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5:05pm 10-11-2009
When I went to Orlando back in Jan 24 2005. Me and a friend were on the road and every so ofton we had to stop and pay at a toll both. We finally after looking for our hotel we finialy found it after much looking. It was at night around 800-900pm I think we went out to a restant to eat and I wonder where the Kesse famiky was on that night. Is that why I dreamed about Jennifer did I see her.
4:30pm 10-11-2009
Trey - yes, there are so many restaurants around there, and it could definitely be a restaurant worker!
4:09pm 10-11-2009
Trey-I am not sure what article it was on it was a neighbor that said she almost backed into it w/ her kids going crazy inthe backseat. Maybe the Orlando Sentinel. wb-I only had one dream w/ her. IN the dream we found Jen and she was standing by a counter next to me and I think it was her mother. I asked her where she had gone all this time. I recall she said I was going for coffee and the ATM. Then she said I can't beleive the toll booth operator did not recognize me after POI drove me through all the tolls. It's only a dream so who knows.
if POI is not fully in his shoes in the 1st pic. His second foot defintely makes it into his shoe.I think it was the right foot that was out of the shoe. So he could be driving with his right shoe off which is the foot you use for brake ad accelator. If he was driving for a long period of time it could be why in the shot that he is exiting the vehicle at about 44 seconds his arms are raised (as if he is stretching) Shoes off while driving and stretching after a drive would mean it was a long drive-but the gas in the tank does not show this!Nobody commented on one of Jennifer's twitter followers but the hair could be something like what the POI has
4:08pm 10-11-2009
It is where it says Aerial view of the scene.
4:05pm 10-11-2009
Sandy I am thinking it was someone from a restant. go and look at the airrel shots from above Orlando and see there are restant all over and near where Jennifer car was found.
3:57pm 10-11-2009
Another idea I had. Maybe the suspect was a delivery person, and had a truck that got into Jennifer's gated complex. Accosted Jennifer as she was getting into her car and took Jennifer and her car out of Jenn's complex. Then parked the car at HOG and walked back over the fence into Jennifer's complex (where the bloodhound followed the trail), and took his truck back. It could be any sort of delivery person. A delivery person delivering paint or renovation supplies, since the condos were under construction. Or one of those mobile food vendors. They go where construction workers are in order to sell them coffee and breakfast.
3:06pm 10-11-2009
Kesse family, was the apt where Jennifer lived a gated place that the only way in or out. Is that you had to show id before leaving? this is only a question that they can answer. and ment only for them to tell that.
2:28pm 10-11-2009
I have wondering about this for a few days these thoughts have come to me. was it a painter who took her. he would be wairing white. but wait why the black shoes if this person was the one who brought the car back?
1:38pm 10-11-2009
Jessica only said that after Sandy posted something at 701pm the same day. and it reminded her of the newspaper artical.
12:58pm 10-11-2009
That was posted on oct 9. at 757pm.
12:51pm 10-11-2009
Jessica, what newspaper was that. that the woman said that she almost backed into Jennifer car on that day she went missing.
8:49am 10-11-2009
Jessica remember the last dream you had about Jennifer she told you something about a person who was at the gate. You mean to tell me she did make it to work and that person did something to her?
8:40am 10-11-2009
The day she disappeared did someone dressed as a cop come to her door and tell her. that someone had broke into her car during the night and this person jumped her from behind when she was at her car?
8:17am 10-11-2009
I keep going on the website hoping to see that some good news has come your way about Jennifer. I just read that you continue to get tips,so hopefully someday soon you will find Jennifer.Someone knows something and it would be great if that person came forward which happens in cases like this,I will continue to pray for you.
12:27am 10-11-2009
Bill - I don't know that I could erase those bars and draw in what is left, I don't have the greatest picture editting software. My sister is an artist and I bugged her once to do something like that for me. I will give her that exact idea, that's a great idea.
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