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1:27pm 10-08-2009
Thank you Kesse family for your tremendous support and effort for missing persons. It has become such a horrendous problem. This really has become an unsafe world were someone cannot even go to work and go about our business w/o someone destroying our lives by a crime or abduction. All though many agencies have put a lot of effort into stopping this it really does need to be an all out war. I find that all our effort may never make a difference unless all people are literally "Big Brothered" and somehow surveillanced and at birth all DNA and fingerprints need to be entered into a database. Jennifer's abductor should of immediately be caught if his DNA was in a database. Where are all these missing people? They did not fall off this planet. And the number of unidentified victims is another huge tragedy. If you enter the DOE network database it is literally overwhelming.
12:44pm 10-08-2009
Kesse family what time did you get that voice mail from Jennifer. the day she disappeared.
12:38pm 10-08-2009
kerry walsh
I live in the uk and was watching the maury show yesterday which happend to feature your daughters dissaperance, i honestly hoped that when i looked on this website it would say that your daughter had been found alive and well, i have 3 kids myself and can only imagine the hell you have been threw the past 3 years, i hope you do one day find your daughter and be able to catch up on the last 3 year that you have missed out on as a family, sending my love to you all and my thoughts and prayers are with you at what has got to be a very difficult time
12:25pm 10-08-2009
Oh know I fear that I have put you in danger, people are going to now find out who you are.
12:22pm 10-08-2009
If POI confronted Jennifer at the condos that morning I believe the workers or anyone headed out to work in the morning would hear or see her. Plus POI is approximately 4 inches shorter than her which would make it hard for him to grab her and cover her mouth plus there would be a struggle and there would be evidence of it. If this abduction took place in a parking lot that morning (Target, Walmart, Publix, Mail box) it would be somewhere that is open 24 hrs. or opens extremely early bc Jennifer leaves for work at 7:30ish. She may have left her home a little early to run errands (we need to take into account she was gone over the weekend). Errand that she did not complete over the weekends-pick up food,check mailbox, send out cell phone, take out garbage, drop off dry cleaning, go to bank.
12:07pm 10-08-2009
It was stated in one of the articles I read on her. She went to high school in Tampa and college at UCF.
11:43am 10-08-2009
That one of the reason I told you to be careful. either you read that somewhere or you might have went to school with her. or someone you know told you that.
11:22am 10-08-2009
Jessica how did you know where she went to school. I am not saying that you are the one who did it either.
11:12am 10-08-2009
Oklets go back over this case. I feel like the answer has been right in frout of us the whole time. Now Jennifer and her boyfriend got back from there trip on Jan 22, both went back to work on Monday. then on tues she went missing. I don't beleive that the family,nor the boyfriend had anything to do with it. Jennifer worked for the Westgate Resorts she was the manger of the Financial Timeshares.
11:08am 10-08-2009
she went to school in tampa
11:00am 10-08-2009
What school did Jennifer go to when she was growing up?
10:52am 10-08-2009
Yes Jessica, if this person took Jennifer in a van, or his own car why would this person come back to get the car and then drive it a block away. Jennifer couldn't have drove that car to that apts did she. she didn't know anyone there. why did she take her pocketbook with her. did someone she knew knock on her door that morning pretending to need help with something and she went to help them only to find out to late this person ment to take her.
9:54am 10-08-2009
Dan-About airport security-after 9/11 airpost security is pretty tight all flights are recorded whether commercial or private. If this was some well planned out sex trade abduction why is POI entering Jennifer's car in the 1st place and driving it up the block? The POI would of secured there own transportation and not enter he car and leave his/her fingerprints and DNA in it.
9:47am 10-08-2009
Dan-If the POI adbucted Jennifer in his own vehicle or van why would this individual return to the crimescene to retrieve her car and drive it a block up the street. This would be extremely careless if he had this whole abduction out. For all POI knew her friends or family could of been standing at that parking lot when he came back to retrieve the car.
wb-The dream I had w/ Jennifer a month or so back, in the dream, she said she doesn't know why the toll booth person did not recognize her as POI drove her through tolls. In reading some articles "Orange County sheriff's bloodhound Bo took a sniff of the driver's seat and pulled handler Sgt. Jeff Brown at a loping pace for a mile.
The scent led straight to the front door of Kesse's home in Mosaic at Millenia, an upscale, gated and fenced condominium complex with 24-hour security on Americana Boulevard.
The trail bypassed the complex's only entrance and led to a stretch of fence separating the public sidewalk from its private grounds. Once the 6-year-old bloodhound entered the grounds, the dog picked up the scent inside the fence and went directly to a staircase leading to Kesse's second-floor condominium."
So the scent was tracked to a side fence that could probably be jumped by the POI .
8:00am 10-08-2009
However there is good news for those of us who are christians he will forgive us for what we have done. every sin is going to be forgoten and the lord when he looks at you. you will be found incent. because of what our lord did. he took our place, he took our Judgement.
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