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8:02pm 06-26-2014
Elizabeth Simonson
     Mr. & Mrs. Kesse,
          I must emphasize that I did not know anything regarding Jennifer . It wasn't until March of 2013 that I saw your website . I know I've waited until now but I was frightened by this man I saw while traveling In Virginia. I saw him at Loves Travel/Truck station . I got a very good look at him . It was then that I had this vision...I know that sounds crazy but It Is true. I saw Jennifer with this man. I believe she is not alone as I saw another girl with brown hair. There was another man there but he was in a doorway. They were in Virginia on a secluded property. I could see Jennifer very closely and I saw a bra strap that was a fluorescent Pink/orange. I hope to hear from you.
Replied on: 7:07am 06-27-2014

Thank you for the information Elizabeth.
The Kesses

7:10pm 06-26-2014
Elizabeth Simonson
I tried to leave a longer message but it was marked as spam
I believe I have some information regarding Jennifer. I tried calling one of the numbers given but the mail box was full.
I don't call myself a psychic but I believe I can give a description to authorities . This has frightened me and has made me quite nervous . Not everyone has an open mind about such things but this information may lead somewhere .
I hope you will contact me .
2:35pm 06-26-2014
Travis Young
I submitted a tip identifying the POI on the video in 2007. I was contacted by the Orlando Police, who were very interested, and promised to call me back, but never did. This has been wearing on my conscience for years now. I have no idea if my tip was ever investigated, or if it was lost amid the chaos of probably thousands of tips. The person I identify in the video is someone who moved to Orlando before Jennifer's disappearance, and at that time worked at a bar just a few blocks from where Jennifer's car was discovered. He was obsessed with blonde women resembling Jennifer, and was violent, a thief, a drug user and dealer.

I have contacted crimeline, who will not allow me to even finish a sentence, referring me to the Orlando PD. The Orlando PD refers me to a detective's voicemail and my call was never returned. I have contacted the FBI via a form on their web page for Jennifer, but have never been contacted.

I just want to know if my original tip was investigated. If not, I would like to resubmit my information. For years I have felt a great burden, because I am positive who the person on the video is.
Replied on: 3:16pm 06-26-2014

Thank you for reaching out today Travis. We will personally make sure this entry get directly to the people who can act on it. Thank you for stepping forward again with info of which none is too small to call in.
The Kesses

12:19pm 06-22-2014
Amazing that the police wouldn’t have questioned Johnny, the guy who “she was having an issue with, a co-worker who was overly fawning and complimentary, asking her out constantly.”
From everything I read, I believe Johnny was upset and confronted Jennifer @ work her 1st day back about her vacation with Rob. Jennifer decided to meet with Johnny that night for drinks to implement “the concept of just going out with a person(johnny) to tell them(him) that you were(She is) not interested.(She didn’t tell Rob because she didn’t want to upset him when things were finally meshing together.) That night,Johnny got angry. Killed her in a heat of passion, disposed of her body, her cell,& Travis cell where “she was likely eaten up by alligators.” Johnny came back to her condo. Set the scene to look as if she slept at the condo.In the AM, he showered in her condo.re-dressed in his clothes from the night before except for his sweater, so he wasn’t wearing any identifying clothing. Put on a hat. Drove Jennifer’s car and parked it 1.5 miles away @11am. Walked back to her condo to get his car. and drove into work at 12ish. The next day he took his car to be detailed so there was no evidence that Jennifer was in his car, hence the reason he needed a ride from Frank.
They should ask Johnny’s wife if she recognizes the sweater. Did they do any forensics on the sweater or the “damp” towel?
Replied on: 9:16am 06-23-2014

Thanks John for your well thought out deductions. May the truth come to light, soon.
The Kesses

12:14pm 06-22-2014
Replied on: 9:16am 06-23-2014

we are well aware
The kesses

2:25am 06-22-2014
denis rowley
Hi,I saw the clip on Fox ext this morning.I hope that you can
   bring closure
Replied on: 9:17am 06-23-2014

It is our Greatest Hope to bring Jennifer Home today!
The Kesses

11:13pm 06-21-2014
I saw the program tonight and just was wondering if they searched in the walls etc. of the condos that where being built around that day, as they did not mention that. If she was overheard by the workers you never know... I hope its not the case and she is found safe... Praying for all....
Replied on: 9:19am 06-23-2014

No no walls were searched, the entire 2 complexes were not searched in completeness. thorn in our side and unless we make a case that she is in those walls, no go unfortunately. Thats should have been done in week one.
Thank you for your thoughts.
The Kesses

11:07pm 06-21-2014
ian john
I have watched the Fox story right now of Kesse...In our Catholic faith, we often pray for the missing person or things to ST. Anthony de Padua..Father God And Jesus assign this amazing saint to find the missing persons...As we pray to God, pray for us...St. Anthony de Padua..pray for  Kesse and to all those people who are lost that their families may be at peace. Amen.
Replied on: 9:19am 06-23-2014

