2:17pm 07-16-2017
i just watched "disappeared" about Jennifer. I'm so sorry that this has happened to her and her family and i am sending love to you all! xx
11:24am 07-14-2017
Praying for Jennifer and her family, I feel strongly that Diego Pillco, that murdered Adrienne Shelly should be looked at.
4:07am 07-09-2017
Any one else notice that there is a bald man in 2 of the pictures and the man of interest wares a cap. Also jen is about 5"8 and the man of interest is predicted at 5"5 or 5"3 and in one of the photos the bald man you can see is shorter than jen I'm just wondering could he be who there looking for and he seams quite old so that or if she knows him or many a was coned by him and went in her car to drive him or him drive her somewhere than maybe... But the man of interest appears skinny and the bald man may be pudgy but you never see anything to indicate leathers weight. This might not be useful but I'm trying to help. Now let's bring jen home!
2:53pm 07-07-2017
Listening to the podcast. Praying for all of you. Praying for Jennifer.
10:47pm 06-26-2017
Laura Wood
I have followed Jennifer's story from the beginning and am now listening to podcast. It just breaks my heart and I hope that with all the attention Jennifer's case will be solved
Prayers with her family!
5:02pm 06-19-2017
what if the hat isnt a bike helmet, as some speculate, but a hard hat. And the POI inpersonated a utility worker to gain entry into her condo?
9:21pm 06-08-2017
Watching "Disappeared" show about Jennifer. My heart goes out to you. I hope you find closure someday soon. Allison
3:13pm 05-31-2017
I watched the show yesterday 5-30-17. I never heard about Jennifer until then. When the show began I walked into the room and blurted out who was involved. I get flashes of things and I cannot turn it on or off, and I have no control of it. I got a flash of some things I would like to pass on but don't want to be labelled another crazy psychic and I don't want to be identified to the purp who still follows closely. I don't identify myself as a psychic and I prefer not to be identified as a psychic. I cannot call the hotline because people don't want to hear psychic 'bologna'. I know right now what I have to say will come out as 'blah blah blah' and probably not even get documented. I would love to talk to someone but I do not want to be identified and I don't want reward money. I'm more than happy to give the information. This case has gone completely in the wrong direction and that's why it still has not been solved. The guy who drove her car did not have anything to do with this case. He may have info but he was more or less a tool of distraction. He had no idea he was driving Jennifer's car. He was used by someone to drive the car there and leave it. He most likely thought he was dropping it off to the owner. I'd talk to someone from the PD or family but the hotline will blow me off. For some reason when I have a 100% hit I start to choke up and I have to breath fast to move this energy thru. I choked up hard on my hits and my eyes welled up. I don't mean disrespect but I do not well up for strangers I only well up when what is coming through is an ABSOLUTE sure hit. It is a confirmation of sorts. I think her dad may have a suspect in mind he don't talk about much and I believe he is correct. I also DO NOT believe the batteries were removed from the cell phones. That cell phone pinging story isn't sitting well at all. How can I talk to someone anonymously?
I'm here. God bless you Jennifer. A very safe conscious person but too trusting to people she knew and acquaintances. To the Kesse family I send you much love.
Replied on: 6:48pm 06-08-2017

Hi Kathy,
Thanks for your post. Detective Sprague with the Orlando Police Department would like to speak with you. Please contact her at 407-246-2959.
Thank You.

10:42pm 05-30-2017
Robert J. Spada
Mr. & Mrs. Kesse,
My Heart goes out to you on the abduction of your daughter. I truly hope she is returned and you can put your lives back together. I just watched her episode on ID and have so many questions; Also the video of the person of interest parking her car and walking on video in front of the fence, from the shoe size and long gate IMO is 100% male, the bowl haircut which appears to be straight hair suggests he is caucasian in his 20's. The khaki pants that are tapered and haircut suggest he may be a skateboarder, Not Landscaper or painter. (Landscapers don't wear khakis, they'll get to dirty and aren't thick enough material). This man came in contact with your daughters car and after 5 1/2 hours only appears a mile away from her condo. I don't believe this man abducted your daughter. Perhaps the vehicle was abandoned with the keys. The electronic equipment on the back seat (dvd player) is very odd. Was this stolen from her condo? If not who walks around with a dvd player, steals a car and leaves the dvd player on the back seat. I believe after days or weeks of watching your daughter one of the construction workers planned her abduction the only thing that bothers me is the day she was abducted; the morning after her return from vacation. Not being seen for that time and that morning being abducted is strange. No ransom letter or call suggests its not a payoff there looking for. Its her Beauty they wanted. I believe in fact she was trafficked and may be in Mexico. Also the mace or pepper spray placed on the counter is also odd, why would she have taken it out of her purse before she left the condo? I wish I had more details of the case. Ten plus years of silence does say alot and the pain you all continue to endure.....Love and Prayers for her safe return home.
5:58pm 05-30-2017
Stacy Cody
Many thoughts and prayers for you and your family
5:32pm 05-30-2017
Melissa W
Joyce and Drew~ I am a mother of 5 from Minnesota. I just watched the episode of Disappeared about the disappearance of your daughter, Jennifer. I am just heartbroken over your story. You are AMAZING parents. I am so sad this has happened to your family. I'm sure you hear this a lot, but I just felt the need to express to you that my thoughts and prayers for your daughter to be found will be with you every day. Your story has touched me forever.
5:09pm 05-30-2017
Carolyn Newman
Just finished watching a story on the ID channel about Jennifer's abduction and was wondering if anyone ever thought there might be a connection between someone she met on her trip to St. Croix and this incident. Just a thought.
10:02pm 05-19-2017
Joyce Kesse
May 20th is Jenn's 36th Birthday, the last 12yrs without her. We miss you so very much and talk a lot about you. You know that you're loved beyond measure and that you're family Will Not stop trying to find you. AWARENESS ...
7:41am 05-19-2017
Drew D Kesse
May 20th is Jennifer's 36th Birthday and the 12th she has been gone from us her family and friends. We love you Jennifer, miss you immensely and will never ever stopping looking for you until we find you. May the Universe shine a light on you soon.
Love you Jennifer
Dad xoxo
We thank you all for never giving up either and please don't stop looking, thinking, and passing along info on Jennifer's Abduction. The answers are right in front of us we simple are unable to see them for too long.
Drew Kesse
9:17am 05-18-2017
It's time to let the people help. The case files need to be open to the public because it seems the police stopped working this case long ago. Please find a way to do this. What do you have to lose???
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