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7:57pm 01-24-2018
My husband and I attended Jenn's memorial today and were happy to do so. I cried upon seeing Drew and Joyce in person. What a beautiful couple inside and out! I am also happy to hear that they are finally ready to move on to the next chapter in finding their beloved Jennifer and bringing her home. It is TIME that the family be included in on any and all information about their own daughter, for pete's sake! They deserve that. I noticed (what I felt to be) Logan's frustration as well. We are SO hoping today will bring that piece of the puzzle that someone out there can provide. It is never too late to come forward. Please, if you are reading this, DO THE RIGHT THING. Free your conscience and this familys' pain.

Proverbs 28:13
Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.
7:21am 01-24-2018
Thinking of Jennifer and her family on this difficult anniversary of her disappearance. I believe that the new podcast Unconcluded is bringing Justice one step closer to both her and her family. The missing pieces are starting to come together. May they lead her home in 2018. Justice long over due.
7:13pm 01-23-2018
I agree, Matt. That's why I believe the person of interest is totally clueless of the crime that had been committed. He would have to have incredible BOS to drive her car that close to her residence with the LE, family, friends, good samaritans and media crawling around that area. That is SUICIDE. Why he didnt come forward, I'm not sure. I guess there is always the possibility that he doesn't know to this day that he was/is a POI. Either way though...identifying him would provide the needed answers.
6:02pm 01-23-2018
Joe Ocasio
Drew, Joyce,
Always praying for our girls. I saw the event for tomorrow in Orlando...Liz and I plan to attend. I hope things are well with both of you.

God Bless,
Joe Ocasio
9:29pm 01-22-2018
I didn't see enough details to be sure. I found it strange that the person of interest parked the car where he did... of all the places, why there? Is there access to public transportation nearby or maybe it was close to work. Drop the car and walk to work. Are there businesses near there that she would have frequented? Just seemed strange to me to leave the car so close to where she lived.
3:44pm 01-05-2018
Jim Viola
Drew and Joyce,
Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you and your family and of course Jennifer and still praying for answers to come soon.

God Bless,
5:08pm 01-02-2018
still after all these years feel terrible for your whole family I hope someday someone comes forward and you can find Jennifer.or at least find out what happened to her
7:24am 12-28-2017
Did anyone check the "friend's phone" for anything suspicious? Did her disappearance have anything to do with it or the phone's owner?
3:38pm 12-22-2017
Just saw this on disappeared and it’s so tragic and wrong. I’m from Sweden and there was a similar case here in 2015. A young girl na med Lisa Holm was abducted from her workplace when her shift ended. Her convicted murderer, a Lithuanian man named Nerijus Bilevicius, age 37, construction worker. Moved around a lot in Europe. Maybe someone should check if he’s been in United States.
6:39pm 12-20-2017
Dear Joyce & Drew,
My husband passed away in August, that's why I did not invite you for Thanksgiving dinner this year, if Jen came home. I am still in touch with friends on St.Croix all the time. Just want you to know that I am thinking of you all the time.
With love,
4:14pm 12-06-2017

jennifer, my heart aches for your family. you all deserve peace and i hope everyday their is A step closer to hope or finding this lovely young lady.
11:32pm 10-26-2017
My heart breaks for all of you and I pray she is found and you are able to find peace. I watch the ID channel often and the number of people who vanish is disturbing and unimaginable. I wish I could help in some way.
9:04pm 10-24-2017
I also seen this on disappeared and I pray to God that they find her and bring her home! My heart breaks for her family! Please know my ❤ heart is with you all!
4:01pm 10-24-2017
Paige Wilkerson
I saw her story on dissapeared. I hope they find her even though it's been 12 years. I'll pray that they will find her and for her family. Have a blessed day!
3:09pm 10-24-2017
Praying for the Kesse family for answers. Just finished watching her story on an episode of Disappeared. May you find peace and comfort and put all your faith to God. ❤️
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