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10:00pm 07-15-2014
Praying for Jennifer
Interesting because when thinking about the badge on the arm of the poi I have often thought about airport personnel like TSA. Especially after watching the movie Trafficked and watching those girls get spotted in an airport.
9:22pm 07-14-2014
I was in the Denver airport about 2yrs ago.  The TSA agent takes my driver's license and ticket.  He looks at my license and says, "oh Tampa, do you know the Jennifer Kesse case"?  He is still looking down and when I don't answer right away he picks his head up but never looks at my face.  He then says, "do you know I was at her wedding"?  I did remember her case but did not think she was married so I made a face at him but before I could respond he handed me my paperwork and took the next person's paperwork.  It was such a strange interaction, I thought about it for a while.  When I got home it was late and I couldn't sleep.  I turned on the TV and Jennifer's story was on Dateline, so I was correct in thinking she was not married.  I called the tip line because it was bothering me so much.  I never heard anything so I figured it was just my imagination going wild.  But yesterday I walked in to a local bakery and on the counter was Jennifer's flyer.  And now I have the feeling in my gut that I need to tell someone the story.  
Replied on: 7:07am 07-15-2014

Thank you for writing today. Interesting. We do have family in Denver but they don't work at the airport and they know Jennifer is not married. I will get your info into the proper hands also. Thank you for calling it in though. We also didn't realize the Dateline show on Jennifer had aired until
after it had aired.
The Kesses

5:05pm 07-14-2014
Dear Kesse family,keep coming back to see any updates,Ive been praying for years for her and you all that someday you will find Jennifer,GodBless you all
Replied on: 7:14am 07-15-2014

Thank you Penny and Jennifer needs the prayers, please don't stop!
The Kesses

10:41am 07-08-2014
judy fay zeigler
Replied on: 11:15am 07-08-2014

We would appreciate not having advertisements on this guestbook, thank you. Please feel free to take that info to the forum side of this site.
Drew Kesse

9:21pm 06-29-2014
P Chism
Forgot to mention - Radio Shack employee mentioned the surnames Murphy and Maxwell.  This may help you exclude her.  
Replied on: 11:16am 07-08-2014

Thank you for the info.
The kesses

9:19pm 06-29-2014
P Chism
June 22,  2014  Redding, Shasta County, CA  Radio Shack at the Shasta Mall.  Girl with clover tattoo on arm works there and for some time.  30 ish+ yrs.  Hair died "reddish" punky style.  I asked her about her tattoo (r. arm??) - said she is not Irish - German background but she got it for St. Patricks Day a long time ago.  That tattoo looks exactly the same as your photo.  The photo of Jennifer with short dark hair in the formal looked very much like the girl at Radio Shack.  The radio shack employee weighs more.  It is likely not Jennifer, but you should have the info to look into.  My prayers are with you.
1:09pm 06-28-2014
Just to add a little clarification, I have always thought the person in the camera video pics was just a courier of sorts.  There was a detailing facility near the doctor's office where I used to work and the guy always cleaned us girls' cars and would drop them back off in our parking lot and walk back to their business.  I just hate the fact that these surveillance pics may have really thrown the whole publics' eye off the REAL ball.  
Replied on: 11:24am 07-08-2014

When we look at the video we feel it shows just how many different ideas can be formed without a real and true direction from what we get from it and lucky to have. It proves that 8 1/2 yrs later we still do not know anymore than we did on day 3 when this video was found. Open to everything still - frustration at its' peak for all involved.
The Kesses

3:20pm 06-27-2014
I have been watching this case since day 1 and am always hoping for the day the Kesses receive something/anything that will allow them to finally bring their intelligent, successful and beautiful daughter home.  I have always had the feeling that this POI is actually an 'innocent bystander' if you will.  The one scenario that always comes to my mind is that the REAL POI had taken Jenns car to a nearby detailing garage and asked that the car be cleaned up and then dropped off at the Highland Greens apartments.  In my mind, he/she would have told the detailers that he had to go to work and to please drop the car off at 'his' apartment parking lot when they were done.  It would explain why the car was wiped down inside, why it was dropped off where it was, why the DVD player was not touched in the back seat and why the person is seen walking away so calmly.  I believe it was a detailer establishment that was right there in that vicinity.  And even why the person backed it out and back in.  He was in no hurry as he was doing a service for someone and no reason to be in a hurry.  He was doing a service for someone therefore leaving his customer's car parked straight and correct.  It would explain why he took time to lock it.  This would explain why the phone charger cord was wrapped around the gear shift, so they could clean around the cup holders.  Even though I really believe this to be a valid speculation, I do believe that somewhere I saw a photo of the inside of Jenns car and recall that it didn't seem to be as tidy as it would be if indeed my theory were correct.  Maybe someone can find that photo and determine if the inside was clean enough to support my speculation.  In this scenario, the REAL POI would be paying a small fee to have an unknowing detail garage 'clean up' any incriminating evidence in Jenns car.  If the car wasn't that clean inside, then maybe it could have been dropped off at an oil change garage as well in which case the person dropped the REAL POI's car off at 'his' apartment at Highland Greens which again would explain why the careful parking, not tampering with the DVD player and the calm demeanor in which he walked away.  Again, this would have been an oil change facility within very close distance.  With all this time later, one could only hope the OPD checked this theory out at the time.  One that detailed or an oil changer would more than likely have another profession 8 years later.  To conclude, I just have always felt that the person in the video is totally clueless.  Which is why I would have advocated placing LARGE billboards in the area showing the exact pic of the person walking away.  At that time, the person him/herself may have come forward.  Sorry for the long post.  I've always felt bad about this case as I had a dog get lost once and to this day I have never stopped looking for him.  I am certain with a beloved family member it would be impossible to have a single day go by in which you weren't always looking, wondering, hoping.   God Bless the Kesses.  I hope you are able to enjoy life somewhat still.  You have been wonderful and loyal parents.  That you can be proud of.  
8:02pm 06-26-2014
Elizabeth Simonson
     Mr. & Mrs. Kesse,
          I must emphasize that I did not know anything regarding Jennifer . It wasn't until March of 2013 that I saw your website . I know I've waited until now but I was frightened by this man I saw while traveling In Virginia. I saw him at Loves Travel/Truck station . I got a very good look at him . It was then that I had this vision...I know that sounds crazy but It Is true. I saw Jennifer with this man. I believe she is not alone as I saw another girl with brown hair. There was another man there but he was in a doorway. They were in Virginia on a secluded property. I could see Jennifer very closely and I saw a bra strap that was a fluorescent Pink/orange. I hope to hear from you.
Replied on: 7:07am 06-27-2014

