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6:40pm 08-28-2009
Yes that sure does give me some hope. Elizeth Smart, also came back too.
11:56am 08-28-2009
Wow- that does give hope! Praying today and everyday for continued determination, persistance, and faith. I have hope everyday and hoping and expecting the Miracle!
4:16pm 08-27-2009
I do not know if you've already heard about this or not, but an 11 year old girl who was kidnapped 18 years ago named Jaycee Dugard just walked into a police station alive! I thought I would pass this along because I am sure stories like this give you even more hope that Jennifer will come home one day and to never, ever give up hope! Thinking of you and Jennifer often, always checking back here for news.
11:35am 08-27-2009
I think this is enough to reopen this case.
10:31am 08-27-2009
I hope that the police are keep up with all these post. the cops need to go back and look at this case again. from the begining this just seems so wrong. what is it aboout this case. did someone lay of the outfits the cops found and did someone make it look like she sleep in her bed. and took a shower that person was in the appatment. did anyone see her leave that morning?
7:40pm 08-25-2009
I hope so too. Did anyone see Jennifer stop for gas?
6:44pm 08-25-2009
I hope and pray that the truth about what happened to Jennifer will come out so her family can rest. someone out here knows the truth. that person needs to come forth. The person who took her made a mistake somewhere and one day the cops will find it. I cant beleive that no one didn't saw this person do something and hasnt thought about something that person saw and that person thought it was weild. they don't yet relize just how import it is. doesnt know what they saw was import.
11:44am 08-22-2009
Dear Joyce and Drew

I just keep on hoping that Jennifer will be brought back home soon. God bless you!
1:41am 08-21-2009
I just watched Jennifer's story online via 48 Hours and hoped to google her name and see that this case has been solved. Sadly, I see that is not the case. My heart goes out to Jennifer and her loved ones. I think her disappearance was a crime of opportunity, most likely by one of the workers on her condo building. The video surveillance just blew my mind, talk about luck for that creep! God bless you all.
7:26pm 08-19-2009
Dear Joyce and Drew,
Did Jennifer, when she got back from St. Croix, or her boyfriend, mention places like this that they may have visited: Carambola Country Club, The Bucaneer, Salt River Tavern, Banana Bay Club, Hotel on the Cay, The Ritz Club in Christinstad, The Wreck Bar in Christianstad, The Sundowner at Fredstricstad, Taste of Chicago at Fredrickstad, Nancy's Fancy at Christiansted, just to name few. These were the hot spots we used to patron when we lived there.
We lived at Sunny Isle, right across the street from the hospital.
6:44pm 08-19-2009
Dear Joyce and Drew,
Of course I have read with INTEREST recent postings in the guest book, and can't help but say I think I fully agree.
Just wanted to let you know, and you will remember this from my past postings, that we lived on St. Croix for nine months in the year 1989 until we got wiped out by a Category 5 Hurricane Hugo.
What I want to say is this: When we lived on that island we noticed in many many folks we met, that although they were very friendly, they never offered any information about their personal lives, no explanation whatsoever about why they ended up living on St. Croix, nothing at all. That always bothered us a lot, as we felt that we could never really get to know them. We wondered in a lot of cases if it was that the men were avoiding paying child support. But we also had a female friend who told us she used to work for AT&T in the states and she wasn't even age 40, yet down there living in the same trailor park that we lived in, never worked, and was doing fine, Now we just COULD NOT FIGURE THAT ONE OUT. She had more money to go out to dinner as often as she liked than we could ever begin to think about! She claimed she was from Maine, and I think she was, but her parents had disowned her, she was a very pretty black girl. Her dad in Maine was a postmaster.

