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3:41pm 06-28-2016
Kimberly Railla
I have been keeping updated with Facebook and get notifications almost daily. I watched the story about three years ago and I also feel certain it was one of the illegal workers. The style of the hair and clothing immediately struck me as a look many Latinos like - the stature seems telling as well - short - many Mexicans and Cental American men are short. This story infuriates me and is so tragic....there just are no words to express how sad it is. The person who did this is EVIL incarnate. They will burn in hell and get their judgement when they die for sure, but it sure would be great for them to receive a judgement while they are still here on earth.
God bless you Kesse Family.
4:39pm 06-26-2016
Ive just watched an episode with Jennifer, and as the story was developing, i ve had some types of intuitive flashbacks of what happened in there.Im not a psychic, but sometimes with missing people, i get these, and so far ive been right all the time :/. My intuition has told me, there was someone in her apartment, staying there, sleeping, and she surprised him.His fingerprints and dna were found in there.That man was a painter (i dont know the english word), but he painted walls and similar in that complex and the apartment. She hear him and she went for the spray, but he was faster and stronger, he also had some type of weapon, so she couldnt resist him.He took her to another apartment, right away, where he assaulted her and unfortunately killed her.Then he took some of her belongings and threw them in the car to sort of distract the police or should i say, he was confused and was comming up with a plan along the way.He then called a friend to help him get rid off the body and parked the car in a street close by.Her body is burried in the woods and her keys are in the water.They cleaned up the apartment, but some sort of evidence is still there.I also feel that her body will be discovered in the near future, but her killer will never be found.I feel that he is a 17 or 18 year old boy and a relative was helping him.Maybe a father or a brother in law.They werent americans.Please clean this msg from the guestbook, after you read, i didnt want to write here, but it wasnt possible to register, and the fbook page didnt work for me? I hope i didnt upset you too much and as always, i hope my intuiton is wrong.Wishing you the best outcome,Tanja.
9:54pm 06-23-2016
I just watched the Disappeared TV show on Jennifer. I cried and feel horrible for the Kesse family. I will be praying for some news, some closure for the family. My God keep the family strong.
12:29pm 06-20-2016
My heart aches for the Kesse family. Jennifer sounds so much like my own daughter, so safety conscious and on the phone when walking back to her off campus housing when she feels uneasy. She always has her pepper spray with her. This story just resonates with me and my never ending worry as a mother. I will hope and pray that this tragic story has a happy ending or at least that you get some closure. I cannot imagine the strength it takes to just get up each day and carry on. God be with you and with Jennifer wherever she is. Take care.
7:55pm 06-17-2016
What a sad story for such a beautiful soul.

House painters wear all white similar to the POI clothing, I hope the police investigators have checked into all the painters working on her complex. I find it odd that the person is wearing all white, personally I rarely see people in all white.

Sending positive vibes that this story has an ending, preferably a happy one.
12:25am 06-17-2016
I just was looking over the posts and it came to mind that maybe why Jennifer Kesses' condo was so immaculate was because maybe she had left it that way before she went on her vacation. So when she got back after her work on Monday evening after 6 pm she was really tired so she just left her suitcase inside the door and just was relaxing and wasn't really doing much in her condo except eating and cleaning up from dinner, washing laundry from her trip, taking a bath or shower, talking to her family and friends, going over her work that day, and going to bed after her last call at 9:54 pm. Her condo probably looked the same as she had left it that past Wednesday the week before when she went on vacation with her boyfriend Rob to St. Croix. Her brother and friends stayed there that weekend the same week she was away. So they probably left it the way they found it or even made it better than when they found it. Her brother Logan would know how she had left it. So Jennifer either was cleaning up after her brother unless they left it very clean. What did Jennifer usually do when she came home from work and also what did she usually do when she had come home from vacation or come back from Rob's. Because she had a long distance relationship she would go to his place every other weekend or he would come to her place? How long were Jennifer and Rob together? But she wax only at this new condo for two months. Maybe Jennifer did not feel at home at her new condo because she was either at work or visiting Rob a lot.