The Kesses

11:05pm 06-21-2014
Just watched Greta's special about Jennifer.  Her family is in my prayers.  
Replied on: 9:20am 06-23-2014

Thank you for caring and visiting
The Kesses

10:54pm 06-21-2014
the Facebook link doesn't work. there's another site on fb that has her flyer so shared that but don't know if its the official fb page. saw on Greta's show. sharing in north Florida and sending prayers
Replied on: 9:21am 06-23-2014

Thanks you, most humbled! official is Help find missing Jennifer Kesse group and community, period on FB, we run those 2 pages, all the rest please stay clear of.
The Kesses

8:23am 06-21-2014
Drew Kesse
Fox News Channel will again reair "Greta Investigates the Mysterious Disappearance of Jennifer Kesse, this Saturday night 6/21/14 at 10pm et and again at 1am et on Fox News Channel as well as online at www.foxnews,com and hit the live show link.Thank you to Greta and staff at Fox news again and please pass along to all you know.
May Jennifer come home soon!
The Kesses
6:11pm 06-02-2014
Hola flia. Todos los años cada 6 meses mas o menos entro en esta pagina esperando el milagro de saber que su busqueda llego a su fin y que su querida hija aparecio sana y salva porq los milagros existen  y ruego a dios que a ustedes y a jennifer les suceda el milagro, han intentado contactar a las famosas videntes como las gemelas o esas que aparecen en los programas del canal Bio o Investigation Discovery ? Creo que valdria la pena agotar todas las posibilidades no dejar ninguna por intentar... Bueno me despido encomendandolos a dios para que les otorgue fortaleza y pronto tengan la noticia de un milagro... Con Cariño Erika desde Venezuela
Replied on: 9:22am 06-23-2014

Thank you and please pass on her site in Venezuela, it would be a great help to us.
The Kesses

12:46am 05-30-2014
I am looking tonight, actually it is the early am hours, at this website, checking to see if anything is new.  I like the song you put on.  It sounds like the Kinks band.  I feel sorry I can be of no more help.  I don't reside in Florida anymore, but I used to work there.  I am up north.  I took a criminology course in college, but I really cannot remember much, because it was years ago.  The only evidence you have is the car, the video/picture of person who dropped off car, her missing belongings, and the scent the detective dog picked up.  Other clues might be in her condo, at her work, and the surrounding areas.  I just watched a show on OWN channel tonight called Our America with Lisa Ling on Human Sex Trafficking, and they were focusing on the area of Washington, DC, our nation's capital.  It was so sad.  I feel we need to help these young deserted women/girls.  We also need to catch the pimps, johns, and regular everyday men, who pick up these prostitutes.  It seems unfair in the world we live in,  but there is hope.  Just like me being drawn to this case, because it seems unbelievable that a young woman in America or anywhere in this world could be abducted, and there is nothing to help lead towards finding her or catching the criminal who did this.  I wish Jennifer Kesse could come back to her family, even after 8 years.  There have been searches.  I read on this website that the person of interest could have been a uniformed security guard wearing a bicycle outfit with a helmet.  The car was left so close by to Jennifer's apartment, that the person seemed almost reckless to do that.  And her ex-boyfriend, or people who wanted to date her at her work were suspicious.  She also had just been on vacation in St.Crouis, that it is very odd that it had happened so soon after.  Also the bars she hung out at.  Then the workers at her apartment seemed suspicious, that it bugs me how unsafe it was where she lived, and there should have been more security.  Jennifer was young pretty hard working woman in a relationship, and she could have had a nice future.  Instead her life and liberty were snached up in a instant.  Why would someone want her?  Was it the times after September 11, 2001?  You just don't hear about business women just disappearing.  It is a mystery!  I wish there were an answer.  Bless Jennifer Kesse and her family.  
Replied on: 9:25am 06-23-2014

It is the kinks! Excellent. Pretty crazy stuff, thank you for your thoughts. You can see how easy it is to go in 5 different thought processes on this.
The Kesses

8:12pm 05-27-2014
To the Kesse family.  I have seen the pain on your faces and hope they find something or someone comes forward .  Unlike the police,I do not believe Jennifer was taken by someone she knows.  .look at those pictures of the man by the fence,looks like a cook or construction worker.    Doubt very much that she knew that guy.  Could someone have been waiting in her car ? God Bless you.    You are in my prayers!
Replied on: 7:47am 05-28-2014

Not out of the realm of possibilities at all! That is the saddest part of Jennifer's Abduction. Not even a direction to go on..... may she come home soon.
The kesses

11:01am 05-27-2014
Some guy named Robert James on FB posted up a rumor about JK yesterday on Jessica Heeringa's find facebook page.  About JK In Kansas at a farm area..

Wanted the Kesse family to be aware of this so it can be looked in to.  I do not know this person.
Replied on: 7:49am 05-28-2014

Thank you JT, it has been passed along.
The Kesses

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