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11:30pm 09-15-2009
Bill M
If one is located in or near Orlando, the best thing we could do to help the Kesse family is figure out how they got Jennifer out of Orlando and probably out of the country. Which airport did they fly her out of probably within 24 hours of her disappearance. What would the quickest route be from her apartment to an airport that handles private flights? Do we have any of her friends working in airport security that could check flight plans and manifestos for the day or two after her D-day? as for the evidence: Jennifer obviously left in her car the day she disappeared. Why would they have removed her in another vehicle and taken her car along as well? Makes no sense. So, is there a common traffic triangle point where her car, going out from her condo would lead you to an intersection that was crossed on the way back to the infamous lot where camera footage was taken? Could the car's return route be reversed tracked to a certain point? Where there might have been traffic cameras? Her friends living in Orlando would know these things and perhaps be able to give another look at her "exit route" and her car's "return route." It might also point in the direction of one private plane type airport as opposed to another. There is some good thinking in the posts below, but we have to think outside of Orlando. If there were even a hint of slave selling, this could be, and should be, an investigation for Homeland Security.
10:51am 09-15-2009
Hum, I guess you did miss your calling.
8:17am 09-15-2009
If she did. how does it explain the cloths on the bed, her bed was said to have been sleep in. a wet towel on the flooor. finger prints all over the apartment. that no one knows who they belong too? did the cops find any finger print in the bath room who they still to this day don't know how they belong too? I quess I missed my calling. I sould have been a detective.
8:06am 09-15-2009
Dear Kesse family. Didn't I hear that someone said Jennifer said something about mailing a letter. I thought thhey said that on the 48 hours tape about your daughter. could she had left that night and was taken that night of the 23. do they have anyone who say her leave and come back. Did someone talk to her the morning of the 24. I know the boyfriend didn't.
6:34pm 09-14-2009
Misty Lynn
Just wanted to check in. Thinking of Jenn and you all as always.
much love,
Replied on: 2:07pm 09-15-2009

Thank you Misty hope you too are well.

4:46pm 09-13-2009
Orlando is such a wonderful city. I have only been there twice in my life 2005, 20009. I am so sorry this happened to this family. I wish there is something i could do to help.
4:08pm 09-13-2009
I wonder if the person who took her was in her apartment. maybe they hide until she went to sleep and took her in the early morning while everyone was alseep. no one heard someone slam a door during the night.
3:51pm 09-13-2009
Dear Kesse family , What gets to me is the cops finding a wet towel on the floor in the bathroom. Was Jennifer the kind of person who did stuff like that or was she a neat freak. You might want to release a tape of how her voice sounds.
Replied on: 2:14pm 09-15-2009

The only tape we have of her voice at this point is her cell phone mesage which can be heard on the CBS 48 hours interview on homepage. The wet towel was not on the floor.

3:44pm 09-13-2009
Dear Kesse family. Sorry I brought up some bad memories for you. I just had to ask about the ring to see if that would make someone remember something. I dont think he had anything to do with it. someday you are going to find that truth. someone knows what happened to her. did the cops ever find anyone who say they saw your daughter leave that morning of the 24? comming down the stairs.
Replied on: 2:10pm 09-15-2009

not a problem just like to clear things up sometimes, I thank you for your continued thinking of Jennifer.

8:45pm 09-12-2009
Hey can we plaase get back to talking about Jennifer.
Replied on: 7:43am 09-13-2009

Thank you. Folks , no ring, Her boyfriend is not a suspect, plain and simple, he was home in south florida for sure while Jennifer was home in Orlando 1/24/2006. Thank you all for still thinking and caring, but the ring is a big stretch I believe.
Drew Kesse

8:34pm 09-12-2009
Yes I am very serious. O here you go see if this ever happens. OJ Simpson ever become a preacer and and calls himself the Rev OJ Simpson.
8:16pm 09-12-2009
What. wait a min. are you serious wb. what else do you know before it happens
5:36pm 09-12-2009
In that dream it was a white man who was helping her with her grozies. you went into the apaartment. live in fear if I ever see you face to face I am going to remember you. I am talking to that person.
5:13pm 09-12-2009
I am not sure if this will help but i did have a dream about a blonde woman standing at her apartment door, it was light and someone was talking to her. this was before Jennifer disappeared. I am not sure it was her.
4:56pm 09-12-2009
The boyfriend did know about the men who were bothing Jennifer. could he have told asked her to move or he tell her he was going to move in with her.
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