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10:36am 08-01-2009
Billy and Connie
Remembering you in thought and prayer as you continue your search for Jennifer.
3:40pm 07-31-2009
Good Luck to you with your search for beautiful Jennifer,
1:40pm 07-31-2009
Dear Kesse Family,
Keeping you in my heart & in my prayers!
12:35pm 07-31-2009
Cindy & The Dugans
Dearest Kesse Family,
Our hearts will be with you on Saturday. It's my birthday on that date...I will use my "wish" to be finding the information you need on Jennifer!! We miss everyone.
2:00pm 07-30-2009
I first saw this case on Nancy Grace when it first happened. It's been along time .... recently I have had your family very heavy on my heart I have faith the Lord has an answer coming to you. God Bless You PRAYING FOR YOU ... Rebekah/Phoenix AZ
3:17am 07-30-2009
Still praying for Jennifer and her family.
1:04am 07-30-2009
Charles Del Campo-PI
There are no words to alleviate such grief to the family under these circumstances. Remains a mystery if its a serial killers or isolated abduction incident. However, If the K-9 traced back to her apt complex then there is no doubt as one of the former apt workers being a potential suspect or someone in the complex.

I enhanced the video photo and noticed discrepancies. The shoes are too large for the person wearing them and dont correspond with the height? The walk is to extended to be of a man, therefore indicative of a women as mentioned in this blog by Marley. Detectives are doing a great job and the community needs to reintegrate so as to reactivate this case again!! Best of luck and God Bless.
6:16pm 07-29-2009
I hope Jennifer will be found soon, I have her case on my site.

8:27am 07-28-2009
Kesse Family,

After Viewing the Photos Taken of the possible suspect it definitely looks like a woman if you look closely it looks as though she has hair up in a bun and it looks like she is wearing a pair of white scrubs.
3:11am 07-25-2009
Has the Doe Network Case 676UFFL been investigated as being Jennifer Keese?
Replied on: 8:44am 07-25-2009

Thank you for the information, will check it out. We know Todd Mathews who runs the network.

2:02pm 07-24-2009
Pam Ciamillo
I recorded an episode of AMW and just got around to viewing it and saw you on My Story. As the mother of two young children I can't even imagine the pain you must feel not knowing what happened to your beautiful Jennifer. My prayers will be with your family and especially Jennifer that this will be solved and bring you peace. God be with you, Pam Ciamillo North Augusta,SC
2:15pm 07-23-2009
Joyce and Drew,
I saw your "My Story" segment on AMW and was so glad they featured you and Jennifer again on the show. AMW/John Walsh has done so much to help victims, families of victims and getting justice. I know with the help of programs like this the word will keep getting out about Jennifer and keep her story circulating. I think of Jennifer often and continue to hope for her safe and prompt return.
Replied on: 8:49am 07-25-2009

Yes Wendy, AMW is a very powerful show and John and Reve have done great work for missing people throughout our country and world really. Fact is for every new episode of AMW that is produced, 1 more crime is solved. That is an amazing statistic. "My Story" segment will help awareness for so many and it will help solve some of these cases.

4:05pm 07-21-2009
I didn't see AMW but Jennifer just happened to come to mind today. I live in Central FL and remember when this happened. I have seen your family out on the street corners doing what ever it took to find Jennifer. I hope one day soon you will have her back with you where she belongs. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and Jennifer.
9:44pm 07-19-2009
I am pretty sure that the person of interest is a man. I don't know how much that helps, but I will print out fliers and I have family in FL. My thoughts and preayers are with you.
7:40pm 07-19-2009
Miranda McCurn
I hope so much that she will be found and I thought it was a good idea to go onto Amw because that was where I first found out about her. God bless you and Jennifer and angels will be watching out for her!
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