2:46pm 06-16-2016
Julee Carpenter
Part 2: I saw the show on TV about beautiful Jennifer and I knew I had to contact you and direct you to this man. I cannot imagine any other path leading you to her more quickly or more accurately then to speak with her directly.
I had a reading with my mother who came through the moment he called her name and she described the cucumber finger sandwiches with sprouts that she made for my school lunches as a child which was 40 yrs ago. She also described the game I was playing on my phone the previous night. I also contacted Charles when my cat Delilah disappeared after she got out last Christmas. Upon his request, she proved her authenticity by stating that my front left tire on my Mercedes was very low and that I had been ignoring the warnings on my console. VERY TRUE! She spoke of the coyote attacking her and described the exact area up on the hillside where the coyote took her. Charles described the area, the detached garage with the white trailer bed parked next to it and the avocado trees and the horse shoe drainage canal. He pulled up mapquest on his computer and emailed it to me and I was on the hillside moments later retrieving her remains. He was 1,000% precise. He is amazing to talk to. Wonderful personality. He is very gifted and he loves to do what he does.
2:44pm 06-16-2016
Julee Carpenter
Charles Peden is an amazing communicator. If you go to his website and make an appointment he will call you and he will speak directly to Jennifer. He speaks with the living as well as the spirit world. Upon initial contact with her he will ask her to prove that it is actually her by asking her to state things that only you would know. He is so wonderful. We have had a few sessions with him over the years and I highly recommend that if you want actual answers from Jennifer herself, please contact Charles Peden. We always put him on speaker and record his entire reading it is a must❤️
10:58am 06-13-2016
Robin Buss
My prayers are with all who experience tragedy will have peace and be given answers no matter how long it takes, I know how hard this can be when it happens, but not what it's like to go years without answers. May God give you His strength!
1:59am 06-13-2016
Tina Yarnell
I met Jennifer's Aunt today in Jacksonville while donating blood for the victims of the Pulse night club shooting. She told me that Jennifer's story was going to be on tv tonight on ID. My heart goes out to your family and I pray that you will find the answers to Jennifer's mysterious disappearance soon. I have a daughter as well and I can not imagine what you are going through as parents, no one should ever ha e to go through what you are experiencing. Please know that I will be holding your family in my prayers and thoughts.
8:03pm 06-12-2016
Biren Patel
Viewed the investigation episode on ID channel. This was very hard to realize what the family is going through for all the years. As the website mentions regarding spreading the word in other states, I reside in Georgia in the city of Atlanta. I am going to place posters at two Hindu temples where me and family worship, and there are thousands of people visiting each month. I will keep the whole family in prayers and hoping that Jennifer will be found soon.. May god bless
7:55pm 06-12-2016
Dear God I know you know where Jennifer is. Please bring her home to her family. God I know that you hear me not only because I'm a mom but because you love us all the same. Please God, her name is Jennifer. Let her family know your presence. Save Jennifer. I don't know what told me to write this but my fingers wouldn't stop moving just like I know you won't my Father.
7:51pm 06-12-2016
charles feezell jr
I just saw your case on discovery id. 1. could she have been abducted to mexico since immigrants were working at her complex. 2. were cell phone records obtained from those workers. I pray GOD will solve this mystery
7:20pm 06-12-2016
I just seen your daughters case in Discovery ID and I just wanted to say, Jennifer is a very lucky woman for having such a beautiful family and wonderful parents! You are truly wonderful people and I can only imagine the pain you have been through all these years but I firmly believe that God is good. I will pray for you and your daughter. I hope you get answers soon, I hope in my heart your daughter is safe and comes back home to you. From my end I live in NYC, I will keep my eyes open because you truly never know and will share this info with all the people I know.
Please dont give up! Continue your work in finding your baby girl! God bless you and guide you and help you always!!!
7:07pm 06-12-2016
Gwen Pinkney
Just watched your daughters case on ID CHANNEL and this truly saddens me. My heart goes out to the entire family and friends. May god be with you!
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