8:56am 10-02-2018
I just finished listening to the podcast episodes "Unconcluded". I live about 1 mile from Millenia. Was very impressed with the speed with which the family and friends plastered the area with flyers. I noticed the flyers on Rio Grande at 29th street, and on S. Orange Blossom Trail, well before the news stations publicized Jennifer's disappearance. Since that day, the flyers have re-appeared almost continuously. The family and friends have truly demonstrated the depths of their love with continued action.
8:26pm 09-12-2018
Hello to the Kesse family. I also just watched the episode from Disappeared. This will continue to help as people watch the show. Maybe a new show to air her story again? John Walsh may be a good contact, as he is also in FL. I am so very sorry. My heart truly breaks for all of you. Prayers for answers.
5:54am 08-26-2018
I just saw a video on youtube from a channel named jarrett and sable. they bought a mistery box from the dark web and the things inside the box was vaguely related to jennifer kesse's case. Please go and watch that video. The link is Hope it was helpful enough
8:25pm 08-11-2018
I am not sure what your beliefs are, but when I viewed this I had to forward it o you. I believe this may locate Jennifer and bring those responsible to justice. Blessings and healing to the Kesse family.
6:59pm 08-07-2018
Deby N.
Hello. I have watched every video and read every blog/site I could find about this case. After listening to Jennifer's mother speak of the workers from Mosaic and also how they had acted when Jennifer's brother tried to speak to them on the day she went missing, something has been gnawing at me. I'm grew up in Southern CA and have spent all of my life around undocumented Latino populations. I truly believe those workers who ignored Jennifer's brother saw the POI and maybe more. I think that if any of them were directly involved they would have been long gone by that point. I think a private investigator should track them down and that Jennifer's parents should speak to them in private; not in an accusatory manner of course, but as grieving parents. I also wanted to add that even if they were in a cartel (many are forced to because they control not only Mexico, but the economies of the South West; no one likes to admit this) they are told to never draw attention to themselves.
11:53am 07-26-2018
Drew D Kesse
Good morning to all who visits Jennifer's site and this page. We want to thank those of you who have made a contribution to Jennifer's Go Fund Me account! Those funds are being utilized towards our Legal and Investigative teams efforts, not reward money. We are truly humbled by the continued support of the general public in wanting to find Jennifer along with us, as well as our family and friends who have never wavered. Please continue to pass on her website and social media sites including the Go Fund Me link on this home page. Awareness is key in any Missing Persons case.
We are trying desperately to access Police files,it has been quite the challenge, but now is the time for action, words now mean little and actions means everything. Thank you all
Drew Kesse
Jennifer's Dad
4:10pm 07-23-2018
I just saw this youtube channel named jarrett and Sable.
They had buy one mystery box from dark web and it looked very wierd. Just look if it is jennifers belonings in that box?
Seemed like some evidence from something bad that happened.
4:00pm 07-23-2018
I saw the episode of dissapeared and while I was watching it, I had visions of a dream I had a while back. I was in a house or apartment with tile floor and a library across the hall but I was trapped. There were 2 (?) Men there and I just couldn't leave no matter how hard I tried. And the word Meca. Anyway, you are beautiful Jennifer, may your family be able to know your truth soon ❤
6:17pm 07-22-2018
Saw the episode on ID this afternoon. I can't believe this happened. My heart goes out to all of you. Never give up, never lose hope
11:38pm 07-21-2018
just want everyone to know that I haven't given up on Jennifer and I still think of her almost everyday.Im just almost out of Scenarios and Ideas.You see as time goes on you forget some of the information you have acquired over the years.Back in 2006 things were a little different then they are now.I knew how much she paid for her place.I looked up her neighbors,and out of town owners of the condos.I looked at Rob including his job and all kinds of things that I cant remember how I got it.But someday I pray that we can have closure to this case.I just want to say to the Kesse's that you are definitely Loved by all the people on the forum and I don't know if any of us could be as strong as you have over the years.I will still get on here for as long as I can and one day hope we find the truth.I have a daughter around Jenns age and cant imagine what I would do if I were in your shoes.God bless you and yours.WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!!
6:41pm 06-21-2018
I want to help find her. I live in Orlando. I would love to help. My heart goes out to you, the Kesse Family. Please let me know how I can help. Much much love
2:40am 06-10-2018
Praying for her poor family, praying for their strength, praying for grace and praying that 'hope" will continue to fill their hearts with every breath they take.
May God grant them the peace they deserve and answers to all of their questions.
Be strong.......AND NEVER GIVE UP.......
Faith overcomes all.......Your faith will overcome even this
12:18am 06-08-2018
So much love sent your way. I will never forget Jennifer... I am so inspired by your strength... ❤️
11:46pm 06-01-2018
L Cummings
Dear Kesse Family, I saw the Disappeared episode tonight and I am so hopeful that someday Jennifer will come home to you. I also want to thank you for your discussion about safety and how safe she was - a reminder to keep myself safe and to talk to my child about safety. Thank you for your work on changing laws. Asking God to watch over your daughter wherever she is and to be with you through all of your difficult days.
7:37am 05-24-2018
I just saw the show on ID. My heart goes out to your beautiful family. I pray that you get answers and peace. You are all amazing in your love and efforts to do everything you can for your child.
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