Thank you for the information Elizabeth.
The Kesses

7:10pm 06-26-2014
Elizabeth Simonson
I tried to leave a longer message but it was marked as spam
I believe I have some information regarding Jennifer. I tried calling one of the numbers given but the mail box was full.
I don't call myself a psychic but I believe I can give a description to authorities . This has frightened me and has made me quite nervous . Not everyone has an open mind about such things but this information may lead somewhere .
I hope you will contact me .
2:35pm 06-26-2014
Travis Young
I submitted a tip identifying the POI on the video in 2007. I was contacted by the Orlando Police, who were very interested, and promised to call me back, but never did. This has been wearing on my conscience for years now. I have no idea if my tip was ever investigated, or if it was lost amid the chaos of probably thousands of tips. The person I identify in the video is someone who moved to Orlando before Jennifer's disappearance, and at that time worked at a bar just a few blocks from where Jennifer's car was discovered. He was obsessed with blonde women resembling Jennifer, and was violent, a thief, a drug user and dealer.

I have contacted crimeline, who will not allow me to even finish a sentence, referring me to the Orlando PD. The Orlando PD refers me to a detective's voicemail and my call was never returned. I have contacted the FBI via a form on their web page for Jennifer, but have never been contacted.

I just want to know if my original tip was investigated. If not, I would like to resubmit my information. For years I have felt a great burden, because I am positive who the person on the video is.
Replied on: 3:16pm 06-26-2014

Thank you for reaching out today Travis. We will personally make sure this entry get directly to the people who can act on it. Thank you for stepping forward again with info of which none is too small to call in.
The Kesses

12:19pm 06-22-2014
Amazing that the police wouldn’t have questioned Johnny, the guy who “she was having an issue with, a co-worker who was overly fawning and complimentary, asking her out constantly.”
From everything I read, I believe Johnny was upset and confronted Jennifer @ work her 1st day back about her vacation with Rob. Jennifer decided to meet with Johnny that night for drinks to implement “the concept of just going out with a person(johnny) to tell them(him) that you were(She is) not interested.(She didn’t tell Rob because she didn’t want to upset him when things were finally meshing together.) That night,Johnny got angry. Killed her in a heat of passion, disposed of her body, her cell,& Travis cell where “she was likely eaten up by alligators.” Johnny came back to her condo. Set the scene to look as if she slept at the condo.In the AM, he showered in her condo.re-dressed in his clothes from the night before except for his sweater, so he wasn’t wearing any identifying clothing. Put on a hat. Drove Jennifer’s car and parked it 1.5 miles away @11am. Walked back to her condo to get his car. and drove into work at 12ish. The next day he took his car to be detailed so there was no evidence that Jennifer was in his car, hence the reason he needed a ride from Frank.
They should ask Johnny’s wife if she recognizes the sweater. Did they do any forensics on the sweater or the “damp” towel?
Replied on: 9:16am 06-23-2014

Thanks John for your well thought out deductions. May the truth come to light, soon.
The Kesses

12:14pm 06-22-2014
Replied on: 9:16am 06-23-2014

we are well aware
The kesses

2:25am 06-22-2014
denis rowley
Hi,I saw the clip on Fox ext this morning.I hope that you can
   bring closure
Replied on: 9:17am 06-23-2014

It is our Greatest Hope to bring Jennifer Home today!
The Kesses

11:13pm 06-21-2014
I saw the program tonight and just was wondering if they searched in the walls etc. of the condos that where being built around that day, as they did not mention that. If she was overheard by the workers you never know... I hope its not the case and she is found safe... Praying for all....
Replied on: 9:19am 06-23-2014

No no walls were searched, the entire 2 complexes were not searched in completeness. thorn in our side and unless we make a case that she is in those walls, no go unfortunately. Thats should have been done in week one.
Thank you for your thoughts.
The Kesses

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