7:58pm 10-06-2019
Sending you peace and love.
5:00am 09-01-2019
Melissa s.
I pray that Jennifer's loved ones get the answers they deserve. No one should have to go through this.
9:49am 08-19-2019
Liz K.
Saw Jennifer on "disappeared" today.. So heartbreaking. She is such a beautiful up in women... I had high hopes upon coming to this website that it would be updated to say "found" ..thinking about your family!
4:32pm 08-02-2019
I pray that your beautiful daughter is found. I can't imagine what it must be like for you, as I have a 22 year old daughter that I worry about each time she walks out the door.
Please have faith that Jennifer will be found.
Your strength is amazing. God Bless!
4:42pm 08-01-2019
Joyce Kesse
Thank you all for the ongoing words, prayers of support for Jenn and our family. ☮️
9:12pm 07-23-2019
I listened to a few podcasts about Jennifer’s disappearance and was instantly heartbroken for her and her family. We’ve got to be close to finding the person(s) that were involved. Keep the faith. Sending positivity and light to Jennifer and to her family.
11:11am 07-18-2019
Lyn Maiolo
I think of Jennifer and your family all the time. I pray for you all and can not believe there are no answers.
11:29pm 06-27-2019
Joanne W. McShane
I am so very sorry for all your family is going through, especially Jennifer. I pray your beautiful daughter, sister, Jennifer will be found I ran across your posts on Facebook for her birthday and was moved by your strength and perseverance. I am now following your page and will keep myself informed of any developments you and your PI are able to make. God Bless you all and God Bless Jennifer and bring her home. Joanne Whitaker McShane, Southwest Ranches, Florida
5:04pm 06-26-2019
For some reason, Jennifer’s story reached out to me and has been on my mind keeping me up at night recently. I read through many of the theories and will likely check out the recent podcast on the subject. One thing that I am curious about is whether or not you can sue the owner of record for hiring undocumented people to work on the property. To me, this is one of the biggest problems in the investigation- that there was no paper trail to identify the workers that were there that day so that each could be interviewed and investigated. I am hoping that your family will find answers and that something can be done to prevent such a thing from occurring again. Someone working on that property is involved and had to have seen something. It’s the only thing that makes sense, so perhaps holding the owner or management company or subcontractor accountable would be a path to answers?
I sincerely hope for answers soon for your entire family!
9:22pm 06-22-2019
May God bless you with closure on Jennifer's disappearance. I pray she comes home to you!
10:41pm 06-21-2019
I can’t help but think Jennifer knew her abducter. She was very cautious and aware of her surroundings, so it would make sense that either she let this person in her condo, or met with them outside on her way to work. Did police interview everyone at her workplace? Maybe there was a disgruntled employee that had it out for her that nobody was aware of. Just a thought I had after listening to the podcast and reading about this case.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you, stay strong, please know there are many people praying for Jennifer every day
9:13am 06-03-2019
Please email me, I may have another potential way to get the word out.
4:56pm 05-29-2019
I saw Jennifer's Disappeared episode and am praying she comes home. My heart goes out to your family.

(Colorado Springs, CO)
9:22pm 05-25-2019
I just saw the episode on “Disappeared”. I have been binge watching the series on Hulu. Out of all of the missing people, Jennifer stood out to me. Prayers for you and your family.

(Kernersville, NC)
8:27am 04-03-2019
Im watching this on tv right now from Holland. And it got me thinking of the website Have you seen the documentary I am Jane doe? I do think there is a possibilty that Jennifer has been a victim of human trafficking. How can she dissepeared like that, I hope this helps in your searching to your daughter, if I was you, I would order all Those ladies with the description that looks like Jennifer. Its been a long time but you never know, never stop searching and never give Up hope, sending you lots of Love from Holland
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