10:17am 03-25-2019
What you have gone through is so heartbreaking. This world can be so cruel. May you find some way of putting your trust in Christ. All other ground is sinking sand.
There are no words for what you have gone through and continue to. Be uplifted by how many are thinking of you and the prayers for her. There can be joy despite suffering. Cast your cares upon Him. We cannot bear it all alone.
4:11pm 03-23-2019
I am so sorry this has happened and has gone on this long. My heart aches for Jennifer and her family. I bet the sick SOB who did this has visited this site or her social media. Criminals always return so they can watch and make sure they aren’t getting identified. I hope your team can put some fresh clues together now that you have the case file and bring Jennifer home.
10:29am 03-22-2019
Thank you for the prayers and thoughts, we so appreciate them as they strengthen us!
9:17am 03-03-2019
Thinking of and praying for Jennifer today. I have been wondering something that does not seem to be anywhere online.
Where in Fort Lauderdale did Rob Allen live? Always looking for Jennifer like so many other people.
8:26pm 02-28-2019
Ashley Simunovich
God bless this family. I still have hope this will be solved!!
11:33pm 02-25-2019
May God bring the heaviest guilt ever felt on a human being to any participants in this disappearance. No matter where you live what your doing always keep your eyes open you never know who you might see or hear. Someone has seen jennifer someone knows where she is and what happened. I hope that one day answers are to be brought forth no matter what they are. The real pain is the pain of not knowing. Jennifers family you are in my prayers and she is not forgotten it is February 28th 2019 and i tonight am remembering her and praying for her and her family. God bless and may God help you find some peace.
7:37pm 02-17-2019
Has anyone looked into the man arrested and convicted of Brooke Wilberger's kidnapping and subsequent murder. He was in Florida at some point and worked for a janitorial service (what type of uniform did he wear).. Kidnapped a woman in broad daylight..and attempted to kidnap two others..Just a thought
9:51am 02-09-2019
Praying every day she is found and for strength for her family. Jennifer has been on my mind a lot lately.
5:36pm 01-24-2019
Julie Zimmerman
Jennifer, as an Orlando resident, you and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers since the day the local news reported you were reported missing. I am so sorry you are not yet home. Please God bring her home. To your family, I pray there is a breakthrough soon for I know you so miss your daughter. Julie Z.
8:03am 01-23-2019
Love you Jennifer.
8:30pm 01-15-2019
I happened to notice that this women went missing very similarly to jenifer. About 30 minutes from each other.
11:36pm 01-10-2019
I read somewhere jennifer went to her porch when talking on her phone,no good reception inside her apt.
maybe someone was watching her and knew she lived alone. A resident,a worker or one of the illigals.
Also could this person had a copy of a key to her apt, we know jennifer didn't change the locks, he could have got inside the apt before jennifer came home and hide in the closet or somewhere in the house. Maybe that night was not his first time in the apt but before he was inside the apt while jennifer was at wort
10:37pm 12-29-2018
You All Are In My Thoughts & Prayers
1:51pm 12-20-2018
I just watched Jennifer’s story on Kendall Rae’s YouTube channel. I have family all over Florida that I have reached out to and sent multiple pictures of Jennifer so they too can keep her story alive and trending. Praying for Jennifer’s safe return!

Dallas, TX
8:30pm 11-30-2018
To Ms Kesse’s family... I just saw your story on ID . I am for whatever reason mildly obsessed with watch this show. I always hope that at the very end, something will have been resolved! I know a number of families that have had children die but I cannot imagine how you move on living in the worst limbo ever! Completely unimaginable! At the end of each episode I pray that God will please help the families. I will tell you that I always hear about “ finding closure” for the families but, there is no such thing!! I learned from a former pastor , who lost his 16 yo son in an accident that there is NO such thing as closure! There is ONLY the new normal! Please believe that I am so sorry for what you all have gone through thus far! I will pray that no matter when or how that Jennifer will be found! May God bring peace to you all !
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