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10:29pm 03-21-2015
APRIL D: Call the phone numbers on the website and report it to law enforcement!
2:59pm 03-20-2015
I have seen a guy that looks like the person of interest in the Jennifer kesse case. I saw him at the Wymore grove apts on Wymore rd. I also saw him at the front of the albertsons store.the albertsons store that is not far from Wymore rd. He goes there between 11 pm and 2 am.the apt I saw him at is in the same parking lot that the dumpster is at.he looks alot like the person of interest! I hope this info helps you. I would take a picture of him and send it to you but I feel that would put my life in danger.
9:37pm 03-08-2015
Connie and Billy
Jennifer and all who love and miss her remain in our thoughts and prayers.
12:05am 02-25-2015
Dear The Kesses,
I feel the P.O.I., person of interest, has led you on a wild goose chase. Being secretive and cunning and sly and anonymous, he got what he wanted. But at what price? Why was it so important to have another person, who is Jennifer Kesse, he would risk everything in his own life. His morals, his liberty, his values, his life, his dignity, just to have control over another human being, a woman, a young adult, to get his kicks. To abduct or rape or traffic or kill for that split second of rush like a drug. But what happens after he has to live with the fact all his life or pay for it being in the shadows of the law, society. Somewhere he became lost to get to this point of no return. He made mistakes in this abduction and you see it in the clues such as having to repark the car, walking by cameras, and parking so close to Jennifer's place of residence, and also some DNA. Obviously I do not think he was the only one involved in the missing of Jennifer or it would not been so careless. So you have to think it was seedy business where he dropped the car off at Huntington Apts and also having to walk away from the scene of the crime. Also if he was a bicycle messenger or fake security guard, he had to walk to where his bicyclist was parked. He was sneaky. To get away with this, he was almost close to being caught. But the luck got him to get away free because it was at noon and no one really around to figure out what he was doing. If he had something to do with Jennifer, when and where and how did it start?? At her work at her home at her leisure at her vacation in her past or in the moment of passion? These clues have to bring up that it was sloppy but quick and over and done with. And then on his way and out of there, but to where and why? Now it is 9 years later and we are pondering this act of madness. The interested party is older more crooked lost regretful doing more of the same from having taken Jennifer's car and then leaving it. Obviously he was not interested in her car. But what did Jennifer have that he wanted? Wealth beauty sex youth profession innocence naivety delicacy? It seems he got away with what he wanted. Se la vie. Spelling?
Replied on: 8:10am 02-27-2015

Trish, as long as I am alive, no one got away with anything as yet. Interesting recap and views. Never thought of Jennifer as a "delicacy", strange choice of a word and in this Family just saying "Se La Vie" isn't in our makeup or plans for Jennifer. We will find her and we will bring her home.
Drew Kesse, Jennifer's Dad

2:49pm 02-24-2015
Dear Jennifer,

I came across your story online, and although I never had the opportunity to have met you, your storyand your beautiful smile really touched a place in my heart, because we are around the same age.

As a mother, I just can not imagine the agony your parents must be feeling since you went missing. I pray that God gives them the strength to continue searching, and to remind them that there will always be hope! My thoughts and prayers are with you, your parents and your loved ones.

May God keep you safe, and bring you home! in Jesus name, -Amen!

Ontario, Canada
Replied on: 8:12am 02-27-2015

Well thanks for finding Jennifer's site and her Abduction. Please pass on this site to all you know and ask them to do the same. We are America's biggest manufacturers of Hope.
The Kesses

4:14pm 02-21-2015
I put out two posters of Jennifer Thursday . More soon .
Replied on: 8:12am 02-27-2015

Most appreciated Wimpy!
The Kesses

6:16pm 02-17-2015
I came across the 48 hours video on youtube, and was so touched by Jennifer's story. I cannot believe that the only evidence that could've shed light into her disappearance was two photos blocking the image of the person twice. How can this be? Could there not be anyone out there who knows who this is? Also, in the video there is no more information on what happened to the cellphone that was left in the condo. Could this cell phone have been pinging its location somewhere?
Replied on: 8:16am 02-27-2015

Allen, Than you for finding Jennifer's crime and story. The cell phone were manually disengaged so no pings could be picked up after 10:20pm on 1/24/2006. Someone knew exactly what they were doing. The pics are the best we will get and have already been enhanced with no further ability to get better at this point in time, we are told. We wonder everyday how could this be.
The Kesses

