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8:20pm 08-09-2009
Joyce & Drew:
I am so sorry about your daughter Jennifer. Did the police check into the construction workers who made her feel uncomfortable?
One or more of them may have been watching her and had opportunity to get her when she went to her car. The suspect had an odd haircut, I am surprised no one checked out.
11:25pm 08-03-2009
Pam Dickens
Joyce & Drew,
I am sorry the search did not lead to Jennifer. I will continue in any way possible with these hardworking search and rescue teams. You both are an inspiration for everyone and you are doing incredible work to help so many families. I know you will not give up and I feel this gives hope to so many people. Thank you for coming out to meet us and sharing with us about your beautiful Jennifer. You are making a difference to so many with your political action to change laws, continued searches and media attention, and support to other families....and much more that I'm sure I'm not aware of. Thank you seems inadequate, but there just aren't appropriate words.
I wish you love always,
10:47pm 08-03-2009
I hope you find your Jennifer Kesse. My heart gose out to you. I give you hope on finding Jennifer! I hope you find Jennifer befor her next Birthday.

8:26pm 08-02-2009
Joe Ocasio
Drew & Joyce,
I don't know how you both have done this for over 3 years and keep your faith and show the strenght you do. I can't shake this hollow feeling after this weekend's search did not bring Jennifer home...we are truly very sorry. DON'T GIVE UP HOPE!... you both have been an inspiration to Liz and myself...keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers.
God Bless you,
Joe & Liz Ocasio
7:55pm 08-02-2009
Joyce and Drew, I am so very sorry we were unable to find your Jennifer this weekend. I was nevertheless inspired by your strength, courage and determination to keep pushing forward and will continue to support you in your efforts. We will return any time you want us because I am convinced that it's God's will for us to eventually find your beautiful daughter. In the interim, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Brenda, Alachua Search and Rescue
7:36pm 08-02-2009
D & C Stevens
My husband and I send prayers and thoughts your way. We lived in FL when Jennifer was stolen from your family. We have since moved to ME and have passed on the website to many in this state hoping that someone SOMEWHERE can offer SOME kind of clue. I don't know your family from any other missing persons family that I've read about or seen on the news, etc but Jennifer's case made me more aware of all of the other cases out there because your family showed us the emotion behind it all. We can't imagine your pain. The pain of her friends and others that knew her. All we can offer are prayers and passing on the website and we will do both!
We kept checking the Orlando Sentinel in hopes that there would be SOME sort of breaking news on clues in the search this weekend. God bless Jennifer. God bless your family & all of those that love her.
9:22pm 08-01-2009
Sending prayers and keeping you in my thoughts during this terrible time.
6:41pm 08-01-2009
This may be of no help, but I just thought I would pass along a thought. when Tracy's tape was played on TV, my first impression of the man she was with struck me as similar to the picture of the person who returned Jennifer's car and walked along the side walk. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to tell much from those pictures. However, the 2 images seem similar in dress, shoes and hat. Again, I know it's not much. I am the mother of 2 daughters and the Nana of 2 little granddaughters. Just to ease my mind, I elt I had to just send this. Any missing child is a deeply sad problem. I hope she is found this weekend.......... If not, people must keep on trying.
4:22pm 08-01-2009
Dear Keese family:
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. I ask God to hold you all in the palms of his hands. God Bless.
3:53pm 08-01-2009
I hate to leave this msg here however, I see no place else. Please do not think I am a nut-case, I am very stable. Retired Navy Vet of 22 years; Happily married to the same beautiful gal almost 30 years, and a deacon at our church. Space is limited, so I will be brief. Who is Jimmy or Jim? Why is the month of April significant? and what is up with the cat? All of these things should mean something to the family. I would love to touch something personal belonging to Jennifer; of course I would return the item to you. In the mean time, we are praying for Jennifer and all the family. God Bless.
3:24pm 08-01-2009
Sending prayers for a successful search.
2:55pm 08-01-2009
The Melton family is praying for you and sending love and prayers your way..God bless you and the rest of your family. I made fliers to hang here in Nashville, TN. I work at an apartment complex too.
12:55pm 08-01-2009
Dear Kesse Family,
I am keeping you in my prayers.
11:46am 08-01-2009
Jon "JT" Thomas
I'll be praying for you. Good luck, and God bless.
10:36am 08-01-2009
Billy and Connie
Remembering you in thought and prayer as you continue your search for Jennifer.
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