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4:52pm 01-23-2015
I just learned about Jennifer's disappearance for the first time today. I'm hope that, wherever she is, she feels your love and ongoing efforts to find her and this brings her comfort and peace.
3:55pm 01-23-2015
I am not from USA. I read the post, and i am really for about your daughter.

Now after seeing the video i can give my own judgement about that person parking and escaping from there.

1. The person is def a MALE.

2. Did you notice the way he parked the car? I mean it looked not normal the way we all park our cars. He might be in tension or might be nervous bec he had committed the crime.

3. Why did he choose to walk after parking? He might have parked his own car little far away from the place where he parked jennifer's car. No one can think of escaping by just walking. Now the point is if he escaped through car then checking the redlights nearby would help.

4. If the person didn't escape in his own car then probably he must be living in the vicinity where he parked jennifer's car. A thorough search can be done.

5. Even if he managed to escape by just walking then he would have taken the help of any metro, taxi or bus or lift? This can also be traced.

6. Or the person could have gone to any store/pub/restaurant and changed his clothes. Because nobody who commits a crime and park a car then would leave in the same clothes.(common sense)

7. Or the person might have used his cell phone after parking the car. Police can ask telecom companies to give complete call details of all the calls being made in that area where the car was parked.

8. As i read in your blog that jennifer used some makeups before leaving. Might she went out to meet the same guy who parked the car. May be she went for a simple meeting. Now the point is if she went out to meet somebody she would def make a call or sms or email or mail to that person. You can check all these details prob you can get some kind of clues here.

9. Also i noticed onething that person who parked the car did not know much(knowledge) about the place where he parked the car..it looks like he didnt know about cameras were located(nobody wants to get on camera after committing a crime)..it was not planned..which means that guy def moved out from that area not just by walking...he might have used his friends car(his friend might be inside the car parked little far away), or used a bus, or metro, or taxi, taken a lift etc...you can get the clue here.
2:54pm 01-23-2015
Jan Walters
Dear Keese Family,
God bless you and give you peace & solace. All my best as you go forward in the hunt for Jennifer. I hope you find her soon--no one deserves such never-ceasing pain. Jan
2:23pm 01-23-2015
Nikyla Scheel
I watched your daughters story on 48 Hours Mystery, and after the show ended I quickly searched her name in hopes there had been an update.

I can't imagine the pain and sorrow your family and friends are living through. Every parents worst fear.

I pray for you and hope you find your daughter.

Nikyla Scheel
Ottawa, Canada
12:06pm 01-23-2015
Ken and Joyce Tassey
Our 4 1/2 grandaughter Chloe, who has lived with us since she was born, was taken away by her mother and maternal grandfather and we did not know where they went and had no contact with her for over three weeks. Our lives were devastated until she came home to us. We can only partially understand the horror and anguish you still feel, not knowing where your beautiful daughter is or what happened. We know in our hearts by faith in Jesus, that she will come home. God hears prayers and answers them in His time, not ours. We pray for you and your family and for Jenn and for those that took her away from you. We pray that their hearts will be pierced by The Holy Spirit, that the evil in their hearts will be vanquished and they will bring your baby back to you. Ken and Joyce Tassey, Orlando Fl. We have been to that complex many times years ago and know the area well, although it has changed over the years. She will be home.
10:54am 01-23-2015
I'm hoping and praying that she comes back home. <3
7:07am 01-23-2015
To the Kesse Family - I hope and pray every day that Jennifer comes home where she belongs. I pray for Jenn, for the family, for all the investigators on her case, and for a change of heart of the perpetrator who carries this enormous burden of hiding information that could bring her home. Always in my thoughts and prayers.
10:59pm 01-22-2015
Joe & Liz Ocasio
Drew, Joyce,
Time never heals in our world and seems to stand still...as if it was just yesterday when the worst day of our lives came upon us.

Always thinking and praying for Jennifer's return and for both of you...especially during these tough days.

You have both have been an inspiration of strength to us while living the same nightmare...stay strong!

God Bless!
Joe and Liz Ocasio
Replied on: 6:50pm 01-23-2015

Hope you both are well. Think of all of you often.
Tracy Ocasio needs to be found and come home also. And Michelle Parker & Trenton Duckett, need we go on....
The Kesses

3:52pm 01-20-2015
Jonay Moon
Dear, Kesse family & friends

I am doing a missing person's presentation on you loved one. If there is anything i need to know or show besides what i already have please contact me through my email address above. Your loved one's case really intriguing and i would love if more and more people knew about it.

