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11:21am 09-08-2017
I'm from Lebanon and my prayers are with your family. I hope the case will be solved
8:49pm 09-05-2017
Michael & Prissa
My wife and I were watching old re-runs of disappeared and came across Jennifer's episode. I pray for Gods glory and hope that you find the answers you seek. I was a high school senior in Cali around the time this happened.

My prayers are with your family.
12:10pm 09-04-2017
I know its been over a decade so you may think theres no hope but trust me god is watching over every one of his kids ❤
2:35pm 09-01-2017
Praying that Jennifer is safe. I hope for her return.

Kansas City, MO.
5:35pm 08-25-2017
Any new hopeful leads? Where is this case going. Why has it been so hard to find her???? Where could they have gone in such a small amount of time??? Not very far!!!!! Will the detectives working the case ever organize another search??? I would drive up to help.
7:07am 08-15-2017
Amy Kuilan
I live in Mass thought's and prayers from all over to your family and jennifers face will always be in our hearts. Wish you the best...
1:23pm 08-11-2017
Claire Lilly
Jennifer and her family are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope and pray you can bring her home...
12:04pm 08-09-2017
J.R. O'Dell
May your family be Blessed for the return of your Daughter, Thoughts and prayers for your family.
Have you all tried a Physic Medium for help in his case?
9:38pm 08-04-2017
Connie & Billy
Please know that we have not forgotten about your precious Jennifer and all of you who love her. We have continued to pray that the answers you so desperately need will come.
2:14pm 07-30-2017
Pedro Jakson
Acabei de assistir na Investigação Discovery a respeito do sumiço de Jennifer. Sugiro que a família procure ajuda espiritual, através de médium confiável em sua cidade.
2:17pm 07-16-2017
i just watched "disappeared" about Jennifer. I'm so sorry that this has happened to her and her family and i am sending love to you all! xx
11:24am 07-14-2017
Praying for Jennifer and her family, I feel strongly that Diego Pillco, that murdered Adrienne Shelly should be looked at.
4:07am 07-09-2017
Any one else notice that there is a bald man in 2 of the pictures and the man of interest wares a cap. Also jen is about 5"8 and the man of interest is predicted at 5"5 or 5"3 and in one of the photos the bald man you can see is shorter than jen I'm just wondering could he be who there looking for and he seams quite old so that or if she knows him or many a was coned by him and went in her car to drive him or him drive her somewhere than maybe... But the man of interest appears skinny and the bald man may be pudgy but you never see anything to indicate leathers weight. This might not be useful but I'm trying to help. Now let's bring jen home!
2:53pm 07-07-2017
Listening to the podcast. Praying for all of you. Praying for Jennifer.
10:47pm 06-26-2017
Laura Wood
I have followed Jennifer's story from the beginning and am now listening to podcast. It just breaks my heart and I hope that with all the attention Jennifer's case will be solved
Prayers with her family!
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