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5:45pm 10-17-2009
this from the same site - this was a good idea
"I know the city of Orlando can do better. Time to step up. If you have to, add a 25 cent tax on every admission to Disney World to fund a missing adult reaction squad for the state, or a cold case squad.
Status quo is not acceptable. From watching tv, it appears that Florida has a huge problem with sex offenders."
5:40pm 10-17-2009
accused -how do you know Jennifer? Why were you a suspect?
5:34pm 10-17-2009
Another interesting post from
Myserty6404-03-2007, 05:11 AM
Hi Left,

Can you check your maps on this please (in bold):

Police want to hear from anyone who may have seen the Chevy Malibu anytime after 10pm Monday night, when Jennifer last spoke to her boyfriend, and Thursday morning at 8am, when the car was found.

Detectives think Jennifer herself, or someone else, was traveling on South John Young Parkway, between Texas and Americana and Conroy Road by the Mall of Millenia, during that time frame.

A manager at the 7-Eleven along John Young and Americana confirmed that police collected their outdoor surveillance tapes looking for clues.

I always assumed the car would have been driven along Conroy/Americana but the way it is written above it was on South John Young Parkway.

Thanks, M64
5:02pm 10-17-2009
A couple more points I am taking from that other discussion website. They were talking about how the dog went back to the condo, to the stairs that Jennifer uses. They said that if your scent is all over, it becomes hard for the dog to track. So maybe this person's scent was all over the interior of the condo. They also said this indicated the suspect went back to the condo because either he lived there, he was visiting there, he worked there. They said the suspect could have abducted Jennifer and took her into his condo at Mosaic, or an empty condo at Mosaic. They also mentioned that the suspect's clothing in the picture, didn't appear dirty and had no bloodstains, etc.
4:48pm 10-17-2009
Jessica - more on the bloodhound, from the Orlando Sentinel

"The mystery of her disappearance deepened within an hour of the car's recovery at 8:10 a.m. not far from Kesse residence. Orange County sheriff's bloodhound Bo took a sniff of the driver's seat and pulled handler Sgt. Jeff Brown at a loping pace for a mile.

The scent led straight to the front door of Kesse's home in Mosaic at Millenia, an upscale, gated and fenced condominium complex with 24-hour security on Americana Boulevard.

The trail bypassed the complex's only entrance and led to a stretch of fence separating the public sidewalk from its private grounds. Once the 6-year-old bloodhound entered the grounds, the dog picked up the scent inside the fence and went directly to a staircase leading to Kesse's second-floor condominium."
4:15pm 10-17-2009
wb - that is about the wildest idea I have read yet, but it could be possible! that is really thinking outside the box!
3:23pm 10-17-2009
I wonder if this person came in a big semi truck and put Jennifer car inside of it and left without anyone seeing her car.
2:54pm 10-17-2009
Thank you wb for the advice. Take care yourself.
2:49pm 10-17-2009
Fay , don't say too much about yourself. this person is seeing what everyone is saying about this case. we don't know yet what kind of person we are dealing with.
2:45pm 10-17-2009
I know Drew and Joyce always remember me as I have posted before a while ago, and this case is of special interest to me because at one time I lived on St. Croix and I know a lot about St. Croix.
2:45pm 10-17-2009
and they said "If you want to find me - you'll need to find the Keys." What does that mean? The keys to the car, the Florida Keys? I thought this person was already found and arrested? Who is this person?
2:42pm 10-17-2009
Yes, noticed the remark about the public schools. Have no idea where that came from. As far as I know the public schools in our area are just fine, totally fine. I live 40 miles northwest of Orlando, Drew knows of me and where I live. Schools are as good as public schools most anywhere. It's NOT like they might be, say, in Miami, etc. in very high crime areas where the children are in no way safe once they leave the house.
2:34pm 10-17-2009
Thanks for the info Fay. also did you notice that this person said something about the pubic schools.
2:29pm 10-17-2009
The Orange County I know is in Florida and Orlando is in that county.
2:22pm 10-17-2009
Sandy , why is this person saying something about Orange County. Anyone know where that is. In Fla. or is it in CA anyone at all?
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