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10:35pm 10-14-2009
I think the new cops in charge need to go back and look at all these post that have been put here on this site. sooner or later I bet someone is going to post what realy happened to Jennifer. this be the way is the 1188 post on this site.
10:20pm 10-14-2009
Yes everyone I think we are getting so very close to the truth and that very soon Kesse family. You are going to get that answer to what you are praying about. to finaly be able to know what happened to your daughter Jennifer. and these people can't hide much longer and I think they know that now. Kesse family to make sure the person or person's know we are not giving up on finding her. you might need to go one one of these either the Today, or Early show as soon as you can.
Replied on: 6:55am 10-15-2009

easier said than done. We do not control the media unfortunately. Always trying to keep Jennifer face and story in the media. wouldn't hurt to contact them yourselves too and ask for a story on Jennifer.
Thank you

8:20pm 10-14-2009
Bill M
Are you talking about the triangle shaped form between the grille bars? Will have to think about it a bit, but a logo and a beret? That makes this guy a soldier, but not one of ours. I HOPE Homeland Security is reading these posts, they need to be.
8:12pm 10-14-2009
Check this website out
there are a TON of pictures of a gang symbol, that looks very much like the symbol on the suspect's shirt!!
8:07pm 10-14-2009
Gangs - Red berets - Stones, black berets - Disciples
Military - Green - U.S. Army Special Forces, Red - ROTC, Black - Rangers a subgroup of U.S. Army, Maroon - Airborne units, Purple - Undercover operations.
7:38pm 10-14-2009
Bill - thank you, I just hope this all will help find Jennifer! His hair does look short. I will try to look into gangs in the Orlando area, and their dress/habits. Did you look at the shirt logo picture? What do you think?
7:35pm 10-14-2009
Bill M
Sandy: Great job on the beret. On yours you can also tell that his hair is short and neck shaved just an inch or two below the beret we are so close to getting a look at this guy's profile, his face. Be sure to share your (gang) reflections with the special agent. That is how I saw the beret: flipped it horizontally and used contrast and brighten..then I flipped it about 19 degrees more, and it really hit me...I am a French teacher, so I have seen a bunch of berets, and it really looks like a dark colored one.
7:28pm 10-14-2009
i forgot to mention that you can double-click any of the pictures on my blog to enlarge them...
7:25pm 10-14-2009
I posted another picture on
to show that the hat does look more like a beret, if you flip the picture horizontally, and sharpen it a bit.
7:06pm 10-14-2009
Another thing, my friend looked at the picture of the suspect, that appears hand-less, and he said maybe his hand was in his pocket. Good point...
7:04pm 10-14-2009
OK I just posted a picture of what appears to be some sort of logo on the suspect's shirt sleeve. To me, it looks like an upside down crown or pitch fork, with some diamond shape above it. Please tell me what you all think. The picture is posted on
6:41pm 10-14-2009
Bill M - I will call that detective. I'm going to play with that hat too, to see if I can see what you are describing! I think gangs may wear that type of hat. I think I read that it was the Latin Kings. They also said that gangs against the Latin Kings will turn the Kings symbol, a crown, upside down, which I said may be on the shirt. Or, another gang symbol is a pitchfork, which the logo may resemble. I also agree with your assessments on the driving shoeless and the tied pant bottom. I too hope that Jennifer is alive, and that this abduction was for some purpose. I also think that it wasn't a serial killing. I will work on enlarging the 'logo', so check back here...
And Trey - I think they left the car in that apartment complex, because that complex is known for drugs and a bad element going in and out of there. That way, it would appear Jennifer was abducted by some druggies, and throw the heat off of why and by whom she was actually abducted! So, yes, I also think it was very planned!
6:40pm 10-14-2009
Hey Dan. Do you remeber that 623 number that could be a area code. that code is near where you live. it is in Glendale Arizona.
4:44pm 10-14-2009
Bill M I agree with you this had to be well planned. no way this all just happened. I wonder now if this person even planned to leave the car where it was found.
4:12pm 10-14-2009
Wait a min here are these people into woman with Blonde hair. and that's why Jennifer was taken. The police need to go look into other missing woman cases and see if in thoses cases that if cloths were left on the bed. wet towel was left in the apartment.
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