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6:14pm 10-16-2009
I've been reading some old stuff on Jennifer's case.
One interesting thing it said, did anyone know this?
-- The scent trail from her car at HOTG led back to the staircase that Jennifer would have used to come down from her condo.
6:09pm 10-16-2009
Ok that is not right Sandy. they don't have any video of her car leaving. Now I know that car didn't just get up and fly. Is there a back alley way behind these apts where Jennifer lived. That complex was gated there is no other way ou of these apts.
6:09pm 10-16-2009
Jessica - good thinking, it could be that he rode a bicycle!
6:01pm 10-16-2009
That pant string is so strange. I checked all the lawn maintenance workers and none in my neighborhood wear such a thing. Then I had a thought- Could it be the POI rode a bicycle? His pants appear baggy and it could be to prevent them from getting caught on the bike chain?
5:41pm 10-16-2009
I too, just wrote to the Today show. Thank you wb for the idea...
5:32pm 10-16-2009
Jessica - I agree with the pant leg thing. There must be an occupation where one would tie the pant leg with a string, or as I believe Bill M. said - it was to avoid DNA release. I keep thinking a lawn person. Your pant leg could get caught in a lawn mower blade, or a grass edging tool. But, I have never noticed this myself. Maybe I should drive around tomorrow and check out the landscapers!
5:29pm 10-16-2009
Bill M - where did you see the car parking video, and see it so closely. I would love to view that. I saw a very small video of that, but when I went to look for it again, I couldn't find it.
My theory is this, the suspect belonged in Jennifer's complex, a painter, a delivery person, something. He got into her complex with the company truck. He abducted her as she was getting into her car. Who knows what he did with her. But then he parked her car at Huntington on the Green, walked back over to Jennifer's complex (Mosaic) and climbed the fence to get back to his company truck or to work, whatever. Jessica mentioned that the bloodhounds traced his scent from where the car was parked (Huntington on the Green), over to a side fence of Jennifer's complex (Mosaic). Since Jennifer's complex is gated, I'm assuming you need to stop at the gate and check in somehow if you are arriving in a vehicle. Another thought, aren't those gates monitored with camera's? Jenn's car wasn't caught leaving that complex? At least you would know whether or not she left her complex for work alone that morning!
5:22pm 10-16-2009
Yes Jessica I wonder about that too. about that might be the reason the POI didn't bring the car back he didnt have Jennifer's pen number to get back into the apts. did the apts where the car was found gated also. if it was gated that person had to show id to get in?
5:18pm 10-16-2009
Just to let you know Kesse family I did write the today show yesterday like you asked me too. and I realy feel alot of other people on this site did the same.
4:39pm 10-16-2009
Bill M
He rode in Jennifer's car because her vehicle leaving the lot at that time was normal and would not be noticed...two vehicles, one a strange one, would have been. POI probably thought ANY vehicle would be on camera in Jennifer's lot. Plus he acted alone (obviously). How he got to the condo lot has always been an active area for thought and investigation: Are there buses? a cab? rental car? dropped off close by by an accomplice? I think he left the string on and his shoes half on/off because he saw somebody or something that made him hurry. He did walk very briskly across the lot..that caused the security camera to miss the best chance to catch him full face. Plus he turned away from the camera as he was backing Jennifer's car into place...evil luck.
12:17pm 10-16-2009
Haven't checked the site lately...I am readiny Mr. Kesse's posts. Is there anything new in the case?? He sounds very positive! I am hoping there is. Anything....even something small.
I can feel in my heart, Kesse family, that you will find her!
You are all in my prayers +
9:55am 10-16-2009
I have been really thinking about what Bill says that this was an organized hit. But I am still baffled as to why POI would ride in Jennifer's car. If Jennifer was transported to another location in her own vehicle-her car does not have tinted windows to conceal her. Does anyone know if her truck has a trunk release latch? Another point is if POI had his pant legs wrapped with cord (to prevent DNA) when he waited in the car for 30 seconds why did he not remove the strings? Those strings on the pant legs are so odd. That would of been something that could easily draw attention to himself. I do not believe I have ever seen anyone do that to their pant legs ...Has anyone on here ever seen such a thing? If so where or what situation? What is the process to enter the Mosaic community? DO you need to show ID or punch a code?
12:26am 10-16-2009
Hi everyone, well i have always thought this is not the place to post, so i just registered with the forum next door. Maybe we all should, Im sure Drew and family will and does monitor it as well. Its easy to register just pay attention to the letters. My appologies Drew.........
Replied on: 8:41am 10-16-2009

after much thought let conversation stay here, more people come here than the forum anyway. sometimes a forum type thread like these bring in some pretty wierd thoughts which are OK with us, however we start getting people emailing us, why do they do that on the guest book? Let it ride people your thoughts and actions are much appreciated. I will let you know if you go over the line anywhere. Thanks to all of you.
Person(s) who took Jennifer, as you can see we will find her, there are an incredible amount of people out there trying everyday and that gets us closer and closer to what you have done with jennifer. We will not go away, we will track you down until we find jennifer. I wonder how life is looking over your shoulder every second? Tiring isn't it, just give the info on Jennifer and free your mind.

9:03am 10-15-2009
That's ok Sandy. The family is greatful for any lead they might get over the internet.,.maybe you were right Jessica. you were the first person to say that maybe we sould post on the Forum part.
7:32am 10-15-2009
Kesse family that what I am about to do. Today I am going to write the today show and ask them to give you some air time. here is the email adress for I bet if everyone on this site did that today would listen.
Replied on: 8:42am 10-16-2009

Thank you, we have tried several times but you do need a lot of people calling and emailng to get their attention.

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