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7:13am 05-23-2009
Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!

Your life has touched so many other lives as it did when you were present each day and continues to do so in your absence. I still strongly believe you are out there somewhere in this often messed up world we all live in' being held against your will....however we still search for you and dream of the day you will be reunited with your family.

I often have asked myself why 'bad things happen to good people' and though we each may never have an adequate answer on this, I do believe that God (though people have free will) will see us through difficult times and carry us when we have not the strength to even crawl; I pray Jennifer that the Lord carries you and gives you all the strength needed to get through each of your days and that all in your Army continue to be guided or given strength when needed.

So again Happy Birthday sweet girl your light continues to shine in all of our hearts.

Love to Drew & Joyce, Logan....
9:57am 05-21-2009
Debe Welch
Thinking of Jennifer on her 28th birthday.
10:41pm 05-20-2009
Erin& Jeremy
Jen we are holding you in our hearts today and sending you strength and love.
9:47pm 05-20-2009
Happy Birthday Jenn! Sending all my love, hugs, prayers and more hugs to everyone today and always!
6:39pm 05-20-2009
I am visiting this site again,to wish Jennifer a Happy Birthday,even though she has not been found yet ,there is always hope,and maybe by her next birthday the whole Kesse family will be together!    Bless all of you
3:43pm 05-20-2009
Hi there! I am from South-Africa and I stumbled upon the Jennifer Kesse case and I started to follow it. You should maybe try Danie Krugel read about his instrument based on quantum physics. He gets a lot of criticism and people saying his instrument is a hoax, but he has found success its still in the testing phase. I also think people are just jealous and you always get sceptics. I would try every avenue you never know. So far he hasn't charged a sent for any of his services rendered. I don't know him personally, but see link below. Anything is worth a shot.


All my prayers with your family.
2:36pm 05-20-2009
Any update on Jennifer's police detective assigned to her case and Frank B?
2:35pm 05-20-2009
In advance I am apologizing if this link in any way offends the Kesse family.
I know you are aware of forums that discuss Jennifer's disappearance and what may have happened and many ideas on who the person is that parked Jennifer's car.  
On ws, a forensic astology chart was done.

http://www.websleuths.com/forums/showthread.php?t=79041&page=3  starts#68 and #74, #75, #80,#83

Again, if this is something you do not want on this page, feel free to remove it.
To me, it is another avenue of looking at what could have happened.  It may help.
Thank you
2:22pm 05-20-2009
2:16pm 05-20-2009
Wanted to see if there was any progress in her case.
Happy Birthday Jennifer, you are not forgotten!
10:22am 05-20-2009
Happy Birthday Jennifer. Thinking of you, Drew, Joyce and Logan today.
9:11am 05-20-2009
Kenny G
Happy Birthday Jennifer.  
4:00pm 05-19-2009
Very well done, Drew, you got right on it!
Bless your heart.
11:48am 05-19-2009
once accused
Drew,   Your anger can not hide.   You hate people.  You know it.
You want to see people suffer for your daughters cause.
You want to hold me as a suspicious person.   I have told you for YEARS now that I am being threatened and intimidated for Jennifers case.
NOT ONCE HAS ANYONE EVER SAID " you are not a suspect"
How hard is that ---  maybe I am schizophrenic an think things that may not be true.     Instead you all prefer to hate me .
You are a sinner !!!     If your not then you must be the second coming of the Jesus !   And I seriously doubt that.

FACE THE FACTS ---   I would like to see how attached or dis-attached to the investigation you really are  !!!

You want to blame someone for this !!!

Drew you are not forgiven -  just because you are searching for a loved one.
You are not immune from being a sinner.

P.S.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO J.J.K  -  I wish is for your parents and their police friends; to stop disrespecting someone for there own needs.

DREW   I did not come after you and your family !

GOOD LUCK --  you will need it --    knowing the intelligence level of your police helpers.     Joe Windt is the reason your daughter is still gone.   Not a help.
Replied on: 3:52pm 05-19-2009

Once again you simply refuse to state your real name.  You are a coward and you are now blocked from this website.
Drew Kesse

12:21pm 05-18-2009
I am checking back in for updates.
I am glad to see so many who have all the best wishes for Jennifer and the Kesse family.
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