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3:14pm 07-23-2015
Since Jennifer carried her wallet(I think that I read this) in her brief case into her office, she probably tossed her keys into her briefcase once she was there. This would provide "someone" in her office the means and opportunity to have taken her keys while Jennifer was away from her desk and have copies of her car and condo keyes made. If this "someone" were say Jennifer's supervisor little would be thought of this person going to Jennifers desk while she was away . I have always felt that whoever abducted Jennifer was obsessed with her, watched her coming and going, entered her apartment while she was at work and learned her habits( leaving her pj's, etc on bathroom floor, clothes on bed and draping her wet towel on her washer and dryer) . The tipping point for this person was her vacation with Rob. I believe that this person was already hiding in Jennifers apartment when she arrived home that Monday evening and decided to act at 10:40 pm when she settled down for the night. The briefcase, shoes and car were taken to make it appear that she had just gone to work buying the abductor some time but he was not counting on the wonder loving Kesse's responding as quickly as they did...I also think that the men's sweater left in Jennifers hamper was purposefully left by the abductor as a "calling card" that he was in her apartment before or after she was abducted. Something had Jennifer "spooked", I just believe that there was more to it than the workers at the condo "eyeing" her as she walked past them...intuitively, she knew that she was being watched....just my thoughts.
4:44pm 07-22-2015
Drew Kesse
You are correct which is why we set up the forum so the theories could unfold there, some do get out there but it is great to see the people trying to figure out what no one has been able to so far.
The forum is not accepting any new people right now. The whole site has to be moved to a different platform and that takes some doing. More importantly I want people to know that this site was created and has been maintained by the same person from day 3 of Jennifer's abduction for FREE, yes for free to us Jennifer's family for almost 10 years!!! So a little inconvenience every now and then is no problem with us. This site has been invaluable to Jennifer and we are most appreciative of the webmaster's generosity. Also Jennifer's Facebook page and Twitter are maintained by the same person since startup and to this day almost 10 years later does it for free also. We are humbled by the caring and actions of people in our time of need. So hang in and we will post when and if the forum starts accepting newcomers again.
Thanking you in advance for your understanding,
Drew Kesse
Jennifer's Dad
10:08pm 07-21-2015
I always thought that this was an appropriate place to send out prayers to Jennifer and her family vs posting theories. My thoughts and prayers go out to Jennifer and her family.
5:50pm 07-21-2015
What was at Jennifer's work, a timeshare company, that would give opportunity for abduction or trafficking. She had 3 promotions and was able to afford a condo at 24 years old. She had a stable long distance relationship with her boyfriend. She had good friends and kept in touch with her family. But she was living alone at her condo with no pet like a dog to keep guard. I guess the abductor thought he could abduct her so he took the chance, even if Jennifer watched her back. Too bad that society made her a easy target and unable to protect a young woman, because there were gaps in security and in a bad unsafe part of town
5:42pm 07-21-2015
So the abductors had it so easy with Jennifer and there has yet to be any new knowledge of what happened to her in almost 10 years, they could only do this because the security was lax and the opportunity was ripe. Only someone who could have actually known her maybe at her work or her lifestyle, could get away with this. Jennifer was away every other weekend at her boyfriend's house, and had just moved in, and just had got back from vacation, and instantly this happened to her. I wonder if she had been almost abducted before in the place where she lived before she owned her condo.
5:33pm 07-21-2015
Some of Jennifer's belongings were missing, so when did they go missing when she went missing? They found something of her's in a dumpster on the property and then later on her keys with mace between her home and work.
5:30pm 07-21-2015
If her car was found at the Huntington Green Apartments about a mile away, did she leave her place after she talked to her boyfriend at 9:57 pm January 23, 2006? The police dog found Jennifer's or the P.O.'s scent at the foot of the steps of her building by a bush.
5:26pm 07-21-2015
Jennifer had been away on vacation, and just got back and had drove from her boyfriend's home two hours away right to her work, and then she went home after work and relaxed until bed. The abductor had to have lived in the area or if a trafficker, was working for someone also in the vicinity.
5:20pm 07-21-2015
Did the other condo owners in Jennifer's building feel unsafe too? The police should find the architecture plans before and after this happened to Jennifer. The abductor had to have been following Jennifer's movements very closely, knowing her plans and schedule from her work to her home.
5:16pm 07-21-2015
Jennifer was alone and felt unsafe, and told her family that she felt observed by the workers. I wonder if there was a undercover perpetrator among them, because the P.O.was described as a fake security officer bike messenger.
5:08pm 07-21-2015
There was new construction still going on to change the old rental apartments into new condominiums, so it was open and less secure, not 100% security.
5:06pm 07-21-2015
If this was planned abduction of Jennifer K. by the abductors, then it had to have been easy for them, because Jennifer had just bought and moved into her new condo after two months.
2:04am 07-20-2015
T Ray
That previous post should read Mr. Kesse"s instead of My Kesse's. So much for my proofreading. lol
2:01am 07-20-2015
T Ray
I have always had this gut feeling that it had something to do with her co-worker(s). Then I started to see things that backed that up. I can't go into any detail here, because I'm trying to honor My Kesse's request to keep this brief. Maybe someone will accept my email and we'll meet on the forum.
11:56pm 07-18-2015
I always thought she was sleeping over and watching a movie also. I agree that is probably why briefcase and clothes were missing. God bless Jennifer and her family. Justice is needed.
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