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1:03pm 10-03-2009
Dan did say that I just went back and read what he wrote. it was posted at 430pm. as far as 621 I don't know that one but there are two area codes that are very close to that 620,623
12:50pm 10-03-2009
Hey wait a min here i justrt noticed something i just read i think the family needs to know about and i hope the cops are going to look into this. one of the post on sept 26 said something. this person named dan said assuming she left at 730 and her car was parked the same day at 100pm. no it wasn't it was found 2 days later on thurs.
2:07pm 10-01-2009
Hey I also had a dream about Jennifer before she disappeared. I saw a apartment and I went inside and did see when you first go inside I saw a counter as you go inside of her place.
11:35am 10-01-2009
What a fantastic idea, Jessica!
9:58pm 09-30-2009
I saw Jennifer has a Twitter account set up. I recommend you try to trend her missing information with a Twitpic attached of her POI. It will get her picture and POI's picture out to millions around the world. Maybe a network of people can try to keep it trending for a period of time. Who know someone can recognize the indivual and get the lead we are looking for.
May God Bless. Jennifer and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
9:20pm 09-30-2009
I have been so burdened with this case once I saw it featured on E network. I went online immediately to see what I could dig up or what came to mind. I saved the POI image on my computer and thought about it contantly. So amidst all my thinking of this case I had a dream with Jennifer in it. I was wondering what the contents of her apartment trash contained becuase in my dream she said that she was just going to get coffee and take out some money. Did her trash contents contain coffee or anykind of breakfast items? I feel like I look at anyone that is of the height as the POI as the suspect. I live in the panhandle of FL and photographed a street maintenance worker that has a similiar style of haircut and height.
6:01pm 09-30-2009
I visit this site often,hoping for good news on your beautiful daughter,I have been wondering, Did Jennifer have any friends near where her car was found, or should I say dropped off? She is such a pretty girl,maybe someone had an obsession with her,maybe she told a friend about it? I am continually praying for Jennifer, Take care Kesse family
8:43pm 09-29-2009
That was me who said that. Here are some numbers which also came into my head. 555-2452
6:28pm 09-29-2009
Wait a min. who was it that said something about the numbers 621. Is that a area code.
7:57pm 09-28-2009
You know Cinda. You might just be right. I have long thought that maybe that someone snuck into her apartment when someone who was a maid was in the bathroom. and that person didnt know that person was in the apartment when the maid left. or this didnt the police talk to someone at Jennifer Condo who talked to someone who said they were lost and that person told that person they were the wrong apartment.
7:20pm 09-27-2009
My prays are with you all! When i first moved here to vegas in 1997 i lived by myself in an apt. I would come home from my job and find the sliding door open lights out ALL the time on my porches and things moved..just not right. Came to find the maintenance man was crazy. We ONLY found this out when i had a few mormon elders over for pizza..kind boys...this whacko came knocking on my door at 11pm and had a gun, no shirt or shoes. Please check the maintenance people and painters and such that were working near or at the site of the disappearance or her place that she lived. PLEASE! This guy was scrawny like the person in the pictures. BUT...the police never did anything with this maintanance man and my gut instinct said he was whacko. I pray you find her!
5:47pm 09-27-2009
Jen Mc.
Jennifer & your family are in my prayers today!
4:10pm 09-27-2009
Oh my gosh! I was watching E! when the show 15 Unthinkable Crimes came on and I saw this! I feel for the family and I hope she is found not dead but alive my prays are with you all who know her!
12:34pm 09-27-2009
By the way did anyone see any Carpet Cleaners the morning Jennifer disappeared.
4:30pm 09-26-2009
Bill M, I to had this idea about 3 years ago and I believe they have covered that road, so i decided to look at the time lines, from the time of her abduction till the car was parked it was app 5.5 hours, assuming she left at 7:30 am , the car was parked at 1:00 pm the same day. So, figure 2.75 hours out and back, I think she was and or is closer to her home than people realize. Things to consider are, taffic, traffic lights, speed limits ect. This will reduce the 2.75 hours some.
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