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8:06pm 04-18-2014
S. Walker
I just heard the story tonight on Greta Van Susteren. This just breaks my heart. I know the investigators have probably done everything they could think of, but did they use a scent dog in the seat of her car and take the dog back to where the person of interest left the scene when he/she parked the car? Just a thought. Also, was every license plate on the property where the car was left run for owner's names, and every resident on the property and every worker there investigated on that day. All we can do at this point is really pray for your family that someone will come forward with some information. Please just know I'm one person out there who will pray and who will still hope that she can be found.
Replied on: 8:49am 04-21-2014

You make too much sense in your actions needed. Yes they did use a scent dog which went from the parked car a mile down the street to Jennifer's condo building only not to her door. No on everything else which is one of the reasons Jennifer is still missing. Police were very "Oh she had a fight with her boyfriend" mode and did not take her disappearance seriously for hours that day 8+ yrs ago and we are all paying for that lack of action ever since with the burden on Jennifer.
The kesses

8:05pm 04-18-2014
mike camp
Just saw the fox report, dont know what to say, cant even imagine the pain for the family.
Has anyone tried google earth for the year of disappearance?  did it record anything in the areas you are searching? I heard it does snap shots, etc. I wish with all my heart she is found.
Replied on: 8:52am 04-21-2014

there have been an incredible amount of new inventions since Jennifer was taken. Google earth being one of them. It came out 6 mths after Jennifer was taken. We did ask Google if they had any Beta testing of the area, they did not. We also asked our Military if any eyes in the skies were looking down there too and no suck luck.
The kesses

7:58pm 04-18-2014
Ellen Tant
I want to tell the Kesse family I know exactly what they are going through as MY daughter has been missing since August 2006. She was 23, 4"11 and weighed 120. Although there is a thousand miles between us I have walked every mile that you have. There is talk about my daughter may be a victim of human trafficking also. They have reopened her case last year but I have yet to heard from anyone on any progress they may or may not be having. I am watching the Gretta Van Susteren special on Fox and felt compelled to contact you. I also appeared on Gretta's show soon after Brandi's disappearance. I was blessed to be approached by Investion Discovery channel and was able to get her story out. I know how frustrating it can be to wait for someone to grow a conscious and come forward with what they know. Wye both know that our daughters would have just walked off and be never I contact us again. My prayers are with you and know that ZGod is with you. When I look behind me I know those are not my footprints in the sand.  My daughters name is a Brandi Ellen Wells and a she disappeared outside of Longview, Tx

Replied on: 8:59am 04-21-2014

may Brandi be home with you soon, sorry you too must wait for someone with information to get the guts to speak up, no matter what the consequences are. They see not who they protect by not speaking up. Let Truth come to light for all those missing.
The kesses

2:04pm 04-18-2014
cynthia Greenleaf
I cant begin to imagine what you are going through. I will pass this on to everyone I know. I pray for her safe return and that they identify this person of interest.Bless you all and I hope all this effort pays off for you in the return of Jennifer and the person responsible be brought to justice.
Cobb, Georgia
Replied on: 9:00am 04-21-2014

Thank you Cynthia
The kesses

11:22pm 04-17-2014
Twitter & Facebook
Jennifer is on Facebook in two ways- one is through a Group at www.facebook.com/groups/FindJenniferKesse and the other is a Page at www.facebook.com/FindJenniferKesse. Twitter is @FindJennKesse
7:56pm 04-17-2014
Mr. Kesse,
As a Dad I can't imagine the daily pain you must endure. I wish I could do more than pray for Jen's safe return. May God bless you and your family.
Replied on: 9:02am 04-21-2014

We will take the prayers, thank you. We can't imagine the pain Jennifer has or did endure, ours is of little consequence.
The Kesses

7:51am 04-17-2014
Drew Kesse
You may also follow Jennifer on Facebook, group name Help find missing jennifer kesse, like the page and pass it along, awareness has worked for 8+ years for Jennifer in this manner and it will ultimately be the resource that will bring light to her whereabouts. We thank you all for caring and sharing this site and today is more important than ever to do so. Jennifer also is on Twitter.
7:48am 04-17-2014
drew kesse

Please tune into FOX News Channel Friday 7pm est for a Special on Jennifer's Abduction with Greta Van Susuteren. trailer above. It will be re-aired Friday night at 2 am est as well Saturday at 9pm and again at 1:00am est. please check your cable listings for proper channel for those without cable or that are international to us you may watch live on www.foxnews.com online! thank you and if you know something make the call!!! Crimeline 1-800-423-8477, Orlando police direct at 1-407-246-3982. Thank you
The kesses
6:55am 04-17-2014
Candace KY
Dearest loved ones and friends of Jennifer......I stop by when I can and always hope for good news. <3 Jennifer has remained in my prayers for years now and so have all of you. <3 I just wanted to leave a note to say that I truly hope some answers are finally going to come soon, it has been too long. And I want to see Jen return home safely as well. Lots of love, CDC
Replied on: 9:03am 04-21-2014

Thank you Candice for hanging in with us as we have searched for Jennifer these many years. We are ready for the answers.
The Kesses

11:15am 04-16-2014
Just sitting here thinking of Jenn and all of you today.... xoxoxo... sending lots of love, strength, determination and prayers today and always....

