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9:55am 01-27-2016
I'm still not convinced it was a painter or worker at her condo. There was a co-worker who had an interest in her and was pissed she went on vacation with her boyfriend. He also made comments about her going missing and went into work late that day. I think his name was Johnny. I don't know why the Police have not questioned him yet. I also think she found something out at work that she should not have. Do a Google search on Westgate and David Siegel complaints. There are tons of complaints from screwing people over to running a shady business.
11:09pm 01-26-2016
Just imagine for a moment, that in addition to the reward generated by crowdfunding, the reward also includes a small book that Jennifer would read by candlelight. It could any small book that she loved. Imagine the impact this could have. The POI is no longer calling the shots. The Kesses are calling the shots.
10:47pm 01-26-2016
Just one more thing to go with my previous post. Sometimes, people aren't necessarily moved by money. What if the reward generated by crowdfunding also included a small token of something that Jennifer owns? Could be a powerful motivator.
9:55pm 01-26-2016
If the Kesses can build up a strong reward fund using crowdfunding, this can be a powerful tool to go after the POI. Someone knows who he is. Someone has worked with him. Someone is his neighbor. What would happen if the POI photos are plastered everywhere with a strong reward offered? The POI made one mistake 10 years ago, he parked Jennifer's car. Time to make him pay for it.

The best part is that crowdfunding would allow the Kesses to generate a reward fund without any cost to them.
8:38pm 01-26-2016
Still heartbroken..still remembering every day.
People still care and stand with you
8:02pm 01-25-2016
Kesse family I saw the information on a billboard in Tampa today. Glad to see that it is still reaching the public.
5:04pm 01-25-2016
If "gambling" strikes something...Please e-mail me, It means I can possibly help you...I am very sorry for all you are and have been going through. XO
11:34am 01-25-2016
Portland Maine has had a couple of different psychics work with the police department solving some very hard crimes. If I had someone close missing this is the first place I would go- one psychic was a woman named Vicki Munroe she led them to an area of a burial spot and said the woman's body would be discovered right before the first snow, her body was found and the first snow fell when they were done. Please contact them. I pray you will find the peace and closure you need in this tragic situation of a wonderful human being you and others so loved.
10:57pm 01-24-2016
I honestly have been trying to figure out on how down thing could of happened without anyone noticing or without being noticed. I honestly think that the illegal construction workers should of been more investigated and put as suspects because who else would be able to blend in and know her schedule, what time she got hem what time she left to work ,that she lived alone. I'm very sure it could of been one of them because they even made her feel uncomfortable at times .The picture of the suspect that left her car at a near by place looks like a guy probably wearing construction clothing and most of the time construction workers start work very early around 7-8 around the time she it abducted and then at around 11-12 is lunch time for them, also around the time that the car was being parked at the other apartments .. Maybe after he dropped her car off he just went back to work, the apartment complex the car was found is very close to where she lived and where the construction workers worked ..he could of easily just went back to work and not be suspicious .
10:47pm 01-24-2016
This is so sad , and heart breaking that such a beautiful person could be taken away without any trace .
10:34pm 01-24-2016
The energy is still same as what happened to Jennifer. She was vulnerable that evening when she came home from work, since she had been up very early after driving from her boyfriends after a vacation, and a predator was waiting for her. I was up late last night feeling the energy of how she must have felt the exact moment it happened to her. If the abductor was someone she knew, or the worker at the condo she felt nervous around, or a complete stranger? Most women have felt scared at one point in their life.
10:25pm 01-24-2016
This has hit a nerve with me, that it would be different in the old days before the Internet,that we would be unable to post so quickly, and this could be the curse of the modem times. Is it also easier for the act of abduction or trafficking to happen in this new world of cyberspace. This is personal to me because you have to be careful with online dating.
9:14pm 01-24-2016
During the weekend when Jennifer was on vacation and her brother Logan and his friends were staying at her condo, was it just her brother who had a key to her place? If any of his friends had borrowed the key, could they have made a copy of the key? I am not trying to implement anyone, but wasn't her ex- boyfriend among his friends?
6:28pm 01-24-2016
Got one more poster up at a Columbus Ohio airport today .
2:25am 01-24-2016
We are praying for you and Jennifer. We have prayed for 10 years and will continue to pray.

I only have one question: Did any establishments in the area have cameras? Any on the route from the apartment where she was and where her car was found? I'm wondering if the cameras were checked from all the buildings in the area, maybe within a five to ten mile radius.

Praying and keeping hope alive!
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