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12:38pm 03-20-2016
Here is hoping that someone suggests to LE that they look through employment records relating to any/all construction workers, grounds keepers, maintenance workers who worked in and around the condos during the time Miss Kesse lived there and who might have left abruptly after her disappearance. I just think her abduction was committed by a worker who saw her and then saw an opportunity as, according to news stories, there were workers in the area and she was like one of just a few occupied condos in the back part of the development. If I remember correctly. I keep this young lady in my prayers every night and will continue to do so until the say she is found.
Replied on: 11:26am 05-11-2016

One can only hope and pray they did but we were told it was an impossibility for many factors especially illegal workers there. ease of access to property by so many.

1:51pm 03-14-2016
I've followed this case and read pages and pages of theories and blogs. My one question is as a younger person myself, everything I do goes through my phone either text message, emails, or calls. I'm sure her phone records were checked, but those would be a big help in determining if she had a planned meeting the night of her abduction. Were there any unreconizable numbers or messages on her phone history? If there wasn't then she either made plans with someone in person (work) or somebody came to her door at night unannounced going by the cell phone ping? I believe it happened wherever she was the night before. I pray and think of the Keese family all the time.
Replied on: 11:28am 05-11-2016

good observations and very possible since the phone was manually disabled after 10 pm the night before 1/23/06.

3:39pm 03-11-2016
I've followed this story since the beginning, can't believe it's been 10 years already. I hope someone feels enough guilt to come forward and provide information on her whereabouts. It's been long enough, the family deserves to know.
Replied on: 11:29am 05-11-2016

For Jennifer's sake and only Jennifer's sake please come forward yes

11:12am 02-28-2016
i think jennifer wasabducted at night. the predator was inside her apt. how else the two phones are missing?
i don't think she went out that monday night, but let's say she did she would only take her phone she will not take travis phone. she was going to mail it from work. even id
f she just went that night to her car she would just take her phone for safety . no reason to take travis phone. he was inside her apt and took things including two phones ,eiher at the time of abduction or after if he came back by himself.
the battery of jennifer's phone didn't went dead but it was removed, that's why i think the abduction hapanned at night.
Replied on: 11:29am 05-11-2016

all is possible. thanks for thinking aloud to us.

9:52pm 02-27-2016
Thinking and praying for Jennifer as I just read her story. May her family and friends remain strong and hopeful always! God bless.
Replied on: 11:30am 05-11-2016

We are will will remain strong until we have found Jennifer. There is no other way for us.

10:48pm 02-16-2016
Kesse family, can you verify the story of a key fob/pepper spray found that is linked to Jennifer? I see people reference this but not sure I believe it. Thank you and prayers to Jennifer and your family.
Replied on: 11:32am 05-11-2016

a FOB was found and could be Jennifer's but Investigators have that info and have not and will not share because I don't think they know if it is. So????

7:56pm 02-10-2016
Just put up another poster of Jennifer today .
Replied on: 11:33am 05-11-2016

Makes us smile, Thank you! they work believe us they work

2:07am 02-08-2016
THe timing of Jennifer's abduction is simple to deduce. Wet shower, wet towel, clothes on the bed. Jennifer never left the shower conscious. She was chloroformed while showering! Or ethered! Jennifer was too strong at 5'8" 135 pounds to be overpowered without being clocked with some kind of drug. Look at her thick neck. Her broad shoulders. Jennifer was drugged!
Replied on: 11:33am 05-11-2016

Anything is possible at this time so can't throw that theory out.

3:43pm 01-29-2016
Hello from Reno. I have followed Jennifer's case from the beginning.I think of her every few days. I also think of you, her parents, from Greta's first interview to the last one I saw you do.

I don't know much more to say, other than my thoughts are with all of you. I hope someday she's returned or you know what happened to her.`

Take care and remain strong.
Replied on: 11:44am 05-11-2016

Most humbled for caring for so long. Greta is a great woman

9:55am 01-27-2016
I'm still not convinced it was a painter or worker at her condo. There was a co-worker who had an interest in her and was pissed she went on vacation with her boyfriend. He also made comments about her going missing and went into work late that day. I think his name was Johnny. I don't know why the Police have not questioned him yet. I also think she found something out at work that she should not have. Do a Google search on Westgate and David Siegel complaints. There are tons of complaints from screwing people over to running a shady business.
Replied on: 11:35am 05-11-2016

police have questioned him as an fyi. still very much a possibility in our eyes

11:09pm 01-26-2016
Just imagine for a moment, that in addition to the reward generated by crowdfunding, the reward also includes a small book that Jennifer would read by candlelight. It could any small book that she loved. Imagine the impact this could have. The POI is no longer calling the shots. The Kesses are calling the shots.
10:47pm 01-26-2016
Just one more thing to go with my previous post. Sometimes, people aren't necessarily moved by money. What if the reward generated by crowdfunding also included a small token of something that Jennifer owns? Could be a powerful motivator.
Replied on: 11:37am 05-11-2016

Ken we have had so many rewards offered with NO success at all. If any reading was done I think you have known how many and what amounts have been offered. It is not lack of trying this avenue. and we did it with Millions of posters and fliers out in the public. It is not from a lack of trying what you re suggesting. Thank you for thinking though.

9:55pm 01-26-2016
If the Kesses can build up a strong reward fund using crowdfunding, this can be a powerful tool to go after the POI. Someone knows who he is. Someone has worked with him. Someone is his neighbor. What would happen if the POI photos are plastered everywhere with a strong reward offered? The POI made one mistake 10 years ago, he parked Jennifer's car. Time to make him pay for it.

The best part is that crowdfunding would allow the Kesses to generate a reward fund without any cost to them.
8:38pm 01-26-2016
Still heartbroken..still remembering every day.
People still care and stand with you
Replied on: 11:38am 05-11-2016

Humbled by your caring. Thank you

8:02pm 01-25-2016
Kesse family I saw the information on a billboard in Tampa today. Glad to see that it is still reaching the public.
Replied on: 11:39am 05-11-2016

We are too, we are trying and will never give up.

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