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3:25am 09-02-2016
Hi Lisa, Thank you for your willingness to come forward with information about the POI. Since you are unable to call the Crimeline, you may submit a tip to them on their Website at

Thank you, again. It's time for Jennifer to come home!!!!!
11:44am 09-01-2016
Wimpy ~ Thank you! I appreciate it. Who? I'm hoping Jennifer's parents will see my message. That's the only reason why I'm on here. Thanks.
9:36pm 08-31-2016
Lisa let me know, I've got a friend who probably would help you out that I can put you in touch with if you don't hear something .
10:56am 08-31-2016
Wimpy ~ It's been a couple of weeks. All of this is new to me. I never had to do anything like this before so I'm not sure how long it takes to get a response back.
9:09pm 08-30-2016
Lisa that is great news . How long you been waiting on the detective to get back to you ?
5:08pm 08-30-2016
William hulshof
Hello, ik am from Holland.
I was looping dissepared attracties tv.
And it was so even and sadistische That i was crying.
i pray for JENNIFER and Your familie....

Please be strong!

Love and prays

And i m sorry....
2:22pm 08-30-2016
Drew and Joyce Kesse ~ Hi. I have important information regarding the POI that can help Jennifer's case. I have contacted Detective Sprague but no one has gotten back to me. I can't call the TIPLINE because I am Hearing Impaired. I can't hear on the phone. I feel frustrated with not being able to call. I don't know who else to turn to.
3:13am 08-30-2016
What a tragedy. A young, smart lady with the world at her feet gone missing and a loving family being torn apart. My heart goes out to you. I hope you find your little girl.
12:51pm 08-27-2016
I have been following Jennifer's story for a long time (2008)
I check every couple of weeks to see if you have new leads.
My heart goes out to her family. Everyone is an armchair detective but I know one day you will have the answers that you need . You will always be a bright light for Jennifer. You are in y prayers
3:07am 08-27-2016
Joyce nd Drew all my prayers are with you. I hope Jennifer back home soon .

With love
Adriana from San antonio, Tx
4:45pm 08-24-2016
Dear Joyce and Drew,
This week I talked on the phone with my friends, native islanders who live on St. Croix. They are pure gold, they would never ever hurt anyone. I just thought I'd get in touch with you again.
With love,
1:03pm 08-22-2016
In Christianity Jesus is the path to God.
In this world there are many paths to God.
some sins are more severe than others and carry heavy punishment and affects. Some sins affects not only the person alsoit's family. The consequancs up to 4 generations.
Sons pay for Fathers sins.
Sometimes when we can't understand how such a bad thing can happen to a good person, in some beliefs ot is the Repair that need to be done.
Murder the worst of all sins-as only God give life and only God take life - is in it's own sphere.
Underneath are sins according to the categories ,in different spheres.
A person who murdered someone will come back in another life and he will be murdered by another person.
That is how the repair is made.
If Jennifer Kesse killer think he can ask forgiveness and go on with life,it's not gonna happen not in Christiany and not in any religion. He will pay for his actions
3:03am 08-17-2016
I watched your story on tv tonight,so sad !
I hope you can found peace in the process,my love to all your family!

Bs. As
12:41am 08-15-2016
Drew and Family,

You are always in my prayers as the search continues. Your friend in Nj.
1:07pm 08-13-2016
"Parabon Nanolabs, with funding from the Department of Defense, has debuted a breakthrough type of analysis called DNA phenotyping which the company says can predict a person's physical appearance from the tiniest DNA samples, like a speck of blood or strand of hair.

The DNA phenotyping service, known as "Snapshot," could put a face on millions of unsolved cases, including international ones, and generate investigative leads when the trail has gone cold.

"This is particularly useful when there are no witnesses, no hits in the DNA database and nothing to go on," Dr. Ellen McRae Greytak, Parabon's director of bioinformatics, told"

I thought I read somewhere that tiny amounts of DNA can be enlarged/replicated so as to allow testing without destroying the entire DNA sample.

I hope and pray these new advances in forensic technology will allow the DNA from Jenn's car to be further tested and ultimately lead to the identity of the POI.

God Bless You All.
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