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7:16pm 10-13-2009
Penny - I totally agree with you. There is obsession in the workplace and anger and jealousy. That is a good angle. Plus they would know that Jennifer lived alone and where she lived, possibly from casual conversation...
6:24pm 10-13-2009
The other thought I was always left with was her work. Sometimes at work,people can be obsessed with you,and did the cops check out everyone at work,espscially an employee that quit the job right after Jennifer went missing.Statistics always look to a familar abduction,someone the person knew,and with Jennifer being so pretty,this could have been someone maybe jealous she just came back from a cruise with her boyfriend.
4:07pm 10-13-2009
Bill M
If the POI proves to be a right armed amputee you can bet your bottom dollar the police will interview everybody they can with one question: Have you ever seen this amputee? When or Where, etc...But is he?
3:57pm 10-13-2009
I am signing off for now. I will be back sometime wed. and then I am going to check back in and see what p everybody else has said in these post..
2:32pm 10-13-2009
I wonder if that woman who almost hit that car is still living in those apt where Jennifer's car was found.
2:19pm 10-13-2009
I think the police need to go back and talk to all the poeople they talked to the day Jennifer disappeared and see if anyone says something that they didn't before. How on earth are they going to find all the people who lived in those apt some of them have probly moved by now.
1:42pm 10-13-2009
Could the cops have found that car on tues and just sat there and were on a stakeout and waited for that person to come back and get in the car. I know the cops looked for that car. thew cops don't always tell everything they know. they keep that close to there vest. hopeing to trip somebody up.
1:31pm 10-13-2009
Is the POI a computer nerd and can bipass this site without the police knowing about it and can look at who is posting what. and knew who everyone is.
12:57pm 10-13-2009
Hey Dan, have been missing you. hope you are ok. have missed seeing your post on here. I bet your just sitting back thinking about all of this. I wonder what you think what Bill M just said.
12:20pm 10-13-2009
Bill M
I think everybody in all of Jennifer's pictures, and everybody with any even indirect contact, including delivery people, have probably been thoroughly investigated, and if not, I am sure they will be looked at very hard. My question of the day is: is the POI a right arm amputee as the enhanced up images of Sandy's negative image seem to suggest? If he is, then the data base is getting suddenly small, especially if he has a driver's license. Sandy, please contact the lead detectives and share your photo work with them (maybe Jennifer's dad has already asked you to.) And the cholo gang initiation theory would still "work" if this kid, and I think he is not more than 25, did not yet have a record or more than a (sealed) juvy sheet against him. Keep thinking and looking, the more eyes the better, and we are getting close (hope and prayer)
11:46am 10-13-2009
That was Penny who brought that up first.
11:42am 10-13-2009
I think it was Sandy who said something about Jennifer brother house sitting while his sister wasgone. they didn't order in did they while the party was going on. and this food serve person came to the door and before this person left they asked could they go use the bathroom.
11:21am 10-13-2009
Jessica, did you notice on this website where it says pictures of Jennifer. I saw a picturew that I have not be able to stop thinking about. I wonder what you are going to think. You need to go look at the picture of Jennifer that was taken at a wedding. There is this man dressed in white right behind her two rolls back and by the shirt he has on I think it has a design written on it. And I can't be sure but it looks like he looking right at her. Everyone needs to go look for themselves. and any else please tell me if I am seeing this right or is it just me.
11:03am 10-13-2009
Sandy- Can you cut that picture of the POI w/ the inversed colors and post it separately on your blog. Instead of all the other pictures. I think you can crop it out. There is no way this individual is a military personnel. Military goes through top security clearnaces and and POI's fingerprints would hit as the suspect to this crime. Bill I also though that this could of been some gang initiation abduction. I looked it up online about gang rituals. It could be possible but the POI does not have a record or fingerprints in the system? So unless POI is a gang member w/o a rap sheet.
9:41pm 10-12-2009
Also in the inverse pictures, it really looks like something is tied around the pants at the ankle. Maybe the suspect works with equipment where his pant leg could get caught in machinery? Lawn mower? Also, on his arm, where it looks like an elbow, we shouldn't be able to see his elbow from the side, and it is facing forward. Maybe that is why it looks like a leg to me...
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