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9:45pm 10-18-2009
Dan, thank you for your kind words, and I agree, Jessica's ideas are great! Yes, I don't know if she would make a special trip in the morning to mail that phone. There are two post offices up north on OBT I believe, which I think is the opposite direction she would go to work. I would think she would be able to mail it out from her work, or mail it out somewhere close to her work. Many kids today don't use alarms, and they don't even wear a wristwatch. They use their cell phones and pdas for everything!
9:41pm 10-18-2009
Im wondering and this may be a bit much, but what if a recreation of events that we actually know about could be done and in the actual places that they took place. I just wonder if this would give a clearer picture and maybe see something as its happening that we are all missing. Just an idea, it would probably be a waste of time, I dunno. Also if she was taken to another unit and held, and if it is not human trafficking, maybe one of the units that were not occupied has something hidden in the vents, ductwork ect. Im thinking maybe the poi got nervous and decide to get rid of her purse and phones and such, not her, and he could of hidden things in an attic or crawl space if they have such things. Just throwing this stuff out there, my mind is going a mile a minute.
9:39pm 10-18-2009
If the cell phone was already packaged and ready to go-it would not fit in her purse bc her purse is a small handbag the picture of it is on the website. So we have Jennifer leaving her home carrying her purse, the package, her work briefcase and possibly a gym bag. If she was confronted while holding all those articles I think it would appear as a struggle in the staircase area. ALso a thought is Jennifer making several trips to her car which could make it possible for the POI to follow her back inside her apartment or to her car if left unlocked. Law enforcement needs to keep interviewing lawn workers and contruction workers and nearby residents. If POI was stalking Jennifer he would of been in the vicinity on several occasions.
9:27pm 10-18-2009
Hi Sandy, Yes I know, her phone and her brothers friends phone are gone. This too makes me believe she was out of the condo when something came down. Makes me wonder if it was packaged already and ready to go or if she was gonna have it done when she sent it. I can't see something being open that early in the morning to do that. After rethinking that if it wasn't packaged then she probably had it in her purse or with hers as a reminder. I guess only Drew and Joyce and Rob could answer that about an alarm clock. If thats the case then I suppose someone could of been inside. I just never thought of her using her cell as an alarm clock, just sounds weird to me. But then again Im much older than they are. Also, I think you and Jessica are doing an outstanding job on posting, I know you both have given me more to think about and spectulate on.
Replied on: 8:42am 10-19-2009

cell phone alarm clock used most often

8:56pm 10-18-2009
Dan - Not sure if she used an alarm and I haven't read anything about that. Many young adults today use their cell phone alarm as their alarm clock. And Jenn's cell phone is missing.
8:28pm 10-18-2009
OK, back, I just thought of something to try and rule out someone being in her condo. What time did Jenn have her alarm set for? If she were taken before her alarm went off don't you think the alarm would be going off when Drew and Joyce arrived? Nothing has been said about an alarm clock that im aware of, so this leads me to believe she woke up did her normal routine of getting ready and then left. The mystery is as Drew has said, it started at the front door.
6:06pm 10-18-2009
Just want to say a huge Thank You to all these people whom lately have come together to try to find Jennifer. And we also all do this for Drew and for Joyce.
In the back of my mind, I still cannot help but think it has to be a horrible case of human traffiking, as I have read a fair bit recently about how common that is in Florida, and even up on I-10. Where I used to live. So hard to believe, but it IS TRUE.
Because this case has gone so long without being solved, makes me think more than ever, that it IS a case of human traffiking where I have read, they are so experienced and they DO NOT MAKE MISTAKES, so that is the reason they get away with it so easily. I worry that Jen is in a foreign country. In a few days I will be in the Caribbean on many islands, about ten, and Drew and Joyce, you can be guaranteed that I will be looking for Jen every single day.
