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9:22am 10-18-2009
Landscapers who were there every Tues. morning at 7:30 a.m., would know that the condos were under construction, would know that only a few units in Jenn's building were occupied, would know she lived alone and what time she left for work, and they would know that there weren't any CCTV cameras installed at Mosaic. It also makes sense that the suspect would have a string tied around his pant leg.
9:04am 10-18-2009
Drew - Every Tuesday, 7:30 like clockwork at least 5 lawncare workers were at jenn's condo... Did the lawncare workers check out?
Replied on: 8:40am 10-19-2009

supposedly yes, they ll did

8:40am 10-18-2009
Kesse family is that why the time stamp on the camera is off. Because the time had fell back a hour and someone didnt reset it. could that be it.
8:28am 10-18-2009
Did the POI think this whole time it was 100pm when that person brought the car back since Kannsas is a hour behind the Fla time.
8:25am 10-18-2009
Yes Dan that is very wield. I think it could be also a man and woman team who takes people. you brought you Kansas that is so weild because 620 is a area code for guess where Dodge City Kansas.
11:53pm 10-17-2009
I believe the poi did load Jenn up in the car, how i dunno, but it would not be abnormal for 2 people to be seen in her car, especially if she did not know anyone in the area. Her car is typical, a man and woman driving, who would really notice. This dude knew exactly what he was doing and how. I agree he had another ride parked somewhere or lives close by. I believe this was someone she knows or is acquainted with, or one of the workers, i will never believe it was random. It has to be someone who has seen her more than once, it only makes sense.
Replied on: 8:52am 10-18-2009

I mostly agree except maybe she didn't make the car at all but another empty unit for hours then moved?I believe the groundskeepers would have seen her at that time having lived in her condo for 8 months afterwards. 7:30 every tues like clock work at least 5 lawcare wrokers worked her building.

11:39pm 10-17-2009
Unless I have missed something that has been let out, I am trusting Drew and Joyce on the condition of Jenns condo. They of all people should know her habits and how she operates. If im not mistaken there was nothing in the condo to indicate there was an intrussion or anyone else was there that night. I highly doubt the car was hauled away with a semi or truck of some sort, it would be to obvious and make a lot of noise.
11:29pm 10-17-2009
Thank you wb, you guys have all come up with some great ideas and info, very, very nice work.
11:27pm 10-17-2009
Also, you had mentioned how could she have not been seen at 7:30, well, remember she was to mail her brothers friends phone back to him so maybe she left a bit earlier to do just that. As far as him taking her, I have always susspected he had a gun, or a knife and walked up to her, if he had a gun I don't think she would yell, for a woman that would be very scarry. Something similar happened to Kelsey Smith in Kansas a couple years back. The perp waited for her to open her door and then he lunged at her and pushed her in and took off with her in her own car. The only reason he was caught was the walmart, or K mart where it happened had it caught on video. He also left his truck in the same parking lot and then brought her car back to the same lot and drove away in his truck.
11:25pm 10-17-2009
Welcome back Dan. so glad that you are feeling much better.
11:20pm 10-17-2009
Hi all, working back to back weeks so its hard to get here. Jessica, very nice work. I do want to say I believe the string or what ever tied around his ankle is more than likely so his pant leg will not catch in the chain of a bike. A couple years ago we thought it may have been a delivery person or letter carrier for fed ex or someone like that. The hair reminds me of a helmet, football shape. I remember when i worked the photos I thought i seen what looked to be a purse or something cluched in his left hand.
9:51pm 10-17-2009
I wonder what Nancy Grace will do when she finds out that Jennifer car was left on a Tues at 1200pm instead of on a Thurs at 100pm
9:35pm 10-17-2009
Kesse family did the cops ever see other people who that camera caufght walking before and after this POI left.
9:30pm 10-17-2009
Sandy wasnt it you that said you have been playing around with the POI photos. why dont you too email some other show ansd see what the viewers will see who knows someone is going to remember this someone. It was 1200pm are there not other people at that time of day walking down the street at the same time.
9:25pm 10-17-2009
I emailed the local paper and Nancy Grace show as well. I think the photo of the cord around his ankle really needs to get circulated. THis is really a peice of evidence that stands out bc a person with a hat is pretty common and we may see dozens in one day but a string around the ankle- I haven't ever see that before.
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