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3:40pm 08-19-2009
Phylis Hughes
Still praying for Jennifer, Logan and you guys.  I keep my Jenn stone close to me and think of her and all of you daily.  I love reading the posts of how you've changed so many lives. You are amazing people, keep up the fight my friends.  Love you.
1:21pm 08-19-2009
james adams
Dear Kesse family,

i know the basics of your missing Daughter Jennifer.  The first thing that comes to mind is Human tafficing...Has anyone looked into this ?

Looking at the picture of the man who parked Jennifers car gives me chills.  Judging by the way he is dressed, it almost seems like he's wearing sailors clothes.  Could he be in the Navy, etc....Armed Forces ?  Just a thought....i hope something comes to light soon.


Jim Adams
10:44pm 08-18-2009
William Mann
Dear Keese family: I feel I must add a personal note which may explain where I have come from. If you visit any one of Melanie Metheny's web sites, ie. findmelanie.com, you will see how long and hard other families have worked to find the missing. One scenario which even interested the Kanawha County local LE investigators was an abduction for paying off a "huge" drug debt. Melanie was "sighted" several times in the days following her disappearance in an area of West Charleston with the worst reputation for drugs. She had been introduced to a drug dealer high enough to have interstate contacts..who is not in prison in Maryland, and she was sought in Charleston SC among the homeless community. She was also "spotted" by two different witnesses five months after she disappeared, compliant and making no effort to contact people who knew her and thought it was her. From there her family has taken the roller coaster ride back to scenarios which contain no hope of her survival. To make a long story short, what seemed possible, if not plausible in Melanie's case, and I have only shared a few of the "indicators", seems more than plausible, even probable in Jennifer's case because of the "island looking" suspect and because of Jennifer's exemplary lifestyle...We are only trying to help, to network, to stand united in what we know, and to bring these dear ones home
10:28pm 08-18-2009
William Mann
Dear Kesse family: I have joined my prayers to those of many for Jennifer..and I have had many thoughts about the scenario to which the family has given a partial answer. If Jennifer was followed home from St Croix, and I am almost sure she was, be sure she was not the first and may not be the last. However, these criminals are very well organized, very systematic and do not make mistakes. She was spotted, followed, and abducted at the earliest opportunity (once it was known she was alone.) How many young, beautiful, slightly built, living alone females have gone missing after visiting any one of the resort islands just hours away from our shores? All I want to know is if the police have scoured the many data banks available to them to put together the MO of which Jennifer was one of probably many victims. I mean, if President Bush, in a proclamation, named a list of countries that are involved in what he called the "sex trade," then the danger must be real. I can understand if the police want to be quiet about any possible line of investigation, but at the same time, if Jennifer is one precious piece in a much larger puzzle, this investigation is too, much too large than the limited resources of the Orlando police. These criminals will never come back to Orlando. They are far too smart for that. But they have and will strike again. If professional investigators would just do the research of data bases we cannot access, looking for Jennifer's profile or pattern, who knows what could be found. Criminals are predictable, even the perversely successful ones that nabbed Jennifer. Her abductors were not one. She was taken by at least two men, transported quickly out of Florida and the Lord only knows where she is today. There is a possibility, and I feel this very strongly, that she is still alive. But if we are to find her investigators will have to think big and think slavery. I do not see what it can hurt at this point. Did the police examine every inch of surveillance tape in all the possible venues? Including hotel and any club(s) Jennifer may have been to? If anybody gave her even a second look, those photos could be compared with those of other missings that "shadow" Jennifer's movements and lifestyle....There is hope and there is a way, it will take resources, time and commitment. I pray it is being done as we speak. Godspeed for Jennifer and for her release.
11:47pm 08-16-2009
Hello, Kesse Family... I send many prayers and God wishes to you all in your search for Jennifer.  I really, really feel that William's post on 8 / 13 may be right on the money...that Jennifer was targeted by human traffickers and taken by force that fateful morning.  That person caught on video is, in my opinion, a man who may have passed Jennifer onto his accomplices previously to abandoning her car.  I hope that law enforcement there in Orlando will pursue, or is currently investigating, that angle.  Are there any new leads or info from the Orlando police that you can post on this site to keep us all apprised of the investigation?  Stay strong, God Bless, Borys, Miami, Florida
Replied on: 9:00am 08-17-2009

What you see on this website is what we have.  Nothing is being hidden or kept back from anyone at this point which makes the situation even tougher to deal with at times for all involved. One thing is for sure for every aveneue we go down and nothing is found , it is bringing us 1 step closer to the answers which we will not stop until we have. The video is our lead and Jennifer has vanished, but will be found.

