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11:26am 10-12-2009
Sandy- I think you are right about the fedora hat. It really shows in the pictures you posted on your blog.
7:25am 10-12-2009
I saw something about people staying at Jennifers condo while she was on vacation,did they have a party,maybe didnt know everyone that came,cause maybe someone grabbed the key had a spare one made,and then went back,thats why there was no forced entry,I know when I had parties years ago I did not always know who was in or out and maybe where my keys were out on a counter,just a thought
11:48pm 10-11-2009
I mean sec.
11:41pm 10-11-2009
The question I have is if the POI was in the car for up to 32-44 mins. Did someone go up to the car and tap on the window to go see if this person was ok. Did POI have the car on or off thats what we need to find out. Remember if the car was off it was 1200pm noon. and most people wouldn't just don't sit in a hot car. so I take it the car was on. and POI cut the car off after leaving it.
9:44pm 10-11-2009
The POI does sort of look like some type of military person, U.S. Navy maybe? I know the police have some sort of fingerprint, but it is not matching to any felon in a database. I wonder if the police could run the print they have against any military personnel in the area at the time of Jennnifer's disappearance?
8:32pm 10-11-2009
wb that's a good point. if her car did have a sunpass, it would have recorded which tolls the car went through. I think you can have a sunpass that is on your visor, or on your license plate. and the tollway or turnpike department would have a listing of what passes went through what tolls. I haven't heard anything about whether or not Jennifer's car had a sunpass. That's a great, new idea!
7:54pm 10-11-2009
I wonder if Jennifer car had one of these Sunpasses. and the POI didn't know that and went though the tolls.
7:43pm 10-11-2009
wb - yes you can get a sunpass in florida that you can use to not have to wait in line at a toll, there are special lanes that allow you to drive through.
7:40pm 10-11-2009
She posted that at 827am
7:31pm 10-11-2009
I went back today and looked though some old post and I found one that got posted on 7-28-09 which was posted by Marley. she said the POI was a woman. she said it looked like to her that she has her hair up in a bun and it looks like she is wearing a pair of white scrubs. maybe a doctor. not a chance of that. could it.
7:25pm 10-11-2009
Did I hear right that some people can bye a pass that they can go around these kind of tolls if you have a chip in your car. you don't have to go by and go though and pay the toll. someone from Orlando. is this true about your town. Me and my friend had to go pay the toll while i remember other people just went on there way without having to pay at all.
5:53pm 10-11-2009
Please don't tell me that the Camera is wrong about how much time the POI was in the car. The family has said the whole time it was 32 sec.
5:05pm 10-11-2009
When I went to Orlando back in Jan 24 2005. Me and a friend were on the road and every so ofton we had to stop and pay at a toll both. We finally after looking for our hotel we finialy found it after much looking. It was at night around 800-900pm I think we went out to a restant to eat and I wonder where the Kesse famiky was on that night. Is that why I dreamed about Jennifer did I see her.
4:30pm 10-11-2009
Trey - yes, there are so many restaurants around there, and it could definitely be a restaurant worker!
4:09pm 10-11-2009
Trey-I am not sure what article it was on it was a neighbor that said she almost backed into it w/ her kids going crazy inthe backseat. Maybe the Orlando Sentinel. wb-I only had one dream w/ her. IN the dream we found Jen and she was standing by a counter next to me and I think it was her mother. I asked her where she had gone all this time. I recall she said I was going for coffee and the ATM. Then she said I can't beleive the toll booth operator did not recognize me after POI drove me through all the tolls. It's only a dream so who knows.
if POI is not fully in his shoes in the 1st pic. His second foot defintely makes it into his shoe.I think it was the right foot that was out of the shoe. So he could be driving with his right shoe off which is the foot you use for brake ad accelator. If he was driving for a long period of time it could be why in the shot that he is exiting the vehicle at about 44 seconds his arms are raised (as if he is stretching) Shoes off while driving and stretching after a drive would mean it was a long drive-but the gas in the tank does not show this!Nobody commented on one of Jennifer's twitter followers but the hair could be something like what the POI has
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