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5:26pm 07-21-2015
Jennifer had been away on vacation, and just got back and had drove from her boyfriend's home two hours away right to her work, and then she went home after work and relaxed until bed. The abductor had to have lived in the area or if a trafficker, was working for someone also in the vicinity.
5:20pm 07-21-2015
Did the other condo owners in Jennifer's building feel unsafe too? The police should find the architecture plans before and after this happened to Jennifer. The abductor had to have been following Jennifer's movements very closely, knowing her plans and schedule from her work to her home.
5:16pm 07-21-2015
Jennifer was alone and felt unsafe, and told her family that she felt observed by the workers. I wonder if there was a undercover perpetrator among them, because the P.O.was described as a fake security officer bike messenger.
5:08pm 07-21-2015
There was new construction still going on to change the old rental apartments into new condominiums, so it was open and less secure, not 100% security.
5:06pm 07-21-2015
If this was planned abduction of Jennifer K. by the abductors, then it had to have been easy for them, because Jennifer had just bought and moved into her new condo after two months.
2:04am 07-20-2015
T Ray
That previous post should read Mr. Kesse"s instead of My Kesse's. So much for my proofreading. lol
2:01am 07-20-2015
T Ray
I have always had this gut feeling that it had something to do with her co-worker(s). Then I started to see things that backed that up. I can't go into any detail here, because I'm trying to honor My Kesse's request to keep this brief. Maybe someone will accept my email and we'll meet on the forum.
11:56pm 07-18-2015
I always thought she was sleeping over and watching a movie also. I agree that is probably why briefcase and clothes were missing. God bless Jennifer and her family. Justice is needed.
5:10am 07-17-2015
Hi everybody. I can't register in the forum, I've sent an email about a week ago but nothing happened.
The possibilities about her abduction are potentially innumerable, I think we must focus on some "strange" details:
1) Why her car has been moved? In my opinion it wasn't to earn time or keep attention away, if I kidnap somebody i don't care about his/her car. Maybe the abduction didn't happen in the Mosaic.
2) Why briefcase, wallet and phones are missing? If abduction happened in condo, there's no reason to take them too. Maybe it happened outside condo, but why they haven't been found in her car? I think because it happened from condo to car and abductor took everything she had with herself.
3) I read on a website that Jenn's condo had an anti-intrusion alarm, was she used to arm it when she entered in condo? In this case, who knew its code? In this case, I don't think about a construction worker, I've always thought about somebody she knew and trusted in. I think all happened 23 evening/night (at 10:40 pm the battery of her cell phone was removed, and if it was just out of charge maybe there's no reason to not put in charge cause, maybe, she used it to set an alarm to wake up in the morning??), somebody she trusted in may have knocked at her door (I think OPD checked her calls records and there was anything), persuaded her to go to his/her home to watch a movie (dvd player in the car) and sleep there not alone as in her condo, she brought work clothes and briefcase and they went by her car.
4) About the poi. I think he/she was wearing biker clothes: biker helmet, with a notch in its back; grooves on the sole of shoes to get grip on pedals; the string on his pants at ankle height....
I really hope that something new will come! God bless the Kesses!
12:54pm 07-16-2015
Unsolved Mysteries
Several people have contacted us and suggested that we profile Jennifer's case in a video on our website, If you are interested, please email us at We would like to do anything we can to help.

Best, The Unsolved Mysteries Staff
Replied on: 1:51pm 07-16-2015

Staff at Unsolved Mysteries,
Thank you for reaching out with this offer. Please check your email.
Drew Kesse

12:18am 07-09-2015
Dear The Kesses,

You have to get the POI to show you where Jennifer is located. And yes it can be done. I have already done it.

A POI in the Springfield Case showed us the anomaly at the parking garage. It was that simple. He read about my vision with Stacy and he couldn't resist.

I was going to write about my vision with Stacy and how it drew him out of the woodwork and how something like this could help you find Jennifer.

Since you feel that I have nothing of value to offer, who am I to argue with that? Anywho, this will be my last post. Good luck.
7:55pm 07-08-2015
Think of jenn everyday never been touch bye missing case like this one. God bless too then kesse
Replied on: 1:53pm 07-16-2015

Thank you for caring and sharing.
The Kesses

11:58pm 07-07-2015
April 10th 1996 - Fire Vision...