6:05pm 08-15-2009
I just saw Jennifer's story on E!... I hope that Jennifer is found and that peace is brought to her family and justice to her abducter...
12:45am 08-14-2009
I watched 48 hours and an E network special on the top 15 young women's missing persons cases....Jennifer was featured on the show....I cant even put into words how horrilble i feel....for some reason this case strikes a cord and i think its because it was the start of another normal day for her when this heinous act occurred....to me the person on the survelliance tape looks like a woman...although I know one cant be sure of it...all i know is I hope that this person lives with guilt and  fear of being caught and will have to endure the wrath of God....To Jennifer and her family...My thoughts and prayers are with you.....never lose hope..God Bless
11:32pm 08-13-2009
William E Mann
It has been 2 years or so since I have visited Jennifer's web site. In the meantime and for the past 2 and 1/2 years I have been helping another family in trying to locate their 21 old daughter and mother of three who disappeared on July 19, 2006. In Melanie's case, it was someone that knew her. In Jennifer's case, obviously not, or the suspect's photo would have been long ago identified. In Melanie's case, we believe she was either stalked, followed or surveilled, a crime of opportunity when she was seized alone in broad daylight probably in a public place on 7.19.06. I believe the same was true for Jennifer: She was seized in a moment of opportunity, in a public place, in broad daylight. I have always believed that Jennifer, because of her stunning beauty, was followed home from Saint Croix by someone who had an auction in mind, an yes, this does happen. I hope the police long ago checked all of the airport security footage of Jennifer's arrival, including parking lots where her/their vehicle was parked during the weekend she was in St Croix. I assume police have investigated every single passenger who was on her flight to and from St Croix. Somebody spotted her, "recruited" her, abducted her and probably sold her. That is what I have always believed in Jennifer's case. I am very thankful for her family that the police have been so very helpful to her family and friends and so very active. This is definitely NOT the case for Melanie. I am sure that what I have written is the first thing they have investigated from the moment they viewed the suspect and his behavior. We have no idea if the police in Charleston WV know anymore than they knew three long years ago. And I hope and pray the Florida police investigation will soon find and stop the guilty. Our prayers are the same for Melanie.
Replied on: 8:54am 08-17-2009

a lot of what you state I have had in my mind since day one. Can't convince LE of that but continue to try.  It makes more sense everytime we search and come up with absolutely nothing.  It is truly perplexing some of the best criminal minds we have in this state. Your thouhgts have been passed on to the proper people.
Thank you for caring and sharing them.
Jennifer's Dad

10:18pm 08-09-2009
Dudley Delany

Here is a website that contains information which may be helpful in locating Jennifer:


With best wishes,

Dudley Delany
8:20pm 08-09-2009
Joyce & Drew:
I am so sorry about your daughter Jennifer.  Did the police check into the construction workers who made her feel uncomfortable?
One or more of them may have been watching her and had opportunity to get her when she went to her car.  The suspect had an odd haircut, I am surprised no one checked out.
11:25pm 08-03-2009
Pam Dickens
Joyce & Drew,
I am sorry the search did not lead to Jennifer. I will continue in any way possible with these hardworking search and rescue teams. You both are an inspiration for everyone and you are doing incredible work to help so many families. I know you will not give up and I feel this gives hope to so many people. Thank you for coming out to meet us and sharing with us about your beautiful Jennifer. You are making a difference to so many with your political action to change laws, continued searches and media attention, and support to other families....and much more that I'm sure I'm not aware of. Thank you seems inadequate, but there just aren't appropriate words.
I wish you love always,
10:47pm 08-03-2009
I hope you find your Jennifer Kesse. My heart gose out to you. I give you hope on finding Jennifer! I hope you find Jennifer befor her next Birthday.

8:26pm 08-02-2009
Joe Ocasio
Drew & Joyce,
I don't know how you both have done this for over 3 years and keep your faith and show the strenght you do. I can't shake this hollow feeling after this weekend's search did not bring Jennifer home...we are truly very sorry.  DON'T GIVE UP HOPE!... you both have been an inspiration to Liz and myself...keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers.
God Bless you,
Joe & Liz Ocasio  
7:55pm 08-02-2009
Joyce and Drew, I am so very sorry we were unable to find your Jennifer this weekend.  I was nevertheless inspired by your strength, courage and determination to keep pushing forward and will continue to support you in your efforts.  We will return any time you want us because I am convinced that it's God's will for us to eventually find your beautiful daughter.  In the interim, you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Brenda, Alachua Search and Rescue
7:36pm 08-02-2009
D & C Stevens
My husband and I send prayers and thoughts your way.  We lived in FL when Jennifer was stolen from your family.  We have since moved to ME and have passed on the website to many in this state hoping that someone SOMEWHERE can offer SOME kind of clue.  I don't know your family from any other missing persons family that I've read about or seen on the news, etc but Jennifer's case made me more aware of all of the other cases out there because your family showed us the emotion behind it all.  We can't imagine your pain.  The pain of her friends and others that knew her.  All we can offer are prayers and passing on the website and we will do both!
We kept checking the Orlando Sentinel in hopes that there would be SOME sort of breaking news on clues in the search this weekend.  God bless Jennifer.  God bless your family & all of those that love her.
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