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8:31pm 01-25-2015
Wouldn't have chosen to put this here but the other side wouldn't let me register. I would imagine it is too late to do this now but if there would have been video tapes looked at back on Jan 24, 2006, I'll just betya this POI would have showed up in one of them. Now I know Orlando is a big town but I am talking right in that immediate area. Specifically stores that may have been used to purchase abduction items...tape, rope, etc. Lowes? Home Depot? Gas Stations? Banks? And don't forget the trusty Walmarts down the road. I would just about bet the farm this person would have been on one of those videos in those same clothes. Now it may or may not prove to be anymore helpful than what we have now, but this person couldn't have been THAT lucky to have a gate post in his face on 2 different photos TWICE! (He couldn't have done that again if he tried, not even in another life). So if a better shot could have been gotten, at the very least it could have led to more tips and leads as to just who this person was. I have been following this story since the day it happened and the reason it always holds my attention is the fact that Jennifer seemed to be a very cautious person from what I have read. She doesn't remind me of some 'dummy'. She was street-smart if you will~from what I gather. WHY can't POI's friend(s) do the right thing and come forward? Someone knows something. They need to drop to their knees and feel what they are doing to the family. And then mercifully make that phone call...
1:45pm 01-25-2015
Mike Bednarek
Let us hope that Jennifer is safe & sound & will be returned soon.
Replied on: 8:26am 02-27-2015

Let's, thank you!
The Kesses

1:44pm 01-25-2015
Mike Bednarek
Let us hope that Jennifer is safe & sound & will be returned soon.
4:29pm 01-24-2015
Praying for Jennifer and her family today and always. Someday Jennifer will be returned to you and I hope it's soon. God Bless you all.
Replied on: 8:27am 02-27-2015

Thank you Carol and we too believe the same.
The Kesses

4:19pm 01-24-2015
If whomever is involved in this crime reads this, please remember what Proverbs 28:17 says:
"If a man willfully sheds the blood of a person (and keeps the guilt of murder upon his conscience), he is fleeing to the pit (the grave) and hastening to his own destruction; let no man stop him!"
It is not too late (for whomever has done this) to come forward and repent, therefore saving your present life and your soul for eternity.
Replied on: 8:28am 02-27-2015

Thank you for the appeal! It is never too late to step forward with the information we are seeking.
The Kesses

1:55pm 01-24-2015
Marta Nelson
I remember seeing the show about this and I want you to know that I will continue to pray that you find her. I wish I could be of some help, but all I have to offer is my prayers for you and your family and her friends. Bless you and know that there are people out here (I'm in Iowa) who care and hope for the best. Hugs, Love and Prayers, Marta
Replied on: 8:29am 02-27-2015

We will take those prayer, thank you.
The Kesses

10:37am 01-24-2015
So very sad. I came to your site after hearing on Z88.3 that there was a time enhanced picture of Jennifer... I will always keep my eyes open. I pray for safe homecoming...
Replied on: 8:31am 02-27-2015

Sandy, thank you. Z88.3 has been a huge supporter for Jennifer. I'm happy you found her story there 9 years later.
The kesses

5:42am 01-24-2015
Holly Brown
Keeping You All In My Prayers ~ Ms Holly
Replied on: 8:31am 02-27-2015

Thank you Ms Holly
The Kesses

3:06am 01-24-2015
Wendy Lewis
I can only imagine the heartbreak you have all experienced. I will pray for Jennifer right now, trusting God to care for your precious daughter and one day soon, bring her home.
Replied on: 8:33am 02-27-2015

We still experience that Heartache, it doesn't go away, it only gets bigger as time passes. Thank you for stopping by. May your heart break for Jennifer more than us.
The Kesses

2:34am 01-24-2015
Tricia Eskridge
I just do not understand why these things happen!! My heart just aches for Jennifer and her family !!! I pray in Jesus Name that somehow,someway this family get's Jennifer back and if she is gone,that they get answer's !! I am so sorry!! As i sit her crying tear after tear for these victims and there family's,my heart just aches thinking about what they have had to endure the "not knowing" I LOVE YOU ALL, and I PRAY for all if affects !!!!!!!!
Replied on: 8:35am 02-27-2015

Thank you for your kind words. It does bring tears to ones eyes for sure. Just think of what Jennifer had to or is enduring and that is what breaks our hearts.
The Kesses

2:07am 01-24-2015
Thinking of you every day, but especially today. I can't even begin to imagine how much you miss her. So glad the age progression photo was released and happy to see all of the attention her story is getting in the media right now. Proof people still care and are committed to seeing Jenn come home!! Your unconditional love and dedication to your daughter is amazing. She is lucky to have you as her parents. Never give up!!
Replied on: 8:36am 02-27-2015

Thank you Jennifer and oh yes people care and we are grateful for that. We will never give up, we don't know how to nor do we care to until Jennifer is in our arms again, for the good or bad.
The Kesses

8:57pm 01-23-2015
Thinking about you all today. God bless you guys and one day Jennifer will be home!
Replied on: 8:37am 02-27-2015

Thank you Sydney
The Kesses

8:31pm 01-23-2015
My prayers go out to the Kesse family.
Replied on: 8:37am 02-27-2015

and we feel the Tony, thank you
The kesses

8:10pm 01-23-2015
That person looks like a man. White T-shirt, white pants, black shoes and wearing a beanie hat with his short style haircut. His hands appear to be behind his back in the photos. What was the dress code there for area workers? Sending out prayers for this case to be resolved.
Replied on: 8:38am 02-27-2015

Thanks for your view and prayers
The kesses

7:43pm 01-23-2015
Danielle Collins
I pray for you, and I pray this is resolved quickly. I am so sorry you are going through this.
Replied on: 8:39am 02-27-2015

Danielle, Thank you for your prayers. We think the quick part has passed us by but we have great Hope of finding Jennifer and bringing her home.
The Kesses

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