I was awakened out of my sleep when I heard a clicking sound followed by a flash of light. It was as if someone were taking my picture with a flash camera in a dark room. I was laying on my right side and I could see in the reflection of my bedroom window that something was definitely behind me. For a moment, I was thinking: "Michelle, is that you"? I hadn't visited her grave in 10 years. I quickly turned over and I was on my left side. Right in front of my face was a lamp.

The lamp was about a foot tall. It was cylindrical and transparent as if it were made of glass. There was an orange filament that went from top to bottom that emitted a perfect orange light. The filament is like what you would see in a toaster. The light was blinding but it didn't hurt my eyes.

As I looked through the lamp, it was as if someone were holding the lamp to my face with an extended arm. The lamp was eternal and it was invincible. It was like looking into the past. The lamp was ALWAYS there. In the presence of the lamp, nothing mattered. Nothing. The only thing that mattered was the lamp and my relationship to the lamp. I had all of my faculties and I could have touched the lamp if I wanted to. However, something told me not to do it, so I didn't.

The lamp started to move away from me and it moved across my bedroom floor, all along the floor, until it reached the middle of my bedroom. (I had a pretty big bedroom). While this was occurring, I remembered saying: "Please don't leave me".

Once the lamp reached the middle of my bedroom, it disappeared. Simultaneously as it disappeared, an illuminated circle appeared in its place. My whole room was dark except for this illuminated circle. It was about 4 feet in diameter and I could see the carpet designs inside the circle. Next, a wave a fire emanated from the center of the circle in all directions. It was as if someone tossed a pebble in a pond, except it was fire. The base of the flames were orange and the tips of the flames were blue. I could hear the sound of the fire all around me in stereo. It was the sound of an ocean. After the first wave of fire reached the perimeter of the circle, a second wave of fire emanated from the center. Once the second wave of fire reached the perimeter of the circle, it disappeared.

Simultaneously as the circle of fire disappeared, a candle appeared to my left, just outside of my line of sight, right by my bedside. The light from the candle lit up the far right corner of my bedroom. It was as if someone were reading a book by candlelight. I could hear the crackle sound of the candle. The light the lit up the far right corner of my bedroom was beautiful.

I hadn't seen the candle yet and it was close to my bed. For a moment, I was scared because I thought my bed would catch fire. Next the candle started to move and it moved toward the middle of my bedroom where the lamp and circle of fire had been. When the candle came into view, it was a small white candle in a black oil lamp with 2 handles. One on each side. The flame from the candle was a powerful flame, like a torch. There was an Arabic inscription in gold on the lamp.

Once the oil lamp reached the perimeter of where the circle of fire had been, it came to a stop. It disappeared and reappeared as if it were passing through a barrier. Right after it reappeared, it kept moving toward the exact center of where the circle of fire had been. Once it reached the center, it changed into the Lamp of Knowledge. It was made of pure gold. The handle was on the right and a powerful flame came out of the spout on the left. The handle to the right was angled downward and the spout to the left was angled upward. Next, the Lamp of Knowledge started to sink into my bedroom floor.

After the lamp completely sank into my bedroom floor, my room went pitch black. I was laying on my back on my bed with my forearms in front of my face. There was a short delay and then I heard and felt the word "Fire" go right through me. It was like being hit by a train. It went right through me. I got up and went into my living room and looked at the digital clock on the living room wall. It red lights, it displayed the time 6:00 AM. I turned on a lamp in the living room and picked up my Bible and started to read it. That is what you do when something like this happens.
Replied on: 5:12pm 07-08-2015

Ken we mean no disrespect however please refrain from your book like writings. They have no value in finding Jennifer. We respect your suggestion in the past of using a psychic. This just is not the place for your comments.
Thank you for caring and sharing.
The Kesses

3:45am 07-06-2015
T Ray
Is the discussion forum not accepting any new members? I've submitted two different email addresses and still no go. Maybe someone is on vacation? Sorry, I'm just puzzled.
5:08pm 07-05-2015
Past Present Future...there is one more thing that I would like to mention. The last time I visited Michelle's grave was on November 11th, 2011. On that day, I brought pictures of the three missing women that were on the internet. Stacy McCall, Suzie Streeter, and Sherill Levitt. For some reason I had this overwhelming urge to include pictures that were on the internet of Tara Grinstead and Jennifer Kesse. I placed them on Michelle's grave and made a prayer. It was a powerful spiritual experience.
At the time, I wasn't aware of Jennifer's diamond with the meaning of "past present future". I wouldn't know about it until just recently when I did some research and read more about her case.
THAT is what blew me away.
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