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11:40pm 03-08-2017
My heart goes out to the Kesse Family.
8:15pm 03-05-2017
I understand that folks who delved into Tara's case will soon be looking into Jennifer's case. Very glad to hear and I hope it brings here home.
10:53am 02-27-2017
Hello from Morocco.
Jennifer is in my thoughts. I keep praying Allah for her, and for all her beloved ones. Never give up, truth can't be hidden for ever.
Don't lose hope!
12:59am 02-26-2017
Hello from Canada!

Upon learning of Jennifer Kesse's vanishing just a couple years ago, I have taken the time over the many months to pray to God, and reveal the truth as to what happened to Jennifer, to provide comfort and healing to the family, and to provide conclusion.

With Tara Grinstead's case finally having answers, we are assured that the truth about Jennifer will one day be revealed as well. May the LORD bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you, may He turn His face towards you, and give you peace.
10:30am 02-25-2017
She is at the condo. Why don't they take the dogs back and search every inch where the workers were allowed to live. They disposed of her there. They would not risk dragging her from her condo in broad daylight. They silenced her immediately and took her to the nearest condo where they were allowed to live rent free. There were too many workers around for them to expose her to any more workers. This was probably calculated by 2 or 3 workers. She was tall and her family said she would have put up a good fight. It would have taken more than 1 person to kidnap her. It's obvious that they moved her car. They knew someone would come looking for her, perhaps her boyfriend, they did not know he didn't live close. This would allow them to keep working their job and give them enough time to evade investigation. Also would make investigators believe that maybe she left on her own. Ran away. Ran off with her boyfriend, all the while distracting everyone from the obvious. She is still there at the condos. How hard is it to check every condo again? Take the dogs, look in storage places, behind walls that were yet to be put up. Investigate the garbage dumps that are typical on those work sites.
They searched every area imaginable around this property, lakes, etc... Found nothing. Do they need search warrants for existing condo owners? If not just go, I'm sure everyone in the area is aware of this case and would love to help out. Enough already, find Jennfer. Her family has worked tirelessly and deserves closure so they can move forward.
7:22am 02-24-2017
An arrest has been made in the Tara Grinstead case. This is proof that these tough cases can be solved. May hope and justice prevail for Jennifer also.
11:15am 02-10-2017
I have seen Jennifer's episode of Disappeared many times - I google often to see if there has been news, anything... I wish for you that who ever knows something would just come forward! You are all in my thoughts!
12:43pm 02-08-2017
Robert Paul Fuller
I think the Kesse family should see this article. John Willman implemented Jennifer's brainchild and it appears as his own. He doesn't acknowledge Jennifer.
1:06pm 01-25-2017
Saw the show today. My heart goes out to the Lease family.
I've been searching for a girl here in Ontario, Canada who went missing in 1990.
To the Keese family, please do not under estimate the ineptitude of law enforcement. It seems inconceivable that they couldn't track down that kid from the video walking away from the car.
The things I have seen and witnessed in regards to the bungling actions of law enforcement shake the very foundation we were all taught to believe in regarding the police.
Please, don't ever stop putting pressure on them, don't ever believe the case is in capable hands, local law enforcement or the FBI.
What is their belief on the timestamp as to when the car was parked where it was found. If Jennifer was abducted before 8am, then there is a 5hr gap between that and parking the car. 5 hours and he parks the car only a couple miles from Jennifer's condo.
That says he was local to the area, either living or working in the area. He looks in his early 20's especially with the type of haircut and height, just can't believe they didn't find him.
Very often, law enforcement have the answers in their case files, they either just haven't seen it or they know and can't or won't proceed for some reason.
Hound the FBI, sit on their doorstep if you have to. I've seen the helplessness on the faces of family members of a missing loved one and I've also witnessed their tremendous courage and strength that comes from the depths of desperation for answers.
My thoughts and prayers are with you Keese family.
12:16am 01-25-2017
The Kesses are incredible in their endurance and persistence, too. I admire them and also wish them peace and answers that are long overdue. May they keep the faith and may the public continue supporting them until law enforcement finds Jennifer Kesse
9:01pm 01-24-2017
Thinking of Jennifer today 11 years after she was taken, and sending love to the Kesses. So many people care about Jennifer who don't know her and never met her, and I can only hope that gives Drew and Joyce a tiny measure of peace. Always praying there will be a breakthrough.
4:33pm 01-24-2017
Joyce Kesse
January 24th marks 11years ago that Jennifer was abducted. We Know someone Knows something. Answers are needed. Evil cannot Win. Thank you for caring and spreading the word. Peace, Joyce & Drew Kesse
1:46am 12-27-2016
Dear Kesse Family,
In March 2016 I made & posted a Spanish-language video about the Jennifer Kesse case on Youtube. I wanted to report it has gotten 811 views. Youtube analytics shows the majority of views are from Mexico, followed by Colombia, Argentina & Venezeula.
It has been seen by viewers in 18 Spanish speaking countries around the world.
I sincerely hope that it continues to spread awareness on Jennifer's case.
I'm very sorry for your loss and hope that this is the year you will get answers on Jennifer's case!
4:51pm 12-23-2016
To the Kesse family,

Jennifer and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers always. May this Christmas season that is so full of God's grace and love bring that bit of information that allows you to bring your daughter home. Peace and love.
12:48pm 12-20-2016
Richard Chilton
Such a horrendous ordeal for you all to experience as a family . I hope that your daughter is still living and will escape her captors one day. So many questions. I got angry when someone dented my car the other day and I couldn't prove who it was. So trivial. I can't imagine your pain. The people responsible need a slow and painful death. The motive behind it doesn't seem to be for money so as your daughter was attractive then it must be sexual in nature. I expect they had been watching her movement's and planned it. I am frustrated for you. God bless. Best wishes. Rot in hell to the pig who did this. Rich. Scotland x
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