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8:31am 10-06-2009
Kesse family I think you need the Crimanal Minds Unit to come take a look at this case. I love that show on cbs. they have to come and look at Jennifer apartment and profile this person or person's. I think the who;e profile might be wrong. I only thought of this after Jessica said something.
8:22am 10-06-2009
Hold on. how much time beteen the time the camana that took these pictures. this couldn't be a kid and someone else dressed the same. hey Jessica again you see something I havn't thought of. no way.
8:13am 10-06-2009
Wait, I just like you Jessica I also remember a trend when people I knew wore that kind of hat before. I am 44.
11:15pm 10-05-2009
Why do I feel like the person who took her is comming to this website just to see what people are saying about this case. This person doesn't like it that this case is heating back up again. but are not posting anything just watching what others are saying.
8:23pm 10-05-2009
WB-I live very far from there, but I will watch my back. When You study the first picture it appears to be a "kid". I even asked my husband to tell me who he thought this could be he said a kid w/o knowing anything about the case. POI's hair does a weird thing in pic two which I conclude person could be wearing one of those "Kangol" hats backwards. I don't remember when they were a trend. I think the car was parked there strategically bc the person would pass it on a regular basis and know when it finally got picked up. If you mapquest the closest schools it is really not a long walk.
7:45pm 10-05-2009
Bill, I did go back in my sent items and it was not as long as i had thought. It was back in 3-14-08 Drew had responded back to me as well. I went all the way back to 7-8-07, that was my first post and it was to LE in orlando. Here I thought i had thought of every possible scenario and then I read what Jessica writes, she could very well be on to something with the high school theory, never thought of that one.
7:43pm 10-05-2009
Hey Jessica you need to be careful. if any of the people who took Jennifer have read what you wrote they may try and come find you. You may have just pointed the finger at someone. be careful of anyone comming around asking about you. or they may try and call you and ask you if you are the one who posted that on this website.
7:26pm 10-05-2009
Jessica now I know what your gift is you are a very good lister and a deep thinker. I think I see it in your writing.
7:01pm 10-05-2009
I also wonder if this person was around the day the cops came to investage. and this person hung around to see just what the police knew.
6:25pm 10-05-2009
That could be it Jessica. I havn't thought of a high school student or a teacher who wasn't at work that day.
5:12pm 10-05-2009
In the video of the POI parking the car. It takes him two tries to get the car in the space correctly. This would lead me to suspect he is an inexperienced driver. Also in the surveillance it shows the individual has his shirt untucked, but it does look like he is abiding by some "dress code" slacks, polo, closed toed shoes. I believe this individual may be a juvenile. Did law enforcement check out Oak Ridge H.S. which is only 2 miles from that intersection. Maybe subpoena school records for tardees or absentees on the 24th or searching 2005-2006 yearbook photos. High noon could correlate with school lunch.
2:13pm 10-05-2009
My thoughts are that if Jennifer woke up and got ready for work on the 24th her trash would reveal that she ate something for breakfast that morning and possibly packaged up the cell phone she needed to mail out. Did her apt. contain packing supplies (manilla envelopes, tape)? If her trash does not show this then she must have been headed to seek those supplies or the mail box or seek breakfast? How about lunch? Did she purchase lunch at work or bring it into work from home? There is a publix shopping center right behind the Apt. Complex her car was found at. Did Jennifer belong in to any social sites (Myspace) that someone could of been stalking her from?
9:38am 10-05-2009
Ok Dan when did you make this suggestion. what was the date you posted that. was it on this website. you know the cops are going to go and look back when you did. so when was it Dan? up to my knewge the first and the only time I saw your name was after Bill m said something about a airport. and thats when you said something about the car been parked at 100pm the day she disappeared.
9:19am 10-05-2009
Hey everyone wake up. could Dan be right? if you are Dan you may have just gave the cops the lead to solve this whole case after 3 years.
9:10am 10-05-2009
Yes Dan you might be right I have long surpected that Jennifer was taken the night before. or early in the morning hours. Could she have went out for coffee. that late at night. Hey Kesse family I hope you all are listening to this. was your daughter the kind to go out at night to get coffee.
Replied on: 9:17am 10-05-2009

Jennifer did not drink coffee, was not one to go out at night alone at all unless food shopping but still not at night. Once in for the night she is in for the night. Remember she was away for a long weekend then straight to work, very tired after that Monday at work getting in at 6pm to her home. to our knowledge NEVER went out again.
Yes we are listening and reading every comment that comes in. Thank you to all and keep your minds and awareness working for Jennifer.
Thank you the Kesse's

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