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2:22pm 10-17-2009
Sandy , why is this person saying something about Orange County. Anyone know where that is. In Fla. or is it in CA anyone at all?
1:42pm 10-17-2009
This is just too much. I know a James Hathaway. I don't for one min believe he had anything to do with this.
Replied on: 9:03am 10-18-2009

these past posts will be taken down. notice he is even using my name now as one of his.

12:56pm 10-17-2009
trey - I agree, I hope the family didn't see those posts. Although if the family does already know who posted that, they would probably expect them to behave that way...
12:49pm 10-17-2009
I don't remember all of the names that person used.
12:48pm 10-17-2009
Yes Sandy it had to be. I just hope the Kesse family didn't see what that person wrote. Thank God for thoses post being removed.
Replied on: 1:02pm 10-17-2009

we see it all. I removed it myself. He goes by accused, the accused, once accused, truth the truths. he has periods of ranting and raving taking out his anger for Orlando police and myself on this website as you witnessed.
Drew Kesse

10:28am 10-17-2009
wb - who accused you of writing that?
trey - i agree with you. the same person wrote all of that and just used different names ...
10:18am 10-17-2009
Sandy. I think it was the same person who said all of that. it had to be. they just used a diffent name to post but the cops will know if this person used the same email. You know how long did it take for that person to write down the stuff they sayed.
10:14am 10-17-2009
10:14am 10-17-2009
Let me say this I did not write what person wrote. I was in the bed and asleep I got up arond 630am-700pm
10:10am 10-17-2009
someone who thinks Jennifer DESERVED what happened to her? someone who thinks they are more intelligent than anyone working on the case? hmmm
9:56am 10-17-2009
Kesse family maybe it would be a good idea that when someone post something and hits the send button that first it is sent to someone to look at before it gets posted online.
9:23am 10-17-2009
Hmmm religious rants from a madman? I'm sure Phillip Garrido thought that God wanted him to have Jaycee! Lack of respect for people, anger, pointing the other finger, religious rants, anger directed at people who's daughter vanished, hiding under the cloak of God, dissing police and authority, writing on websites in the middle of the night. Very interesting...
8:09am 10-17-2009
Don't a person know that once you either say or post something you can't go back and say I didnt say or post that. you see it is online for everyone else to see. Whoever posted that early this morning. why were you not in bed like the rest of us. instead of posting.
7:57am 10-17-2009
Did someone make a very big mistake here posting something you sould not have. Why would this person post something about a another person. and who the cops went to talk too. This sounds to me like more than a anger mangement problem to me.
7:10am 10-17-2009
Bill M
It's anger management time. Sometimes you just have to burst the boil, looks like the guestbook did just that. We must thank these accused who now are the accusers, shades of Revelation 12:10, for their candor if not for their ability to be decent and reasonable. We never knew these people or this person existed, but now the horse has left the barn.
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