But apart from these comments, we just loved the islanders, really we did.
And since THAT hurricane we understand that the crime has increased extortionatly, beyond belief, so I hate to think what it was like when Jennifer was there.
We will never go back, we are far too afraid to go back.
You will remember we live in Florida just 60 miles northwest of Orlando.
With love,
Seemed mighty strange, and this was even with young people, say in their thirties or early forties most of the time. We were constantly very puzzled, to say the least. Just COULD NOT FIGURE IT OUT FOR THE LIFE OF US.
3:40pm 08-19-2009
Phylis Hughes
Still praying for Jennifer, Logan and you guys. I keep my Jenn stone close to me and think of her and all of you daily. I love reading the posts of how you've changed so many lives. You are amazing people, keep up the fight my friends. Love you.
1:21pm 08-19-2009
james adams
Dear Kesse family,

i know the basics of your missing Daughter Jennifer. The first thing that comes to mind is Human tafficing...Has anyone looked into this ?

Looking at the picture of the man who parked Jennifers car gives me chills. Judging by the way he is dressed, it almost seems like he's wearing sailors clothes. Could he be in the Navy, etc....Armed Forces ? Just a thought....i hope something comes to light soon.


Jim Adams
10:44pm 08-18-2009
William Mann
Dear Keese family: I feel I must add a personal note which may explain where I have come from. If you visit any one of Melanie Metheny's web sites, ie. findmelanie.com, you will see how long and hard other families have worked to find the missing. One scenario which even interested the Kanawha County local LE investigators was an abduction for paying off a "huge" drug debt. Melanie was "sighted" several times in the days following her disappearance in an area of West Charleston with the worst reputation for drugs. She had been introduced to a drug dealer high enough to have interstate contacts..who is not in prison in Maryland, and she was sought in Charleston SC among the homeless community. She was also "spotted" by two different witnesses five months after she disappeared, compliant and making no effort to contact people who knew her and thought it was her. From there her family has taken the roller coaster ride back to scenarios which contain no hope of her survival. To make a long story short, what seemed possible, if not plausible in Melanie's case, and I have only shared a few of the "indicators", seems more than plausible, even probable in Jennifer's case because of the "island looking" suspect and because of Jennifer's exemplary lifestyle...We are only trying to help, to network, to stand united in what we know, and to bring these dear ones home
10:28pm 08-18-2009
William Mann
Dear Kesse family: I have joined my prayers to those of many for Jennifer..and I have had many thoughts about the scenario to which the family has given a partial answer. If Jennifer was followed home from St Croix, and I am almost sure she was, be sure she was not the first and may not be the last. However, these criminals are very well organized, very systematic and do not make mistakes. She was spotted, followed, and abducted at the earliest opportunity (once it was known she was alone.) How many young, beautiful, slightly built, living alone females have gone missing after visiting any one of the resort islands just hours away from our shores? All I want to know is if the police have scoured the many data banks available to them to put together the MO of which Jennifer was one of probably many victims. I mean, if President Bush, in a proclamation, named a list of countries that are involved in what he called the "sex trade," then the danger must be real. I can understand if the police want to be quiet about any possible line of investigation, but at the same time, if Jennifer is one precious piece in a much larger puzzle, this investigation is too, much too large than the limited resources of the Orlando police. These criminals will never come back to Orlando. They are far too smart for that. But they have and will strike again. If professional investigators would just do the research of data bases we cannot access, looking for Jennifer's profile or pattern, who knows what could be found. Criminals are predictable, even the perversely successful ones that nabbed Jennifer. Her abductors were not one. She was taken by at least two men, transported quickly out of Florida and the Lord only knows where she is today. There is a possibility, and I feel this very strongly, that she is still alive. But if we are to find her investigators will have to think big and think slavery. I do not see what it can hurt at this point. Did the police examine every inch of surveillance tape in all the possible venues? Including hotel and any club(s) Jennifer may have been to? If anybody gave her even a second look, those photos could be compared with those of other missings that "shadow" Jennifer's movements and lifestyle....There is hope and there is a way, it will take resources, time and commitment. I pray it is being done as we speak. Godspeed for Jennifer and for her release.
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