Replied on: 9:04am 04-21-2014

Than you for all you do harlee
The kesses

12:11am 03-27-2014
Hi.  Today is my birthday.  47.  I was thinking how the year 2006, starting in January to the end of March, was a bad year for me too in a relationship I had, that I was given an ultimatum, that I had to be with someone else to be with the person again, because I was co- dependent, and I became desperate and got even more hurt, by being intimate with a stranger, that I learned the hard way and lost my self worth.  I learned from this experience.  I believe 2006 was a strange year for me and also Jennifer Kesse, that it was a extreme life altering time and maybe that year had something to do with astrology or the stars or the full moon or the Chinese New Year, but it was extremely significant in waking me up to the harsh realities of life and how precious it is.  And to be grateful to be alive.  I learned that to be so desperate that you would do anything for a relationship, even to the point of bring unsafe, is very unhealthy.  I am sorry to whatever happened to Jennifer Kesse and I wish upon a star for her safe return home.
Replied on: 8:21am 03-28-2014

may you be safer in the future and to be your own person not someone , someone else wants you to be. Maybe 2006 was a weird year ????
The Kesses

10:42pm 03-26-2014
Robert Shepherd
It seems that it was someone who was familiar with her that no one she knew was familiar with. I would be led to believe that it's someone who probably saw her everyday like a neighbor or someone who works near her. It may even be someone she said "Hi" to everyday. A crossing guard, a policeman, a security guard, a restaurant manager, a close neighbor. Somebody missed something and a person was overlooked. Her daily routine is crucial to finding this person. I know it's been quite a few years now, but piece together that routine and start from there.
Replied on: 8:26am 03-28-2014

Very good points Robert. We see that very often in these type cases. People surrounding people in everyday life but with little notice or regard. Jennifer had a very set routine, we have gone over that with LE many times. Set routines are part of the opportunity for criminals. We suggest now that we know to NOT be routine in anything you do. Always switch things up a bit in your routine so as to NOT make it the same everyday.On the converse side of things, if someone wants you they will get you we have seen that so many times too. It takes 2 seconds to take a person, 2 seconds.
The Kesses
The Kesses

1:37pm 03-26-2014
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kesse

I am a mother from Colorado I have seen multiple documentaries on your beautiful daughter. I pray for her and your family. God Bless Jennifer and your family.
Replied on: 8:28am 03-28-2014

Thanks you for coming to the site after watching the shows done on Jennifer in the media and look for more coming in the near future too. Thank you for your kind words too, we hope to bring Jennifer home soon.
The Kesses

11:26am 03-22-2014
As a young doctor who is working in Eastern Europe I am convinced Jennifer was trafficked. We have rescued girls in both Russia and the Ukraine...
I shall certainly be keeping my eyes even wider open.
I pray for you, Jennifers family-

Replied on: 8:30am 03-28-2014

Can't say I disagree with you! However we must go down many paths as it turns out to find Jennifer. Someday we will choose the correct one.
Drew Kesse

12:08pm 03-17-2014
Bill Mann
It has been a long time for you and your family. I am encouraged by the tone of the OPD's letter to you and by their (recently found?) determination to keep remembering Jennifer.

When I think about Jennifer (and often in my prayers, too) I usually come back to the car. I know it wasn't hers and that "custody" of it was quickly lost. Were the trip odometer(s) and permanent odometer readings ever taken? Did Jennifer keep her (company) mileage anywhere, in a journal or mileage book?

You see that I am trying to establish a reference point so that the mileage could be backtracked to estimate the radius around he condo to where her car was taken. The fact her car was returned close to where it was taken was obviously a planned attempt to hide this radius from investigators. It is also an eloquent detail on the mindset of the perpetrators.

Returning the car, in my mind, is a personal affront, a brazen gesture, and yet a cowardly act, since they decided to not put it back where they took it from. So they got as close as they dared, to make their vengeful point, but did they overlook anything in the car? (the 32 seconds is not very long).

Plus the fact that in many car+person abductions I have read about, the car is abandoned AND torched. So, whoever took her also took the calculated risk of having someone drive her car some undetermined distance, in public, and in broad daylight, in order to hide how far it had been driven the day or days before, and in order to make their crime even more personal. (Is that not how you felt when her car was found?)

The first time I came to Jennifer's pages some years ago it was because of this vehicle connection with the disappearance of Melanie Metheney, (Belle WV) some 7 months after Jennifers' abduction. Police basically botched the forensics on Melanie's van, also decoyed away from to where she (Melanie) had been driven.

So, while the POI was spending 32 seconds in Jennifer's car, did he zero out her trip odometer? There is probably no way of knowing at this late date. But it would be one way her car could talk to us about what happened duing those 52 hours or so.

Also, was her car in the driveway or already gone when the grounds crew showed up that fateful morning at about the time she should have been leaving? (It has to be one or the other)

I know, these questions have been gone over and answered probably a thousand times on the forum, but it helps me as I think and pray.

I often ask God to stir the conscience of all those who know the truth, that their minds will not let them rest until they share their guilty knowledge. Their destiny depends on their responding to God's call for the truth they know. They are as much prisoner of these years past as Jennifer.

So, Psalm 86:17 is my daily prayer for all those waiting for Jennifer and for so many others. Joyce and Drew and family, may God bless your love and dedication in finding your daughter.
Replied on: 8:32am 03-28-2014

Thank you for never giving up on Jennifer's case. You continually are thinking and strategizing which is what is needed til something sticks. Points well taken
The Kesses

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