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12:57pm 10-06-2009
I just thought you had read something someone put that's all. that you started puting together the peices of this big puzzle of Jennifer disappear.
12:31pm 10-06-2009
Trey- I didn't read anything? Not sure what youre asking about?
12:18pm 10-06-2009
Yes Jessica I know that. thanks again for thinking outside the box. I have been thinking about that too. I have noticed up at the top you have to put your email. what was it that you read that made you start thinking about someone.
11:43am 10-06-2009
Whatever is posted on here can easily be traced back to an IP address.
Trey-the car sat in the lot for 2 days bc it didn't raise a red flag to anyone. The car model and color are common especially to that apt. complex.
If POI was a workman or any individual that held a job. He would of not reported to work. Someone would have noticed that or come on the following day into work w/ an excuse.
But if POI was a student that regularly skipped class or was late to class-I don't think it would of raised a red flag to anyone.
11:22am 10-06-2009
Sorry about that . Bill M your last post was on oct 4 right after dan came back and started posting again.
11:13am 10-06-2009
Jessica did you notice that since Dan can forth that Bill M hasn't said anything since Dan started posting. Hey Bill M are you there. what do you think about all of this and the POI. could Jessiaca be right.
11:08am 10-06-2009
Once again Jessica you have seen something I havn't. that POI doesn't know anything about cars.
10:54am 10-06-2009
I say the POI looks to be a kid or juvenile. Difinitely same person was caught on tape. POI stay in the car for quite a bit of time. I noticed that while POI was parking the car headlights were on. I believe in those Chevy models the lights come on automatically and switch off automatically. Maybe someone can confirm this. So if POI is in the car for 30 secs. it could be to figure out why the lights aren't turning off. From the Aerial View of Huntington on the Green Condos, POI would have to drive infront of camera 2-(the one that caught him walking) Is there any footage of this? If POI took off on foot he would of been caught on surveillance at that intersection where the Chevron is or on the other side where the Publix shopping center is.
Replied on: 5:18pm 10-06-2009

POI was in car an estimated 32 seconds before leaving it. lights are auto. entrance there seems to be a blind spot for cameras. No on street cameras at all at the time of this drop off. police have looked at many tapes from all over Orlando to see if the car passed anywhere. there are no cameras of the street on the route to HOG from Mosaic
drew kesse

10:47am 10-06-2009
Yes maybe we sould. why do I feel like this person is writing down what others are saying. just in case this person is ever caught. and why didn't anyone notice that car parked in that parking lot for 2 whole days.
10:10am 10-06-2009
wb-That's true maybe we can establish some kind of message board privately or something on here that needs to be logged into.
9:59am 10-06-2009
Dan you put down your area code and told people where you live. you also need to be careful too. if anyone named Dan disappeares anytime soon others here are going to think someone is trying to keep him from saying anything else.
8:31am 10-06-2009
Kesse family I think you need the Crimanal Minds Unit to come take a look at this case. I love that show on cbs. they have to come and look at Jennifer apartment and profile this person or person's. I think the who;e profile might be wrong. I only thought of this after Jessica said something.
8:22am 10-06-2009
Hold on. how much time beteen the time the camana that took these pictures. this couldn't be a kid and someone else dressed the same. hey Jessica again you see something I havn't thought of. no way.
8:13am 10-06-2009
Wait, I just like you Jessica I also remember a trend when people I knew wore that kind of hat before. I am 44.
11:15pm 10-05-2009
Why do I feel like the person who took her is comming to this website just to see what people are saying about this case. This person doesn't like it that this case is heating back up again. but are not posting anything just watching what others are saying.
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