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6:21pm 09-08-2009
I meant to write HOPE you get some feed back on this.
6:14pm 09-08-2009
Just MISSED something on WFTV news tonight, and can't find it.
I just saw very tail end of it, don't have a clue what it was about. How you get some feed back on this.
6:15pm 09-06-2009
Dear Drew and Joyce,
I looked at this too. But I was unable to stop the video when the photo came up that I wanted to take a good look at, as I do not know how to do that. Anyway, I just saw it at a glance to say the least, and I do agree, the similarity is unreal so to speak.
Drew, it was really kind of you to respond to Julie, thank you so much.
10:38pm 09-05-2009
Julie S..I think you have found a very interesting picture..but only her parents would know for sure..Drew, here is the full link..it's about 1 minute in..it maybe worth contacting the author of the book being reported upon: http://www.cbn.com/cbnnews/world/2009/September/Murder-for-the-Sake-of-Honor/
8:04pm 09-05-2009
Julie S.
I was watching Christian World News on Channel 22 today and I saw a picture frame with a picture of a girl that looked exactly like Jennifer. I am sure I must be wrong, but I think it is worth someone taking a second look. If you go to www.CBN.com and click on Christian World News it is the Friday, Sept. 4 story called Murder for the Sake of Honor. Not far from the start of the clip there are black picture frames with girls pictures. You will know exactly which one I am talking about when you see it. It looks like a slightly thinner, emaciated Jennifer. It is very frustrating because a glass is positioned directly in front of her chin where I was looking to see if there was the cleft. Please take a look!
Replied on: 10:07am 09-06-2009

Thank you very much for this info. If you wish, please call crimeline @ 1-800-423-8477 and report it. It has been passed on to proper people.

6:30pm 09-03-2009
The police then need to look into any unsolved murders of a man who may look like the person of intrest who was murdered after her disappearce.
6:27pm 09-03-2009
I agree. the only way a secret stays that way is if there is only one person left alive to tell the truth. That person needs to come forth now.
6:21pm 09-03-2009
I hope that one day that the Kesse family will get the much needed answers to what happened to Jennifer. Keep up the good thoughts. Your family are in all our Prayers and Thoughts. Somebody out here does know something. I hope one day that person will do the right thing for everyone sake. What that person needs to fear is not the police but the other person who might be involed in Jennifer disappearce.
7:15pm 09-02-2009
Dear Joyce and Drew,
I am so glad that you deleted that post, thank you SO MUCH.
2:54pm 09-01-2009
Kesse family;

Probably should disregard Desmond Munda's post below, it appears he's seeking $$$ from S. Africa for his dying grandfather.
6:59pm 08-31-2009
To the Kesse's,
Hello, I was just reading about a horrific murder that happened in January of 2008 in Sarasota, Fla. The victim was a beautiful young woman in her early 20's named Denise Amber Lee. She was a mom and a wife and reading about it just made me feel sick. But I thought I would mention it to you only because it happened on January 20th I believe in Florida, 2008...she was snatched right out of her home! Just seemed a bit similar to possibly how Jennifer disappeared and the fact that it happened near the same date 2 years later made me think possibly a pattern? I am adding a link to this sicko's sex offender profile, maybe something to look into. He's a tad heavyset and 5 ft 9, but in 2006 maybe he was thinner. Just thought I would pass it along. Here is the website:
7:49pm 08-30-2009
Cindy & The Dugans
Hi Keese Family,
As always thinking of everyone...the news of JC Dugard gave a good feeling of hope which I'm sure was most needed. Stay strong!! Cindy
8:33am 08-30-2009
I just wanted to say that Jennifer and her family are in my prayers and myself and my family wish you a very happy conclusion to this nightmare. I have two children as well and cannot comprehend what you are all going through with her missing. I work in a fairly large city airport in Palm Beach County Florida for The Dept. of Homeland Security and my job is basically a proactive one. I make sure that the people coming through my airport are #1 ,safe and #2 , not in anyway up to NO GOOD. I can promise you this much. If I ever see her or hear anthing at all about her I will contact you right away. Her face is in my memory and will not leave it. I wish you well.
9:41pm 08-29-2009
Billy and Connie
After 18 years, Jaycee Dugard was found alive. Praying that your Jennifer and our Tara will be too. We think about your family often and ask the Lord to continue to give you the strength to endure this.
11:56am 08-29-2009
Tonilisa Marteliz
I am just sending my prayers to your family. My sister has been missing since 1982 I know how it feels to lose someone like this.
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