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12:20am 10-11-2009
Bill M
Sandy, Can you erase the vertical, black and white bar that covers Bigfoot's face ad maybe freesketch in the contours we see in the back and somewhat in front?
12:19am 10-11-2009
Bill - I wondered why he walked with that long gait too. Maybe if his shoe was partially off his foot, the long stride kept the shoe on while he was walking. The toe part does look completely empty. I actually tried just stepping into my gym shoes with my heel out, and that is exactly what it looks like, the toe part is empty and bends on that kind of angle. And yes, I think I'm tired. I was playing with one of the pics in Picasa, and I thought I saw his face! Wishful hoping I think!
12:12am 10-11-2009
Bill M
Thank you Sandy for the new set of eyes. I have been mulling over why Bigfoot would walk with a long gait with at least one foot an inch or two out of the shoe. The toe of the shoe looks empty in the upside down sock picture, empty back to the bend in his step. As my favorite preacher likes to say, "We have two choices." Either Bigfoot did this on purpose, or he did this in haste, not by design. If he did this on purpose, it was to throw off the camera (wearing oversize shoes means you must walk as he did). If it was in haste, it is because someone had noticed him, and he didn't get his shoes all the way on; but then why would he have had them off? Habit of driving shoeless? (Some people do). I think he knew where the camera was, and was walking fast to avoid being on camera "too long." Which might explain the added shoe wearing subterfuge. But looking at the camera? Hmm, kind of doubt it. But let's keep thinking!!
11:51pm 10-10-2009
As it does me too Sandy. just a bad feeling about this POI.
11:36pm 10-10-2009
thank you wb for all your kind words. I don't know that I have a gift, but I am a new set of eyes. And that grainy picture of POI really gets to me. And I can tell all of you have really been analyzing every angle you can think of. And I think we all try to think of things so that Jennifer's family can have some answers.
11:31pm 10-10-2009
And I think also are you Angie. You are real smart and well Educated. And it shows up in your writing. as well as in Jessica, Bill M, Dan writeing.
11:16pm 10-10-2009
You have a real good eye Sandy. Now I know what your gift is you are alot like me a odserver. you can see things that others don't. you also have the gift of onsight. You noticed something that no one else have seen in all these 3 years since Jennifer went missing. you have also asked some very good and much needed new questions like why did the POI have his shoes off. There are very few like us. Jessica, Bill M, Dan, Me. also have gifts simalar and because of people like us this case is going to solved real soon I hope. so this family can finaly have the answers to what happened to there daughter.
9:58pm 10-10-2009
Jessica I just posted it right side up. I did it upside down and sideways to begin with, because I thought it was easier to see the back of the foot/shoe. Also in this pic, it really looks like a fedora on his head, and almost like he is looking toward the camera...
9:42pm 10-10-2009
Can you post them right side up??
9:12pm 10-10-2009
I just posted a bigger pic on the blog...
9:10pm 10-10-2009
And try this. Walk with your heel out of your shoe, where your entire foot is not in your shoe, just the toes part. See how much the front part of your shoe flattens, just like in the POI picture? And your shoe and foot would appear much larger in a picture, if someone took a picture of you walking like that. For some reason, the POI had his shoes off, and quickly put them only partially on. Why would this be?
9:03pm 10-10-2009
Hey all - I think I figured out why the POI looks like he has such big feet! His foot is not fully in his shoe. Look at this picture. I turned it upside down and enhanced it a bit. Look at the black shoe, and then look toward his heel. It looks like the heel is out of the shoe because it appears that you can see a white sock. I don't know how this might help. go to
6:31pm 10-10-2009
Could someone had her Tattoo removed?
6:27pm 10-10-2009
Happy Thanksgiving to you Angie. I hope one day I can come for a visit to Canada. Thanks for telling me about where the forum is. yes i think Jennifer hair style is probly red hair,black now. Could it be that she doesn't know that she is realy Jennifer and she goes by a diffent name now.
3:48pm 10-10-2009
Kesse have you looked at the picture of your daughter at that wedding and are you seeing what I am seeing how that man in white is looking at Jennifer.
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