in a room. and not sure now it was him.
12:04am 10-08-2009
thanks for the concern wb, im not worried, 775 covers all the state and its a big state. Some day this person will pay for this, he or she will have to face their maker. I agree with Drew, this was planned, as he said you just do not vanish into thin air. I have never felt it was random, I still to this day believe it was someone working around the condo's, Jenn had uneasy vibes about them from the start. I worked for a long time trying to see what was around the area and where this person could of went. I googled the area and saw the airport is not to far away. Many ideas and spectulations have been made the last few years. My question is has LE checked airport security vids to see if maybe the car might of drove in and then out. I don't know if they even have cameras outside but i would think they should. Jessica, you are asking great questions and like Drew told me, your the type of people that will keep this alive and bring her home. I believe the time is very important here, thats why i have been focussing on that.
10:35pm 10-07-2009
Kesse family did Jennifer ever go by this Oak Ridge H.S to go to work since it was only 2 miles from her apt.
10:09pm 10-07-2009
I don't know anything about a text being sent. I was only questing.
10:05pm 10-07-2009
wb- How do you know about a tect? I never heard anything about that
Bill-I don't think a person would have to explain why they weren't in school they just get an unexcused tardy or absense and the school phones the parents about it.
I can't imagine this individual joyriding in a "hot" car. The POI obviously took Jennifer's vehicle in her abduction and used it to take her wherever he did.
9:13pm 10-07-2009
Could it be possable that this person took her car to a car shop ti hide the car from the police.
9:08pm 10-07-2009
Wait a min. does that mean this person took her car and went back to school? no way that person did this. this person would have to explain why they weren't in school when the cops come to question who wasn't there. maybe someone joyriding?
9:05pm 10-07-2009
What in the world is going on here everyone. it seems this case is getting stranger by the min. did someone show up when the family was at the apt and send somebody a text that said the family was in Orlando?
8:47pm 10-07-2009
POI dropped the car off at HOG at noon. Making it the same time police arrived at condo and family arrived at condo.
8:28pm 10-07-2009
I just read on this website what the family said about the day there daughter disappeared. they got there at Jennifer's apt at 1200pm and what time did the POI leave the car at the Condominium apt which was 1'2 miles from where Jennifer disappeared?
7:57pm 10-07-2009
I also just thought of how many bags did Jennifer take w/ her to St. Croix? He bf may know. Were these bags already unpacked on Monday night? I could imagine a scenario where she goes to retrieve some bags from trunk and a seemingly innocent juvenile approaches her to help? Did she wear contacts and maybe forget the solution or case in her car and go to retrieve it in the middle of the night.
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