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7:22am 10-15-2009
Dan I also have been having trouble posting as well.
7:20am 10-15-2009
Hey Dan, sorry that you are sick. feel better soon. hope you don't have the flu. Kesse family if that what you would like we could do that.
7:14am 10-15-2009
wb - yes, now i remember those posts...
7:14am 10-15-2009
wb - yes, now i remember those posts...
7:13am 10-15-2009
Kesse family - are you saying you would rather we post our observations on the Forum part, instead of the guestbook? I think people started posting here, because there was more information here. I'm sure we would all move over to the Forum if that is what the family would want. We are all just trying to help find Jennifer. We don't mean any disrespect posting in the guestbook...
1:31am 10-15-2009
wow, i just made a long post and it did not go through, so, i will try again tomorrow night. I was sick for about 6 days so thats why i haven't been here. Its bed time for me, nite all.
11:28pm 10-14-2009
The last post Dan put on this site was on Oct 8 1204 am. and Dan always in the past has agreed with Bill M alot. and he said he wasn't worryed it is a big state. After he was told watch your back.
11:03pm 10-14-2009
When I said that Dan lived near the 623 area code. I said that because he lives in Nevada.
11:01pm 10-14-2009
Sandy I was just saying that when I posted what I said that was the 1188 thread that I posted on this website.
10:54pm 10-14-2009
Bill - I mean on the logo, above the crown, there appears to be a faint diamond shape. If you blow it up and darken it a bit you might see it. Maybe it is a fold in the shirt, I don't know.
wb - what do you mean by 'the way is the 1188 post on this site'?
10:42pm 10-14-2009
I know for a fact that the family read all these post. however they don't always say something back to the person who post it. they are greatful for every tip, no matter how small.
Replied on: 6:45am 10-15-2009

every single entry, and yes we are grateful. sometimes I feel like this should be a conversation for the forum however let keep evolving here. anything of Value, should be relayed in a different way though, not on the guestbook, I think you all would know to contact OPD with concrete info and not just post it here first.
We will find Jennifer,she knows it , the person or people who took her know it is just a matter of time. We are not going anywhere. They know that and we will continue our efforts in everyway we know how!
Thnak you.

10:35pm 10-14-2009
I think the new cops in charge need to go back and look at all these post that have been put here on this site. sooner or later I bet someone is going to post what realy happened to Jennifer. this be the way is the 1188 post on this site.
10:20pm 10-14-2009
Yes everyone I think we are getting so very close to the truth and that very soon Kesse family. You are going to get that answer to what you are praying about. to finaly be able to know what happened to your daughter Jennifer. and these people can't hide much longer and I think they know that now. Kesse family to make sure the person or person's know we are not giving up on finding her. you might need to go one one of these either the Today, or Early show as soon as you can.
Replied on: 6:55am 10-15-2009

easier said than done. We do not control the media unfortunately. Always trying to keep Jennifer face and story in the media. wouldn't hurt to contact them yourselves too and ask for a story on Jennifer.
Thank you

8:20pm 10-14-2009
Bill M
Are you talking about the triangle shaped form between the grille bars? Will have to think about it a bit, but a logo and a beret? That makes this guy a soldier, but not one of ours. I HOPE Homeland Security is reading these posts, they need to be.
8:12pm 10-14-2009
Check this website out
there are a TON of pictures of a gang symbol, that looks very much like the symbol on the suspect's shirt!!
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