11:22pm 02-07-2015
Janice Marie
The Kesse family is always in my heart and prayers. I also pray that Jeniifer will be reunited with all of her friends and family, one day very soon.
Replied on: 8:17am 02-27-2015

Thank you for your kind words and prayers, jennifer definately needs them.
The Kesses

12:10am 01-31-2015
My heart goes out to the Kesse family. What a great girl! Keep faith and hope alive:) Social Media is a powerful tool.
Ali (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
Replied on: 8:19am 02-27-2015

Thank you Ali in Canada! She is a great girl, daughter, Sister, aunt, cousin and friend. We miss her tremendously.
The Kesses

6:40pm 01-29-2015
One more thing...I know where I live, the inside lobby is open at the post office 24/7. Could she have gotten the shipping supplies and then headed to the post office and was wrapping it in the lobby to drop in the box? Might there have been video coverage of the post office lobby on 1-24-06???
6:35pm 01-29-2015
Something else I've wanted to mention...I've always felt that maybe Jenn left that morning to run up to a store that's open early such as Walmart or CVS or Walgreens (something open 24 hrs) to get a small box and maybe tape, etc to wrap that cell phone in that Logan's friend left behind. I'm sure she wanted to get it out on her way to work that morning and most likely didn't have the proper shipping supplies including a box. This would explain why she had taken her shower, didn't put her work clothes on yet which is why they were still laying there, and maybe she was going to run back in her condo, wrap the phone, get dressed and head off to work. But never made it back from getting the mailing supplies. Which is why her purse, keys, cell phone and friend's phone were missing. I think this whole case originally revolves around that phone. She was obviously a responsible girl and I doubt highly she was going to let another whole work day go by without getting that friend's cell phone out--especially if it was his work phone. That's why it would be SO important to have checked the cams at any retail business that morning that would have carried shipping items.
Replied on: 8:22am 02-27-2015

Thank you for the in depth thoughts. Supposedly film from miles around the area were taken in by Orlando police and viewed for weeks. maybe worth a try going back and looking again years later.
The Kesses

2:13am 01-29-2015
Kenn G
Stopping by to say hello to you and the family. Hope you had a safe and happy new year.
Replied on: 8:23am 02-27-2015

Hello to you Kenny, hope all is well. Thanks for stopping by. stay warm!

3:56pm 01-26-2015
Did Jennifer ever go to a Georgia School of any kind or ever go to Georgia ? Thank you .
Replied on: 8:24am 02-27-2015

No, I think if you live in Fl, you have a pretty good chance of visiting or passing through Ga.
The Kesses

10:03pm 01-25-2015
Robin Biles
My sincere empathy for the Kesse Family,

If you are willing to confirm Jennifer's birth info (Date-Time-Place), the Astrological Community may be able to help. There are no guarantees, of course, but I can spread the word to hundreds of professional astrologers, many with PhD's, seeking their opinions of the case.

For further details, please contact my personal email.

Warm Regards,
Replied on: 8:25am 02-27-2015

Thanks for the offer however we are not here to put out that info. It's easy to find if one really wants to have it.
The Keeses

8:31pm 01-25-2015
Wouldn't have chosen to put this here but the other side wouldn't let me register. I would imagine it is too late to do this now but if there would have been video tapes looked at back on Jan 24, 2006, I'll just betya this POI would have showed up in one of them. Now I know Orlando is a big town but I am talking right in that immediate area. Specifically stores that may have been used to purchase abduction items...tape, rope, etc. Lowes? Home Depot? Gas Stations? Banks? And don't forget the trusty Walmarts down the road. I would just about bet the farm this person would have been on one of those videos in those same clothes. Now it may or may not prove to be anymore helpful than what we have now, but this person couldn't have been THAT lucky to have a gate post in his face on 2 different photos TWICE! (He couldn't have done that again if he tried, not even in another life). So if a better shot could have been gotten, at the very least it could have led to more tips and leads as to just who this person was. I have been following this story since the day it happened and the reason it always holds my attention is the fact that Jennifer seemed to be a very cautious person from what I have read. She doesn't remind me of some 'dummy'. She was street-smart if you will~from what I gather. WHY can't POI's friend(s) do the right thing and come forward? Someone knows something. They need to drop to their knees and feel what they are doing to the family. And then mercifully make that phone call...
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