12:10am 01-15-2015
Tonight I watched on Crime cable channel, Vanished with Beth Holloway, on Jennifer Kesse, an old repeat of the show. I feel so sad and discouraged about how Jennifer vanished and hardly any clues to work on. I read in The Washington post, a editorial about that women should not have to defend themselves against men. Instead men should just stop assaulting women. So if you look at it that way, that P.O.I. should have not stole her car because that was her car. We do not know what he did to Jennifer except for that. So jennifer should not have to defend her self from being abducted or from her car being stolen, which is all we know, except I think in one post they found her keys with mace. Whatever Jennifer did, did not give the perpetrator the right to assault her or make jennifer have to defend herself. Women should have this open view but also to keep aware and safe. But if we could change men's' perspective on how they can become primal and like a predator, when in fight freeze or flight, then we could have real equal rights between men and women. I feel for Jennifer who felt watched or unsafe at her own condo. There should be some suing going on where they did not have 100 % security there, and it was just right when she moved there in the first two months and right after a trip to the Caribbean that she vanished. How dare whoever did this to her. But I thought that right after 911 that humans are more ruthless against other human beings in our civilization. You have to be careful in life like what happened in Paris with Charlie Hedbo.
Replied on: 7:59am 01-16-2015

Thank you for your thoughts and for catching the Vanished episode Beth Holloway produced for Jennifer. That show has been shown many times and is a lead generator. maybe one day we will receive the right one. As for your view of women in this world it's a shame one even has to think about what you have written. Thank you for caring and sharing.
The Kesses

9:49am 01-11-2015
I have been living in the Same Condos where Jennifer used to live and where she got abducted it bothers me so much that someone would take her from her friends and family,there has to be someone out there that has a clue on who took her. I've been trying to think about who could match that unknown person that drove her car and parked it and walked away ..I wish I could help in finding her and bringin her home safe .
Replied on: 8:02am 01-16-2015

We hope you have "Protection",know how to use it, don't live alone and have a huge mean dog living with you. Be safe in your daily routine. Think about moving.........
The Kesses

7:18pm 01-10-2015
Misty Lynn
Just thinking of you all
Replied on: 8:03am 01-16-2015

So nice to hear from you and we hope all is well your way. Thank you for dropping a note. Be safe
The Kesses

12:16pm 01-10-2015
Elaine Mccathern
I met Logan many years ago when two friends and I were in Vegas. He talked to us about Jennifer and told us her story, we are from georgia and all mothers and grandmothers our self. I have followed the case from that day on. I say a paryer every night for your family that somehow ,someway your Jennifer will be home. She has an amazing family who love her and will always be there for her...
Replied on: 8:07am 01-16-2015

Ah, I'm sure Logan remembers you and thank you for coming to the site and for reaching out. Logan as in Jennifer is a very special person on the inside and out. The love he has for his sister is endless and unwaivering as with all of us. I'm sure he has seen your message. We feel the prayers.
The Kesses

4:21pm 01-08-2015
I have followed Jennifers story for many years. I so want her to be found not only for her but for her family and friends as well. All of us are but one breath, one heartbeat from being another Jennifer and the Kesse's, how tragic. How is it that we as a nation have the capability to send buggies to Mar's, yet cannot find our lost children? Something has to be done !!!

I would like to see legislation that would force law enforcement to reveal all evidence that they have in situations like Jennifer's where it is deemed a cold case where they have nothing more to offer. The focus it seems to me after all of these years should be recovery of the lost instead of conviction. Afterall, in most instances such as Jennifer's barring a confession a conviction of the guilty party wouldn't be possible anyway.

God Bless Kesse's, I am so sorry about your dear Jennifer.

Take care.

Replied on: 8:15am 01-16-2015

Thank you for writing today and well said. There are reasons to hold some evidence back however in Jennifer's case what you see and read is what we have period so it is all out there. I would like to say that to our amazement leads continue to come in on a very regular basis, Orlando Police dept. is dedicated to finding Jennifer as well as others who are missing in their jurisdiction and beyond and we thank them for that. It is the public who will be the answer to Jennifer's case. someone someday will state something or reveal something to lead us to her. Yes we agree and have always agreed that finding/recovery is the #1 priority! Prosecution should be secondary however that is not reality so we work within our system on this one.
It is really unbelievable as you state that we can go to Mars but we can't find our Missing? We think about that daily.
The Kesses

7:33pm 01-05-2015
Denise Bass
sorry Kesse family "Green eyed beauty"
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