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6:28pm 01-24-2016
Got one more poster up at a Columbus Ohio airport today .
2:25am 01-24-2016
We are praying for you and Jennifer. We have prayed for 10 years and will continue to pray.

I only have one question: Did any establishments in the area have cameras? Any on the route from the apartment where she was and where her car was found? I'm wondering if the cameras were checked from all the buildings in the area, maybe within a five to ten mile radius.

Praying and keeping hope alive!
11:43pm 01-23-2016
10 years and I just heard about Jennifer Kesse missing for about two years. What came to mind was did the detective follow up what she did that day when she came to work on Monday following her vacation. Did she have catching up to do, clients, meetings, when she took lunch and her breaks. Jennifer had drove straight from her boyfriends to her work early that morning, so she was still in vacation mode when she got to work. Did her boss or co- workers notice her demeanor? Did she have anything really important to do, a deadline, or was it more relaxed that day at work. I read that people at her work knew she had been on vacation, but how involved was she working with other employees at the business that day or was she working most alone? Did she have secretary? She walked with her boss to her car when she got off work, and probably she was very tired so she went straight home to rest. What were her assignments she had to do after work at home? Was she a workaholic after being promoted three times,and it was a much neede vacation? Jennifer seemed to have perks in her life, a new condo a fabulous boyfriend, a vacation. But she also was nervous at her condo because of the workers. If she knew someone was watching her when she was abducted was that the same person who did it? It is a mystery. But it seems close to home, because that is where Jennifer was after she last talked to her boyfriend at 9:57 pm on January 23, 2006 until the next morning when she did not show up for work.
10:54pm 01-23-2016
Dont forget to call the tip line at 8004238477 if you have information.
12:32pm 01-23-2016
John Plevell
send me your email (drew or joyce) i want to email u back some info.thx john
10:44am 01-23-2016
After seeing a post on I watched all the videos on Jennifer's website. I think for sure one of these painters or workers or perhaps even one of their friends is the guilty party. I would make it my goal to comb through every employee that condo complex hired to work. Also check all the security cameras in the complex as well as surrounding area stores and gas stations. The camera that caught the pictures of that person, I am sure it was not the first time he or she passed by there. Being that height and that funny back of the hair I would look at the past pictures to see if you can find a match. It is obvious to me that it was someone near that knew her pattern. I hope you find the person. I can't imagine the heart break of this ordeal. I do not have a daughter but four sons and cant imagine the pain. I hope your daughter is found alive. She does not seem to be the victim type and if there was a way to escape I'm sure she would figure it out. Praying for your family.
1:11am 01-23-2016
Kesse family,

Thinking of you as the 10 year marker of Jennifer's disappearance approaches. I just never would have imagined when I read about this case 7 years ago that you would still be looking for answers. My heart breaks for you and for Jenn, and I pray you have those answers soon. My admiration of your strength and determination, as well as your love as parents, remains. Jennifer was blessed to have a loving family and I'm quite sure there's nothing more she would want than to tell you that herself. Thinking of you, praying for you. As always, if there's anything I can do, please let me know. God bless.
12:40am 01-23-2016
Jeff Taylor
If you have information call 4072462470
7:42pm 01-22-2016
Joe Ocasio
Our hearts bleed for you and Joyce...we thank you for the help you gave us early on with our search for Tracy.

One of these days, God willing we'll bring our daughters home...good or bad.

God Bless,
Joe & Liz Ocasio
12:58pm 01-22-2016
sorry for your situation, i have 2 #'s you/or police can call that might help your case....john 3524224401
11:12pm 01-21-2016
Going one step further... what if a massive reward fund could be crowdfunded?
11:02pm 01-21-2016
Just a brainstorm idea but wanted to share it. This might work if there is more than one person involved.

What if there was a massive reward offered? I mean massive. Like one million dollars offered? If there is more than one person involved, this might get one person to turn on the other.

For this to work, it would take some serious fund raising.
12:47pm 01-21-2016
@Ken the poi video was from a black and white camera. There is no way to determine the color of the clothes that he's wearing.

Jennifer and family, thoughts and prayers to you always.
10:57pm 01-20-2016
Tracy - Very intriguing post about Washington Mutual Bank! It's a longshot but definitely not far-fetched. The timing itself is intriguing. It would interesting to see if the bank robber was wearing something white...
8:35am 01-20-2016
It's me again. If that Washington Mutual Bank had a camera shot of that man that robbed them, it might be worth taking a look if it's still on police file. I looked it up and it appears that bank wasn't far from Jenn's condo. Not many guys are in the 5 foot tall range. I think it is worth a try. He may have needed some 'quick' cash and hit the nearest bank. I know this is far-fetched but if it were my daughter, I would check it out in a heart-beat.
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