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10:21pm 10-09-2009
This case could of been solved almost immediately had that surveillance video been released a lot sooner. Law enforcement assumed they would pick up the POI soon after the abduction and hold him to his statement through this video. This mistake should never occur again. A jumbotron with the POI's image should of been set up right there on that intersection once the video was discovered. You could bet that POI would never walk down that street again.
10:05pm 10-09-2009
There's an article about the Bloodhound dog they used named Bo. It said the bloodhound took a wiff of the passenger seat and then led the handlers back to Jennifers apt. I think it said by that side fence and not through the main entrance.
10:01pm 10-09-2009
Jessica - yes I read that she works in Ocoee, and you're right, I forgot that the whole mileage thing was figured out! the cell phones and jewelry posting would be a good idea!
Another thing I thought of, and I absolutely hate to even have this idea, but I haven't seen any postings of whether or not they used tracking dogs within Jennifer's building. I am thinking of Annie Le and Eridania Rodriguez. And searching the basement of the building, ductwork, ceiling tiles, etc. for any clues, possibly Jennifer's purse, cell phone, etc.
9:49pm 10-09-2009
Sandy-Jennifer works in a different city. I think its called Occoe (sp?) so the likelihood that it happened near work and the POI drove the car back to her area is very slim. So the confrontation must of been somewhere in the vicinity of her appt. and HOG. Law enforcement says bc of mileage and gas in tank that this occured nearby. I forgot who brought it up before but Law enforcement must know a pretty good radius. BC all that would be needed to know is last time Jennifer filled up (checking bank account transactions) mileage to work from bf's house and mileage back to house. HOw much gas was left in the tank when POI dropped off car at HOG. How much MPG does Jennifer's car get. It is really an easy equation and it would atleast give a pretty good search radius. Kesse family should release the models of the 2 cell phones or watch or any other jewelry Jennifer could of been wearing in case they showed up at a pawn shop or POI was in possesion of them after Jan 24th and someone noticed them.
9:35pm 10-09-2009
I agree that the POI looks young, and possibly a teenager. Definitely I don't think he had his own car, or why would he be driving Jennifer's.
The purse and briefcase missing - maybe Jennifer was accosted as she was leaving her car to go into work? In her work parking lot? And had her purse and briefcase in her hand?
8:55pm 10-09-2009
The more I think about the bloodhound hitting hear that fence. I wonder if it could be a neaighboorhood kid that jumps that fence on his way to school. MOre than likely we would associate jumping a fence w/ a kid doing it rather than an adult. Also, police stated that they do not beleive it was a robbery bc valuables were left in the car- but we do know that Jennifer's purse and briefcase were missing. POI walks away from the car and it appear to be empty handed -probably to not appear suspicious to passerbys. If he walked away w/ a CD player in hand or others valuables he would immediately be suspected. But what is it to say this was not initially a robbery. Some deliquent seeing a well-dressed woman w/ breifcase and purse and immediately assume she has $ on her. Also if the deliquent used drugs -and wanted drug money-to later go back to HOG and buy drugs there.
8:22pm 10-09-2009
Sandy_I think we have all long suspected it was one of the workers bc Jennifer was uncomfortable with them, but unfortunately it has not panned out that it was one of them.
8:19pm 10-09-2009
Jessica, the comment you made about POI heading back toward Jennifer's complex gave me a thought. Maybe he was one of the workers at Jennifer's complex. And he was going back to work. Hopping the fence to get back into her complex? Maybe he accosted her near her car as she was leaving for work in the morning, drove around with her, returned her car to the HOG, and then walked back to Jennifer's complex, jumped the fence (bypassing the security gate, which would be suspicious), and went back to work.
8:13pm 10-09-2009
The POI was in possesion of the vehicle all morning. It doesn't necessarily mean POI drove around and was joyriding in it. I think the amount of gas in the tank & miles in the car are evident that the car did not travel very far. I am thinking that if POI confronted Jennifer that morning at 730ish once POI dropped off that at noon at HOG he headed to eat lunch somewhere on Americana Blvd. or the surrounding vicinity.
8:07pm 10-09-2009
Now I am confused the police and the family say that there weren't that many miles on the car when found. if that person rode around that person had to find a way to roll back the miles on the car to make sure no one knew just how far that person went with that car. Ok Kesse family is this possable that is what the POI was doing in the car rolling the miles back.
7:57pm 10-09-2009
The car was definitely left there the same day Jennifer went missing it was dropped off at noon. There is a resident that commented to the newspaper that she saw the car there on Tuesday bc she almost backed into it. I was thinking about why the POI chose that parking lot rather than drive the car back to Jennifer's apt. complex or just leave it stranded on the side of the rode or at the Publix parking lot. Why HOG? I think that either he could not get back into Jennifer's complex bc it is gated or he needed to get back close to his home/apt or near his mode of transportation (maybe a bus stop or a bike). POI drove the car around all morning so why did he not leave the car in another part of town? Also the Bloodhound's trail leads back to the Mosaic apt.- makes me wonder if when he walked out of HOG he made a right and headed back near Jennifer's apt. near the fence that separates the road and the apts. bc that is the route the bloodhound led.
7:48pm 10-09-2009
found an article on from feb. 10, 2006, that said that jennifer was probably going to mail back the phone that her brother's friend had left at her condo over the weekend. the phone never made it to her brother's friend, and the phone wasn't found in her condo. if you look for usps mailboxes in the area, the closest two appear to be 4683 s. orange blossom trail, a citgo station, and 4600 s. orange blossom trail, front of library? looks like that is a very open area, with alot of businesses and parking lots. i wonder if there were any cameras checked out from businesses over there?
7:44pm 10-09-2009
still not clear on whether the car was left on tuesday, which is the day jennifer went missing, or thursday...
7:28pm 10-09-2009
If that car was there for 2 days why wasnt their bird crap all over that car.
7:19pm 10-09-2009
Didn't the cops look for her car and one of the places they looked was at the same place the car was left. When the cops went and looked at the camera it said the car was left on thurs jan 26. and a few days ago they go and look and they find out the time stamp is off . and the car was left on tues.
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