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12:19am 06-22-2015
Joyce Kesse
Thank You for your ongoing interest in Jennifer's journey. We Will Not Give Up. Jennifer must be found, as All the Missing must be found. ANSWERS. Your thoughts, prayers, words of kindness are Greatly Appreciated.....Peace
11:58am 06-21-2015
Gina Hayes
I watch vanished with Beth Halloway all the time. Today it featured Jennifer. I've since went searching the internet to see
If they had any new leads. I found nothing new.
I was wondering if her mother and father had considered
Looking into psychic investigation. I couldn't find anything about if they had or not. I think it would be worth a try if they haven't already. There's a lady by the name of Noreen Reiner (I think that's the spelling) that has worked on over 500 cases with law enforcement with great success. Don't think I'm a quack ha ha but anything is worth a try.
Replied on: 2:43pm 06-30-2015

Yes Gina, they have made themselves known and nothing of importance has been gained by anyone in the field.
The Kesses

4:48am 06-21-2015
t ray
If Jennifer walked out of her condo and down the stairs and outside, would it be daylight or dark? To me, the fact that this was the first night in a few that her car was in its parking space, kinda makes it less of a chance that that whole thing was planned. It appears more opportunistic. Unless, of course, again, it was a worker at the complex. Then all that was needed was the perfect day and the perfect circumstances.
Replied on: 2:47pm 06-30-2015

light enough to see and be seen. Hard to say it was a crime of opportunity not planned when we have not one lead to even go in a direction. Most the time unplanned crimes like these are easier to get leads that are real and lead somewhere.Usually a person or something of theirs is found with unplanned however not always with planned.almost 10 years and nothing? Better than average chance it was planned.But we have been mistaken before
The Kesses

11:24pm 06-19-2015
Did any condominium workers have work orders to do repairs in her unit? Do the police have their names? It could be a hard hat on the guys head. Trying to think out the theory that someone was in her unit a week or so before that she may have made small talk with who saw her as vulnerable because she lived alone and he knew that.
Replied on: 2:49pm 06-30-2015

yes, yes, yes.possibly??
The Kesses

9:37am 06-18-2015
Donna Marie
The POI looks similar to the POI in the church shootings in Charleston SC, on Wednesday June 17, 2015. Hair cut, and body type.
Replied on: 2:50pm 06-30-2015

the church shooter would have been around 9 yrs old at the time Jennifer was Taken.
The Kesses

5:51am 06-17-2015
T Ray
I can't help it. The guy who parked Jennifer's car and then walked back to where her car had been originally parked, has to be the key to knowing who took her. I keep asking myself the question, why did he go back to her condominium?? Did he live there? Was his car parked there and he had to retrieve it? Was he one of the construction workers there? Another thing that haunts me is that Greta asked one of the officers where the dog had tracked his scent to. She replied that he went to where Jennifer's car had been parked in front of her condo. Greta's program stated that the guy parked Jennifer's car at noon. Then he walked back to her condo. Greta's program also stated that Logan arrived somewhere around 1 pm on that same day. Meaning that he and the guy who parked the car, only missed each other by minutes. Of course, Logan had no idea what was going on when he arrived, but it is somewhat eerie to imagine that he might have been watched going into the complex and looking for his sister. By the very guy involved in her disappearance.
2:34pm 06-10-2015
Sending prayers of peace to Jennifer's family and friends.
Replied on: 2:51pm 06-30-2015

Thank you Laura, we need them, Jennifer needs them.
The Kesses

11:38am 06-08-2015
i think it was done by consrruction worker
Replied on: 2:52pm 06-30-2015

Thank you Dafne, good chance it was.
The Kesses

11:27pm 05-24-2015
Deborah young
I watched 48 hours mystery and found out about Jennifer missing. I pray she will be found safely someday. I pray for God's peace and comfort for the family until she is found. I think they will find her alive someday just like Elizabeth Smart was found. Sincerely, Deb
Replied on: 2:54pm 06-30-2015

Thank you Deborah.We too have the same great Hope and we believe if we have the chance to have Jennifer back with us alive we can help her get back to where Elizabeth is today and Incredible young woman.
The Kesses

2:36am 05-18-2015
T Ray
I normally don't respond to something of this nature, but I am deeply touched by this story and somewhat disturbed by the pictures and clips of someone walking away from Jennifer's car. I just finished watching Greta's three part special on this site, and it raised one question for me. At one point, a blood hound was brought in after discovering the car, and it left the parking lot and went directly to the parking lot where Jennifer lived. Not being from Florida or knowing the area, were there any other cameras that might have captured this person's image as he/she went to the parking lot destination? I wish for you a positive and wonderful outcome to this episode in your lives. Gol bless you all.
Replied on: 2:57pm 06-30-2015

T Ray
Unfortunately cameras went up in her complex 2 weeks after she was taken. We too thought they were up and that the property was fence enclosed which it was not totally. the dog went back to her steps in the front of her building and stopped at a bush there. her car was on the otherside of the building so the dog did not go back to the car parking spot but rather the steps at the front of her building and stopped.
The Kesses

9:23pm 05-08-2015
New user
Can new users still register on the forum? I received error messages the past couple of days when I clicked on register & tried to create an account.

Thank you.
2:29pm 04-25-2015
DEAR.MRS.KESSE.'there great pain for mother to lose her OUR KIDS' just want say keep your faith' in our lord savior 'he here our cry' i call your baby. .brigtheye oline base all day look search for your babe to come home to us' GOD' is in the center of our live please pray
2:16pm 04-24-2015
peace maker
What you're next move . on your right or left. Don't for get your lamte. You will that to see me . your hand full height. I know your shoulders. In mist of the dark in back of your truck. Stand in the orangeGrove. Don't slip an fall god an I seeyou.think it joke. It not .remembered what do in the dark come in the light. know need for fansty word faithful. Come by prayin. we are gone pin you .remembered the name peacemaker.
.word .you
1:38pm 04-24-2015
peace maker
What you're next move . on your right or left. Don't for get your lamte. You will you that to me or your hand full height I know or your shoulders. In mist of the dark in back your truck. Stand in the orangeGrove. Don't slip an fall god an I seeyou.think it joke. It not .remembered what do in the dark come in the light. know need for fansty word faithful. Come by prayin. we are gone pin you .remembered the name peacemaker.
.word .you
Replied on: 2:59pm 06-30-2015

sorry but I don't know what to make of your statement. Thank you for visiting this site and for caring.
The Kesses

12:29am 04-14-2015
Patricia, curious about what you meant - the POI was 'constrained from this'. You have important thoughts on the matter & good questions asked, but I don't follow everything you said. You are right that the POI seems in a hurry to leave her car, and i agree that if he had the phone since 10:00 pm approx the night before (when the battery was taken out), why not drop the car somewhere remote/abandoned & he had time the next day b/c the police were not out there searching the second she didn't show up for work...but why return it? You mentioned him slipping into an invisible underground? I hope not...because if so, he was protected by whatever that offered & what about her? I'm especially interested in what you think about the outside of the car not being wiped down & about how he was 'untrained' at the end of the day.
Replied on: 3:01pm 06-30-2015

all good questions
The Kesses

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