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6:58pm 10-09-2009
I was just on an old Orlando Sentinel blog, and someone mentioned that the security camera that caught the POI parking the car should be checked on days prior to and after the parking of that car. POI possibly could be someone who lived or worked in that complex and maybe a better picture could be obtained from a different day.
4:09pm 10-09-2009
That is very strange Jessica. I bet your husband wasn't with you at the time that happened was he. this man never tryed to talk to you did he. maybe ask what your name was. You just gave the cops a another lead to look into. Yes I do remember you saying that.
1:44pm 10-09-2009
The person I photographed has the same haircut the shaved botton with long hair on top but I don't think he has big feet. I tried to see if he was working on the roads again but I have not seen him again. What made me suspicious is every time I drive by he would blow a kiss (I found that so strange). I've looked at the aerial views to try to see if any businesses nearby wear a uniform similiar to his. What I found interesting was the Bloodhound's trail of the POI leads to a side fence of Jennifer's complex, not the main gate. I posted that info a few days back.
12:56pm 10-09-2009
Jessica when did you take that picture of that worker who you said was on your computer sceen. And only after see that story on E network you thought of that picturew. did he have on large shoe's. what color was that person shoe's. you need or someone else quitly needs to go back and look.
12:14pm 10-09-2009
Yes the family is sure going to want to meet you in person and will want to gave you very big hug.
12:10pm 10-09-2009
Bill M you might be the person who just gave the police something to go on. and just might be the person who the family will want to meet because you may have just gave them the clue to find out what happened to Jennifer. I am so sorry I did read what you wrote but it didn't realy sink into until Sandy said something about his shoes being big.
12:01pm 10-09-2009
Bill M
I nicknamed the POI "Bigfoot" because, from the gate photo, it seems his feet are in fact, VERY big. Somebody sold him those size 13 or so new black sneakers about 4 years ago..I was hoping that someone might remember by calling the POI Bigfoot..The back of his haircut looks like "Flat Top" out of the old Dick Tracy comic strip, but I know that goes back a long way. Just trying to raise awareness with the big-footed POI with a strange retro hair cut...somebody has to have seen this guy.
11:55am 10-09-2009
Everyone needs to go to where it says Aerial view of the scene it will show you all the places around Orlando and where the car was parked and other places we have heard about on this website.
11:40am 10-09-2009
I think it was Bill M who said that Bigfoot brought Jennifer's car back. You were so right Bill M. but it wasn't bigfoot who did this it was someone with big feet. Bill M you must have looked at the picture of the POI.
10:40am 10-09-2009
I ment to say him or her
10:30am 10-09-2009
The POI has large shoe's meaning they have big feet.
10:28am 10-09-2009
Also the family tryed calling Jennifer cell phone, and computer and didn't get any answer.
10:15am 10-09-2009
Where could that mud have come from? A river, lake, or maybe a underpass. that person forgot to wash the mud off.
10:10am 10-09-2009
Why did Jennifer car have some mud on it. had it rained the day before? or the early that morning before she went missing?
10:02am 10-09-2009
The cops now have something to go on. so do you remember what you did wrong?
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