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7:20pm 09-27-2009
My prays are with you all! When i first moved here to vegas in 1997 i lived by myself in an apt. I would come home from my job and find the sliding door open lights out ALL the time on my porches and things moved..just not right. Came to find the maintenance man was crazy. We ONLY found this out when i had a few mormon elders over for pizza..kind boys...this whacko came knocking on my door at 11pm and had a gun, no shirt or shoes. Please check the maintenance people and painters and such that were working near or at the site of the disappearance or her place that she lived. PLEASE! This guy was scrawny like the person in the pictures. BUT...the police never did anything with this maintanance man and my gut instinct said he was whacko. I pray you find her!
5:47pm 09-27-2009
Jen Mc.
Jennifer & your family are in my prayers today!
4:10pm 09-27-2009
Oh my gosh! I was watching E! when the show 15 Unthinkable Crimes came on and I saw this! I feel for the family and I hope she is found not dead but alive my prays are with you all who know her!
12:34pm 09-27-2009
By the way did anyone see any Carpet Cleaners the morning Jennifer disappeared.
4:30pm 09-26-2009
Bill M, I to had this idea about 3 years ago and I believe they have covered that road, so i decided to look at the time lines, from the time of her abduction till the car was parked it was app 5.5 hours, assuming she left at 7:30 am , the car was parked at 1:00 pm the same day. So, figure 2.75 hours out and back, I think she was and or is closer to her home than people realize. Things to consider are, taffic, traffic lights, speed limits ect. This will reduce the 2.75 hours some.
3:19pm 09-26-2009
Does anyone remember anyone passing out flyiers at Jennifer apartment.
11:38pm 09-24-2009
Iwish your family all the best in locating your daughter and wish you peace during your search for her with a quiet determination not strayed by time.
2:13pm 09-23-2009
Bill M
Jennifer's car is the last piece of evidence available. How much gas was in the tank from the last time Jennifer had it filled? The difference from full to where it was when returned would tell us how far it traveled if you minus out the distance from Jennifer's boyfriends to her workplace to home. But it is necessary to know the last time filled. Unless the perp filled it, which would have meant he was somewhere on camera three years ago...I hope the LEOfficers went over that. Was the trip odometer set on zero? What about the main odometer..do we know the last real reading (did Jennifer keep a mileage book) from which we could subtract her travels and come up with an unexplained (round-trip) balance. This could still be done, and it would establish a radius for the airport from which I believe she was flown out of privately
7:34pm 09-22-2009
Cindy & the Dugans
Hi Kesses,
Thinking of you...Jonathan has turned 21 today which brings you all in my thoughts. Cindy
10:16pm 09-20-2009
Was Jennifer Apartment number to her condo 621. these numbers just poped in my head today.
Replied on: 7:49am 09-22-2009

no, may want to play the pick three though :)

4:02pm 09-17-2009
Maybe we could start a massive e-mail/petition campaign to the FBI and Homeland Security in Jennifer's behalf?
Replied on: 4:52pm 09-18-2009

thank you however both agencies mentioned are totally aware, petition not needed. Thank you and as always keep on thinking.

4:01pm 09-17-2009
I do hope and pray that these mysterious fingerprints were compared to all of the data bases available to the FBI and even Homeland Security. The POI has traveled, his fingerprints are probably sitting in a file somewhere, probably on one of the off shore islands. He might even be known to INTERPOL. But if the Kesse's are unable to get LOEs in Orlando to think outside of Orlando, to think abduction with intent to transport overseas, then indeed we will likely never find this guy. He won't come back. We have to have Orlando investigators work with our largest investigative units Stateside and even internationally, starting with St Croix, to locate the POI, or whoever left the fingerprints in Jennifer's car and apartment. Are these one or two or multiple unknown sets of prints? Hours and hours of painstaking cross checking could very well bring some direction to Jennifer's whereabouts, but will LOEs think outside of the box
Replied on: 4:55pm 09-18-2009

jennifer's fingerprints and DNA are in every conceivable database law enforcement has locally, state and nationally. If someone slips up we will know.

5:13pm 09-16-2009
Dear MPEA, thats probly how it will happen. I am concived that one day whatever happened to her will come out. I also want and pray for this family. they sure don't deserve what is going on. and have bring them some relief.
3:17pm 09-16-2009
you can speculate for years as to what happened to jennifer,but untl you find whos fingerprint and dna was in her car,and the identity of the poi,thats all it is.theres realy not enough information released to the public to do anything other than speculate.this case will be solved by someone stumbling on to something,such as a friend rambling in a drunkin stuper,or someone finding her purse,or other belongings,or a future arrest with a dna match.i just hope and prey that it is in the not to distant future.this family needs some kind of closure,and jennifer deserves to be home with her family where she belongs.dear kesses,may god look down tonight and bring closure and some relief to your pain and suffering,you are a family that anyone would be proud to have.MPEA
1:52pm 09-16-2009
wait, if it did happen that way. that person might have thought that was her boyfriend.
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