5:18pm 10-18-2009
I have no clue if the parking spaces were assigned or not. Yes I believe the poi has seen her before and more than a couple of times and her surroundings as well. If none of the grounds people or any other workers seen her or her car at 7:30 then we can assume she was definately or at least her car was taken a lot earlier. We know she left around 7:30 ish as a routine, omg, i just answered my own question, i don't need to know what time she had to be to work or her commute time, we have established her routine at 7:30 ish. duh. Anyway, i would guess maybe 15 to 20 minutes earlier to drop the package off, if she intended on doing that in the am.
Back in a bit, gotta do some work.
4:34pm 10-18-2009
If the POI was planning to take a woman or in particular Jennifer he must have been around her complex on more than one occasion to scope it out. If the landscapers did not see her leave for work well it could of been that she woke up and walked to her vehicle a lot earlier than usual taking into account she had to mail the package. Is the parking at Mosaic assigned parking? If it is then it would be easy for residents to recall if her car was not there when they left for work. If POI arrived to Mosaic on bike and entered through that side gate then he is from the nearby neighborhood or used Public transportation to get to Mosaic.
3:07pm 10-18-2009
wb, the perp was caught in kansas and his was random.
Jessica, im not saying he had it planned for monday morning, but had it planned in his mind to do at any given morning he thought he could get away with it. Again i believe it was not random and she was a target. I do agree with you on the workers there. If they would of seen jenn leave they would of seen her car leave as well. Im saying if she was in another unit being held, her car left sometime and the grounds keepers would of seen that. They watch her daily and im sure they know what she drove. So, did they see her car at 7:30 ish ? if not then i would tend to believe she was taken well before then. I have asked before and never got an answer, what time did she have to be to work and how long was her commute to work?
1:36pm 10-18-2009
Dear Joyce
I am the lady the rolled down the window while driving down Fletcher this past weekend and told you we are praying for Jennifer. Jennifer and your family has been on my prayers since Jan 2006. Not a week goes without me reading every possible article about Jennifer on the internet. We lived in Tpa for 23 years, moved to Orlando in 2005 (lived there 2years) and now live in Atlanta..but Jennifer and her story has followed us in our hearts and prayers.
God has put it on my heart to pray for her and for you since day one. I am a mother and know a mother's heart...I can only imagine your pain. We were in Tampa visiting family from Atlanta this weekend and seeing you on Fletcher Ave...was confirmation for me that I need to continue to pray for your family. In all this there is a greater purpose...I hope you know that you are not alone in this fight, but God and his faithful angels are with you ( though it may not seem like that)...never lose hope and GOd plan, purpose and timing. Wherever she is, I know God has angels watching over her. Be blessed. Shiba
1:04pm 10-18-2009
If you are not being productive on this Guestbook why waste your time! I am wondering about Jennifer's cell phone records and if she used her phone or a separate alarm clock to tell us what time she woke up. Is the cell phone company able to say what towers her phone was pinging off last and at what time exactly was it powered off. If POI approached Jennifer around the stairwell and what point would he be able to grab her cell phone and power it off? I think Dan was saying about him planning this out, but Jennifer did not run her same routine on Monday bc she was away on vacation. So if POI was stalking her and planning this out I believe he would of been around Mosaic on Monday awaiting for her as well but Jennifer was not there that morning. Anyone know what gym she was a member of? The gym is a location that men often stalk woman.
12:53pm 10-18-2009
accused - do you understand that by saying all of these things, you make yourself look guilty? your anger alone makes you look guilty. if you're not guilty, you should just lay low and stay out of trouble and stop bad mouthing the authorities. if you weren't involved, you have nothing to fear or worry about. it's as simple as that. it's also odd that you have to say how smart you are, and how attractive woman find you. why would you even say that?
11:45am 10-18-2009
were any of the lawn care workers from GR landscaping
9:27am 10-18-2009
If the Kesse family has one of these people in mind, they should set the suspect up to make another mistake. Pick a different condo under construction where they work, plant a young female detective there for a couple of months. See what happens!
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